Friday, November 30, 2007


This weeks Scatterdays is brought to you by the Letter M.. textures, weapon, hobby are the themes in this weeks 'play'..

This is my faux 'MOTTLED MARBLE' benchtops..

These two photos are of weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION.. My Moggie, who has discovered Christmas tree's.. apparently baubles are too much of a temptation for moggies.. I come home the other day, and there were about 50 christmas decorations on the floor, I know, to look at him, you'd think he was an angel!

The other pic is of my MASTERCARD.. my DH would agree that my MASTERCARD is also a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION...

The hobby one had me stumped... thinking thinking... then 'aha moment'.. MATERIAL! I definately think acquiring material is a hobby, the amount of time put into purchasing some fabrics, well lets face it, it should be considered an olympic sport..

On a sad note, M is also for mum.. My mum passed away last weekend of a heart attack, in Phuket on holidays.. to say this week has been awful is an understatement... Mum and dad are both home now, and my dad is now in hospital, suffering a mild heart attack...

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me about my mum, I have tried to email everyone personally, but it has been a bit overwhelming this week..

Take care,


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shock! Horror! GASP!!!

Yes, another post, three in two days..

Well I thought I'd join the fun from Crazy Mom Quilts blog (link is on the left) she is doing a 'block of the week'.. so far, so good.. here is a pic of my two blocks.. I know you'll be surprised I am using 1930's fabrics, and I can't beleive I didn't have to actually go hunting through my stash to find fabric, as these were SCRAPS, yes SCRAPS from another project, so even better.. Pictures not perfect, but you get the 'gist' of it I am sure..

We have a new government in Australia.. woohoo.. I wasn't too fussed with the old one (they liked spending too much $$'s on bloody advertising, and dont get me started about education etc).. not sure if the NEW government are going to be much better, a lot of new first timers, so I guess they'll be out to prove something.. it was a bit of a swing against the sitting government, but I guess the electorate was after a new approach, so good luck to the new government..

Plan for the afternoon is to get some more sewing done, finish the washing (we have had rain for 5 days) and get the ironing done the same day it comes off the line, which nowadays is a minor miracle..

Wish me luck, cause I am sure gonna need it..


Friday, November 23, 2007

What's been happening at Chez Lissa???

two posts in ONE day? well I thought (after a gentle prod of an email) I'd let you all know what I have been up to this past month (apart from being sick that is)...

Well I have been busy with Sequins and Dance Costumes.. just finished doing a boob tube for the tap dancing tart, and I think the only boob is ME for spending nearly 8 hours sewing on sequins to cover a segment of boob tube.. I keep telling myself, it'll look good on concert night..

I have been busy spending $'s on fabric and the like.. a shop near here, is closing due to illness, and she was having a sale..
I bought myself....
I cannot beleive I bought this book.. LOL.. I mean, I have trouble finishing easy peasy quilts, let alone an epic like Dear Jane.. but I got it for $22, so it was a bargain, how could I leave that in the shop for that price?? I had bought this book early in my quilting life but sold it on ebay (with all the bloody templates/rules too) cause I thought it was too hard.. if, and its a big IF I make this quilt, I'll do it in 30's fabrics (I know shock horror gasp)... the civil war repro's were ones I didn't have, and the purple fabric, well my friend that was with me, said 'you dont like purple'.. but I liked this one, so home it came with me.. I also found some soluable thread I had been looking for and some more basting pins (roflmao who bastes?? the quilter does this but thought I might need some more for something..

and yes possums, I did win a fabric pack from Leanne Beasleys blog site (I am surprised, well not so much surprised, but how many peopled emailed me to see if was me.. I guess Lissa isn't a super common name for a common person such as my self) .. she had advertised the giveaway as a scrap bag... boy was I surprised when it turned up, there are huge pieces of fabric in there, and I love every single one, and I bought the purple fabric as mentioned earlier, to go with these fabrics and it does..

The ruffled fabric that is under all this fabric was one I found at Hobbysew, oops, I mean Patchwork & Coffee on Main.. Hobbysew @ Glendale is no more, they have moved to Boolaroo and have changed names and just about doubled the size of their store.. if you ever get to Newcastle, you have to check out this new store, its the biggest patchwork store I have ever been in.. would rival Craft Depot in Sydney in size and stock.. its HUMUNGOUS!

I have been still working on the Bendigonia Behemouth Quilt, and slowly getting there with the 'what was I thinking grandmothers flower garden quilt'.. I did sort of plan to have both finished by christmas, but hey, I didn't say WHICH christmas now did I???

well off to do some housework... and wrestle with curtains (I am making them to save money.. have worked out, saving money does not equal saving sanity)..


Yep I am back in the game...

I know I know, I been slack.. been sick, been down, you know.. all that LIFE stuff kinda got in the way, but I am back in the saddle and thought, gee, a post on my blog might be a good idea, and a good idea to let people know I haven't fallen off the perch (although with the cold then the gastro tummy thing I had, I thought I was a goner for a wee while)..

anyways, back to Scatterdays... Yes Michelle, dont faint... I am here, and I am playing again!! so you can put yourself back on your chair...

This weeks was T... something HOT, something purple and clothing... sheesh.. talk about difficult... I suddenly remembered the TACO's we had through the week and thought 'bugger, why didn't I photograph them?'.. could be cause I just looked up this weeks theme, um last night! LOL

Anyways, here goes...

Well for hot, it was a no brainer (other than the Tabasco laden tomato/meat taco's we had the other night for tea) a cup of TEA and TOAST... now I dont normally have 3 pieces of toast for breakfast, ok, I do, but after you feed two bits to the dog, and a few bits to the cat (he loves toast, weird cat, prefers raspberry jam to vegemite) there aint much left...

clothing, well I thought about putting a pic of ME in trousers and a top, but hey, you know the sky is falling if you see me in trousers, I have ONE pair of tracky dacks and thats about it.. so I have a pic of the scruffy ballerina in her TUTU.. this is the day I picked it up after I won it (DH has a probably with WINNING stuffs on ebay, can't work out how you 'won' something when you have to part with hard earned cash) on EBAY! my favourite supermarket!!! LOL

purple stumped me, thought about those Tipouchina? plants you see all the time, but of course, not one in my garden, and I am not venturing out too far in my PJ's to find them, probably wrong time of the year for Tipouchina's anyways.. so I found a pic of the TAP dancing TART in her purple bollywood costume.. hmm she'll kill me if she see's this pic, cause she looks like she is catching flies..

Now possums, you may think, that the tap dancing tart and the scruffy ballerina are the same people.. *W* well they are, but Miss Lara answers to both names!!!

till next time... (if I am still in the land of the living)