Monday, February 25, 2008

I got Mail...

I have to share a couple of pics with you guys...

With the SCQuilters retreat each year, we have an angel/mortal swap.. you send 3 gifts before the retreat, and three gifts are secretly handed out during the retreat.. the last gift is the revealing who you are gift..

Well this past week, we got our details of who we send to, I am very happy with who I got, someone I know.. *W* Anyways, in the mail last week, I got my first gift from my angel...

A beautiful card, and the most gorgeous cross stitched Santa.. He is cross stitched on the plastic punched background (not sure what the technical name for it is), I know exactly what I am going to do with him, sew him to a background and frame him, and hopefully when I meet my angel, I'll get her to sign the background.. I have always wanted to try this type of cross stitch but never got around to it (I was a cross stitcher in my previous life btw)

I was so excited when the Australia Post Parcelman visited today.. he had a lovely parcel under my arm and I all but crash tackled him.. it was my Valentines Day Swap that Lucy Locketpoo organised, is she a petal or what?? My swap partner was Laura from Italy!! G'day Laura!

There was a wee holdup with this, as Australia Post had Quarantined inspected it.. aka they opened it and made sure it didn't have contraband in it. Australia has some of the strictest Quarantine laws in the world.. and if you notice, they put a sticker on it, Cosmo the lovely cat could work for Aussie Post, as he likes inspecting parcels too.. no sooner did I get ready to take this pic, and voila! cat woke up and had to check out what was going on!

And Lookie what I got! Oh my first thing I opened was the heart, its so cute and will look just perfect in my hallway.. I also got the cutest mouse, Cosmo pounced on it when he seen that, so its put somewhere Cosmo proof (he has a fetish for mice, not real ones, toy ones), the buttons, oh my, they are just gorgeous.. they reminded me of lollies and I have never seen anything like them, some beautiful sunny ric rac, some gorgeous fabrics and Italian chocolate.. Now I have seen these chocolates before but never tried them, I think I might start having to give the Ferroro's a miss and buy these Bachetto's a go more often! I feel ill, cause I ate all 6 of them, so I didn't have to share.. aint kids at school great!

Thank you so much to Laura.. I stupidly let someone post my parcel to her for me, and they sent it SEA MAIL.. so someone has lost their 'super dh' status.. but I did post another 'I'm sorry my DH is an idiot' parcel to Laura on Valentines day, so I hope she receives it real soon..
This is Laura's blog so be sure to visit her and see what else she is up to! It is in Italian, but you can see her beautiful work! you'll have to copy paste the link in, do you think I can remember how to insert a link? the 'insert link' button on my tool bar aint working.. grrrr...

Well thats it from me...

yours in stitches....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How Old are YOU???


You Act Like You Are 20 Years Old

You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel like an adult, and you're optimistic about life.

You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

You're still figuring out your place in the world and how you want your life to shape up.

The world is full of possibilities, and you can't wait to explore many of them.

this explains a LOT.. including why I am a lactose intolerant chocaholic.. it just isn't fair! LOL

Just made 16 quilt blocks for a surprise, sorry can't show the pics... if you were in a secret santa doodad, would you like blocks as a gift? I am battling with this idea, we have a $ limit and thought I'd be sneaky and do the $ limit + blocks???

Anyways, off to do something constructive.. like napping and checking out current chocolate situation!

take care


Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've been Tagged....Again! :O)

Oh crap.. I've been tagged, not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times.. so I guess I'd better let you know seven random things about me!

1. I hide chocolate.. yes, there it is! out in the open! I hide it from the kids, so I can do a midnight raid and eat it.. I am not too fussy about WHAT sort of chocolate, as long as it is Cadburys.. Caramello Koala's are the standby at the moment.. I dont sneak HEAPS but just a square or two or a caramello koala.. I have a figure to attest to my midnight snacking habit.. is it just me or is the meal between dinner and breakfast just as important as the other meals?? the worst part about being a chocaholic is I am also severely lactose intolerant! If I have to have chocolate, I have to have lact-eze tablets, otherwise I get a whole lotta pain!

2. I am an insomniac.. I get by on about 4 hours sleep most nights.. It drives everyone in my family mad, as I have be known to stay awake all night, cause I can't sleep.. I am not as bad as I used to be, I am having about 5-6 hours on average now..

