Friday, November 28, 2008

Ooops I did it again!!!

Blurry photo's that is..

found out 'WHY' I suck at taking pics.. my DARLING Monster (aka DS Morgan aka Morgy the Monster) has been JUGGLING my camera.. yes ##%#%#@&*()&#@ juggling my camera.. I was talking to him the other night and FOUR times he dropped it while talking to him.. I bought a new camera using some 'flyby's' I get from using my credit card a LOT.. LOL it should be here by the end of the year, but until then.. just pretend you forgot your glasses..

OK whats a week without fabric?? I mean I dont have time to SEW it lately, so why not keep the US economy going by buying fabric from there?? I got the fabric pictured from ebay, autumn rose quilting or something like that, for $46 US posted for SIX YARDS yes, SIX.. six of any fabric in australia would cost me at least $120 + postage, so I am a happy camper with this lot.. backgrounds are impossible to find in Newcastle too..

a post or two ago, I asked if someone wanted to swap magazines with me, and someone came to the RESCUE!!! My new bloggy friend Caroline sent me this lot, some yummy lindt chocolate (who doesn't love lindt chocolate, my second fave after Cadburys Rocky Road - a new to me favourite), a cute needle book and a gutterman tin of thread! and of course the Quilters Newsletter Magazine I HAD to have.. I want to make the Civil War Crossings quilt, lovely pinks and double pinks and a bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure! Thank you so much Caroline..

Um you might notice something else.. I finished another two pin cushions, not convinced I like working with felt much, but I sat up and finished both of these on Saturday night last weekend.. 2am I put the last stitch in, and looking at them you'd guess that too! the slip stitching is dead dodgy, but hey, only rude people wouldn't comment, and fortunately for me, the felt police are yet to visit..

I have had a crap week at work..

We had mums 'anniversary' this week, I still am numb about her passing away last year.. I thought I'd be OK for work, but stupid here *pointing at oneself* forgot the work she had.. I am a debt collector, and I also help create revenue for the Public Hospitals in our state.. I had to create invoices for 'cremation certificates' all morning... But I managed to get through the day with minimal tears..

Ok thought I'd leave you with these two cute pics... they are taken a wee while ago (why they aren't blurry)

I love this one of the bastard, I mean, evil one.. I just love how the fabric and the cat sorta kinda blend together.. he has been behaving himself *touch wood*, and I am most anxious about the safety of our christmas tree which will go up on Monday!

and this pic of Bailey the Wonderdog, who really isn't an inside dog (we did try for two VERY LONG YEARS to housetrain her) but she is allowed in for visits after baths and a dash of 'psycho spray' (doggie cologne that makes her go pscho).. she isn't, um, allowed on the LOUNGE.. the one she is sitting on is one I found in a junk shop for $50.. I think its one of the copperart ones, but its great to keep pet hair off the lounge, the one scrunched up behind her, is my version of 'Ruths Quilt' by Leanne Beasley.. I called mine "Lissa's Quilt", cause well, I dont know anyone called Ruth, and my name is Lissa! LOL

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where did the HOT go???

Hello petals...

this week has been a week of extreme's weather wise.. Friday, it was so freaking HOT, today...... I am sitting here in my flannel PJ's shivering.. whats doin' mother nature?? Although I am not so much complaining about the wintery day, more like the freakin' hot Friday! Summer starts 1 December here in Aussieland.. its blowin' a gale here today, and its FREEZING!!!

I might of mentioned it before, not sure, but I am a fabricologist.. a collector of fabrics.. so this week? well I had to add to the stash now didn't I..

sorry about the fuzzy pic, I had a pussy cat attacking my leggies and a low battery!
OK, stuffs on the left I got from Ebay... Middle stuffs, I got from my angel, some lovely smelly stuffs for my weary old tootie toes, some gorgeous fabric, um you might notice that there is an empty green tub at the back? well it MAY of contained some ferrero rochers.. but then again, I may not want to incriminate myself by admitting to eating all of them when the kids were snoozing (it was only EIGHT and it was over three nights, thats not too naughty is it??).. so thank you to my lovely angel for gifting me with lovelies! The third row, is a swap I did with Cathi, she mentioned on her blog about a triangle quilt and we emailed back and forth, and she offered to send me the triangles on a roll.... I never seen them here, I have seen thangles ONCE at our local quilt shop, but she doesn't keep them anymore, cause no one buys them??? they dont have any in stock, so someone musta bought them.. anyhoo, Cathi sent me some lovely scraps of her civil wars and the triangles on a roll, I put something in the mail to her, so hopefully Australia Post wont let me down and deliver it REAL soon..

This is what I've been a working on.. it is the second instalment of 'Pincushion of the Month' ran through Quilted Fabric Delights . I bet you're scratching your heads thinking 'but Lissa, where is month 1??' well ol' Lissa doesn't do FELT real well, so she had to glue it down and had to wait for the old glue to dry.. sorry about the fuzzy pics, beginning to think it must be my eye balls this morning? I am not 100% happy with this, I tweaked the pattern and I think thats the reason for not liking it.. plus they had the thing upside down in my thinking.. all that embroidery and you were supposed to put it on the bottom? nah, I spent 4.5 hours last night making this sucker and finished at about 2am this morning.. there is a wee rosebud pin in it as well, it comes with the kit.. Kit no. 3 arrived this week and its a Melly & Me pattern.. can't wait to get my teeth into that one!

