Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodbye... my sweet friend....


don't you just hate saying goodbye to your favourite fabric???? *sniff* *sob*..

I have just a 6" square of this fabric left. I bought um, maybe 5 years ago? maybe longer?? I have searched a few places online to see if I can buy more (I have the other colourway but I want the blue one) Its a Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers Textile and has nothing noted on the selvedge which range it is from (there is a similar one in the Civil War tribute range but alas its another colourway)... Do you have any lurking in your stash ? I'd be happy to swap for fabric, currency, firstborn child???

its been in a lot of my quilts and gifts and today, I decided to cut all my scraps (CW ones) into strips to start a new leader /ender project.. not sure which leader / ender project I want to do (I am over 4 patch blocks at the moment but they are so quick to make) maybe a courthouse steps??

I have also decided today to kill my kids.. I am home sick from work... I have a cough that sounds like a seal, and as I basically work in a call centre, thought I'd better keep my germs at home! So why throttle the kids?? they have used all the bloody internet..... AGAIN!!!!!! ARGH!!!!

Nothing much quilty happening here at the moment.. trying to sort out the house for christmas.. The house looks like a warzone at the moment, and being sick will put a dent in my 'spring cleaning time'... I have a bazillion sequins to sew on too.. I am getting to the point where I'd pay someone to sew on sequins.. a few mums from another dance school get stuff sequinned overseas.. I am thinking I might have to look into that one!

I have been buying fabric (again) I love the Black Friday sales in the US! 30-35-40% off vouchers have been landing in my inbox... I got some CW's for $3.75 a YARD that's bloody crazy! here?? CW repros are $22.00 a metre (we have parity with the US $$$ at the moment) so basically 1/6th of the price! No pics yet, but will share when the fabric arrives!

Thought I'd leave you with a pic of 'el diablo' or Cosmopolitan Bernard the Cat of Questionable Parentage (aka the Bastard cat)... This is where he sits of a morning when I leave for work.. I dont think its cause he is going to miss me, I think its more of 'drats I was too slow to sneak out of the house' pose..

This is a pic of Miss Bailey the Wonderdoggie... she isn't well at the moment and a trip to the vet yesterday, well lets just say she'd better get better! She has PLANTAR WARTS.. Whose doggie gets PLANTAR warts??? she has had one off already (thanks for Coming that'll be $498.00 for one foot).. she has them on her front two paws so if the drugs dont ease the pain / itchiness she has to have them off.. she is 9 years old, with a heart condition, so any operation we have to consider seriously... Pets! argh! We do have pet insurance which is fortunate!!

well that's enough from me..


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Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- I've never heard of plantar warts on a dog -- poor puppy. And I think you might be wrong about the kitty -- that's definitely a miss my mommy look. Right?

Love your plan to kill the kids. Mine are gone now, but there was the day. Good thing it's illegal or there would be lots less adults in the world. (then again .... )

Sorry about the fabric -- I love JR, but don't have that print. ;-(