3. I like staying at home, not answering the phone and vegging out. I can quite easily see how people become hermits, I am happy with my own company and love having the house to myself, well almost to myself, I have my faithful companion the lovely cat :O) Some days I wonder where the day gets to, I like just faffing about the house, pottering some people would call it..

4. I haven't had my picture taken since, hmmm Miss Lara was 1 or 2 and she is 11 this year.. I hate getting my pic taken, sometimes I'll see a pic of myself on the net or on a blog at a gathering and I just hate it.. i am no Elle McPherson thats for sure!

5. I was a brainiac at school, yes I know that might surprise some of you that know me well, but I was more than a Straight 'a' student, I was in the extension classes for the nerds.. fat lot of good it did me! LOL bein' unemployed and all (cept for 2hrs a week now) I was in extension class for Maths and Science and come in the top 8 for all my other classes..

6. I like ironing, I know, I am weird, but I prefer ironing to washing and all other housework.. probably cause I can sit on my patootie and watch Dr Phil or Oprah or Soprano's on DVD uninterrupted.. is it just me, or does everyones kids need to tell you something important RIGHT WHEN THE PLOT IS BEING LAID OUT IN A MOVIE??? my kids do this all the &^%$#% time and they are supposed to be in bed! grrr @ kids..

7. When I was 10, I decided that when I grew up, I wanted to be a Landscape Architect... I still haven't grown up but have no idea what I want to be other than happy!

I wont tag anyone, cause I have no friends, but feel free to jump in and let us know 7 random things about you...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Holy Moly! where is the year gettin' too??

yes I know, I been slack, and thank you all for the emails making sure I hadn't fallen off the perch.. been a bit 'down' lately, and thought it wouldn't make for good reading! But I am on the UP now, so thank sfor the emails!

Readers of the blog might remember I have had a horrid couple of months, well the cherry on the top is that I lost my &^%$#% job, finished up yesterday.. I am now down to working 2 hours a week for a friend 'doing' her books.. have a days work lined up for later in the month doing the books for a newsagency on a regular basis.. so not all is crappy..

what have I been up to ? well as quilting is therapy, I thought I'd share some very dodgy pics of what the ol' Lissapoo has been up to the past three , crap, 4 weeks since my last post! The 'darlings' and I use the term very loosely, have been a-fiddling with my camera and for some reason the flash wont work.. grrrr @ kids..
These are the hearts that a couple of my internet quilting groups have been sending me they are called 'healing hearts' and I never knew how much they meant to a person, until I started receiving them.. I have been making 9 patch blocks as leader/enders for a while now, so they work with the hearts, the quilt will be a great size when finished.These are all the 1930's blocks I have received. I am making dad a quilt as well..

I also have been working on my 'crazy mom' quiltalong blocks, I am actually finished those, and not sure how to lay them out, but it sure is fun 'auditioning' layouts..

I thought I'd also post a pic of my Carolina Crossroads Quilt top.. I am saving up to get the darn thing quilted, having no job sucks, but I'll get there! :O)

I also finished, well sorta kinda finished (just have the centre doo dad to sort out) my christmas tree skirt.. Now I'll admit, that maybe 4 or 5 chrissy's have passed since I started this, it was a Round Robin called "Lissa's Chrissy Tree Skirt RR" and I am probably right in saying it, that Lissa was the last to finish it.. I cut one petal thingy too short, so I gotta sort that out, but it looks great.. the cat loves it too.. grr @ Cat.. I'll finish it in the next couple of weeks and hopefully I'll put it somewhere safe until christmas.. haha.. I'll probably 'file it' and bloody loose the thing, knowing my luck at the moment!

And now for the last update on the 'nonbabynowlissa quilt'.. I added a couple of extra blocks, have a scrappy border planned, the kids have asked I make this one snuggly, so I am going to put flannel on the back, the kids love flannel quilts and so does Cosmo, aka the cat of questionable parentage (the bastard cat)..

I think thats all I been up to lately??? enough anyways! Oh I added about 200 hexagons to my Grandma's flower garden quilt, its getting there very s.l.o.w.l.y...

Quilty Huggers