Monday, January 29, 2007

mumblings of a cranky possum

This is a picture of the 'new addition' to the family. Cosmopolitan the Birman cat. Now he is just too gorgeous for his own good, and never owning a cat before, I did not know what I was in for. Cosmopolitan is named after a vodka/cranberry cocktail. And Bailey the wonder dog is named after Baileys Irish Cream funnily enough. Cats sleep so much.. he doesn't eat enough to keep a sparrow, but I guess when you are only awake for 3hrs a day, well how much food do you need??

I had crap day at work today... so I decided to come home and FINISH something to cheer myself up.. now for all that know me, this is a MIRACLE! Not one piece of backing fabric was right, so I had to scrap piece a backing, it looks so-so. of course I pressed this and thought ah-ha, I need wadding.. of course there wasn't a bit of wadding big enough in the house either, after muttering away, and going thru more plastic tubs than I care to count (ok its 12) I found a bit.. woohoo!

of course its EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE AS THE TOP.. so its too small.. so I have dredged up all the scrappy bits you should throw away and found enough to add a piece to the other bit.. but now its too bloomin late to be crawling around on the floor trying to baste the sucker, so I am off to find another UFO in the pile that I can't jump over. Wish me luck, cause I know I am going to make a bigger mess.

We have a HUGE mess out in the yard, we have been waiting for so long to get our backyard landscaped. I had a nasty fall on Saturday, twisted my ankle and lucky for me, Lara was carrying the cat in his 'pet taxi' We had to take Cosmo the wonder cat for a needle.. Lara was very worried, as I couldn't get up and the cat was so lucky I'd just handed him to Lara. He would of been traumatised for life, MORE traumatised cause I am sure living here is enough to send you to the nut hut!

So tomorrow the excavator arrives, the builder will be here and my retaining walls will be built. We used to have a large yard, but with the renovations we have done (we have added a family room, bedroom and a large sunroom) as well as a double garage, the yard has downsized to 10ms between us and the shed. I am convinced my DH hates mowing so he keeps building on!