I just wanted to share this pic with you guys.. this is my SON.. yes, my eldest beast aka Darcy-monster.. Darcy has never liked getting his hair cut, and yesterday he let me plait it, wouldn't let me put elastic bands in, and he bribed me to let me take this pic of him.. his hair is about 18" long now.. he is hoping one day he might find someone who might like to buy it for a wig? dunno if they still do that, but he is keen! He looks a bit like Willie Nelson from the back dont you think?? the Bandanna, well we dont know what thats all about, but he likes wearing it, and he thinks he is COOL.. I got news for him, it aint! LOL yeah I know its sideways but i am too freakin' lazy and tired to change it..

Well thats it from me...

Link of the week to a bloggy is Jodie @ Ric-Rac.. Jodie is so productive and so clever, you gotta go and check out her SELVEDGE DRESS.. I kid you not, a freakin' dress made from those bits most of us chop up and throw away (well I dont, I cut them off and send them to selvedge-a-holics and keep the civil war ones for myself) she has a new puss puss too, very very cute.. if you haven't checked out Jodie's blog you gotta and let her know Lissa sent you, cause I keep telling her I have no friends..


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just thought I'd share this link with you guys...

Esther Aliu is having a free BOM on her blog, click here to find out more.. its called 'Red Delicious' and I did have a wee bit of trouble downloading it (more because I didn't read the instructions properly) but it is lovely!!! and the name sorta kinda gives away what colour the BOM is in..

so go and check out Esther's freebie, the patterns are only available for a month...

who is tidying up after a wee storm yesterday of hail and torrential rain and wet carpet.. lovely!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Post and a link to a Giveaway...

hello petals...

well I am getting there sickness wise.. I am nearly back to 'full strength' Lissa... I ended up missing 2.5 days of work (come home sick) has been interesting ringing chasing debtors with a darth vader voice this week (I am a debt collector for the government but a NICE one, I only ring companies!!!) and my boss and co-workers have been so lovely..

I did manage to get some more redwork finished I have 4.5 blocks to go.. yeah! No pics yet, BUT I thought I'd share this link with you guys...

This is probably one of the coolest giveaways I have seen for a wee while..

Click HERE to find out more...

I thought in each post I do for a wee while, I'll share a blog I love to visit.. I have a lot in my bloglines reader, but its always fun to check out new blogs dont you think???

I love Ms Shazza's blog also known as the "Red Geranium Cottage".. she is slightly mad methinks (in a good way of course) and I always get a laugh from her blog.. If you visit say 'hi shazza' and dont forget to tell her I sent you there..

whats your favourite blog to visit???

And thank you for all those who emailed me about my plight of trying to find a Quilters Newsletter Magazine, I have found someone to swap with, and I am still wading through my emails.. I dunno, a week off sick and the emails still keep on coming!

'til next time..


Monday, November 10, 2008

When good girls go bad (or something like that)

Oh I have been so very very naughty...

I dont think I need to say too much other than this is what come home with me in OCTOBER this year.. I been so bad.. :O( but its fun!!! and not too bad for the waist either! I sorta kinda quickly counted them and there are about 80 different bits there.. from FQs to 7 m's (it was on sale, I couldn't leave it there now could I?)

If Dags ever read this blog, I'd be in strife.. BIG TIME..

I been home sick from work for two days.. got a shocking cough, can hardly see *eyes are runny* who bloomin gets colds when its nearly summer?? bloomin' me!

the B@$tard cat says hello, he is clawing my feet at the moment.. poor baby was put on a diet this week, he was getting a TAD too demanding for his din dins, so now he has to suffer in his jocks (if he wore them) and wait.. he aint too happy about it either..

I did finish another top, its the hearts quilt that my scquilter and Quilting Down Under yahoogroup friends (and a few ring in's) sent me when mum died last year (I can't beleive its a year this month since she died). The 9 patches were from a swap and also, a leader ender project I had on the go... I try to have a leader/ender always next to my machine (still doing 4 patch units to make worlds fair blocks)

its my favourite 30s and some solid homespun as well, I think it turned out lovely (and freaking humungous) I still have some more hearts am putting together a quilt for my dad.. just trying to work out how to tie them together as the fabrics are a little more 'eclectic' but loved regardless..

the other thing I dragged out of UFO'dom is my redwork.. now I am trying to remember when I started this, and I am thinking it was in 2003??? 2004???? dunno, a lifetime ago it feels like.. I look at my first block and cringe.. its an Australiana Set of redwork that was in the Australian Patchwork & Quilting um Vol 9?? around then.. its the state flora, fauna and bird emblem, a couple of ring ins and the coat of arms to make 25 blocks.. I have 5 blocks to go.. did have a grandiose plan to set them into a flag type of setting but the maths involved did my head in, so I think something simple to not detract from the blocks (thats my story and I am sticking to it)

Well thats enough from me.. anyone know in Australia where you can get Quilters Newsletter??? I am after the November 2008 issue, it has a quilt pattern in there I want to make (Civil War Crossings), or is there someone in the US who cruises this blog who wants to swap with me for an aussie quilty mag?? email me privately (there is a link at the top of this blog to mois!)

Anyways, I am going back for a lay down before the ferals, I mean, darling children are in from school.. I promised them take away for dinner, cause the thought of standing over a stove is making me feel nauseous!

*cough* *sniffle* *wheeze*

PS yep this is a post without a pussy cat.. he is too quick at the moment!