Saturday, March 29, 2008


I finally made up my mind, with a LOT of help from my bloggy friends.. thank you everyone for visiting my blog and leave a comment, it helped BIG TIME...

Now readers of this blog will know I am a 1930's fabricologist.. and may, just maybe surprised to hear what I am about to say...

I am going with the civil wars.. I know.. I just hope you were sitting down when you read that.. I ditched the blue solids, and put a whole heap of them out on my dining room table and stood on the other side of the room (hey its a bit room) and thought yep I'll take that one and that one and that one..

I am off to a retreat in 6.5 weeks time.. so now its panic time for the ol' Lissa.. 76 signature squares to be made.. Now at last years retreat a lot of ladies had used a GOCCO home screen printing system and I thought I could do that... of course I hadn't used a gocco since 1985 and I didn't own one, so off to ebay I went.. Found one and was raving to Ric Rac Jodie about it so she had to get one too (hers was a freebie one lucky bugger).. anyways, I got it in MAY or JUNE last year and finally used it last night.. now I dont want to show a close up of what I have done, cause I want it to be a surprise for the ladies that go to the retreat but this is what they look like drying on my airing rack.. please excuse baskets and boxes of fabrics, I was auditioning fabric yesterday!

This used to take me HOURS to do, I am not exaggerating.. I'd sign my name on each one of those suckers and stamp them and do whatever to them, I printed all of these in 30mins.. so it was definately worth the investment...

that was the easy bit, now I have to sew the fabrics onto the corners (its indian hatchet block or a lazy snowball, only two diagaonal corners have fabric)

Well thats enough from me, thanks again for leaving comments on how to sort out my colour choices..

'til next time..


Friday, March 28, 2008

I need HELP!

You know when you just can't make up your mind???

Civil War Repros???

Or 1930's???

whats this for you ask??? Bonnie is having a new mystery quilt on the site, and its called "Orange Crush".. now you need some fabric that reads solid, and unfortunately for me, you also need yardage..

I have been diggin' around in the stash looking looking looking... and this is the best that I can come up with.. I just dont think the solids work that well with what I have picked.. the actual stash fabrics are to be scrappy, now I dont have a lot of scraps, I usually cut what I need off a piece and have a weird looking piece when I am done..

so what do you think? 30's or civil wars? and are my solids just plain wrong.. Oh with the 30's, I specifically didn't pick red/yellow/pink as the last quilt was mostly pink/yellow and I am kinda over that combo, but maybe this isn't why the group of fabs isn't sparkling...

or do I just chuck it and start again?? hahaha


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

busy busy busy busy

Well as my favourite show (the Bill - british cop shop been on forever, ok, maybe 20 years) isn't on a Tuesday night anymore, whats a girl to do? well DUH.. SEW!!!

I had these kits from last year.. now I think I got them just before our 'excitment last year' and promptly forgot I bought them.. I had to fudge them a little, as I couldn't find a transfer pencil, but I am happy with how they turned out. I got the kit from Kate from That Raggedy One. I hope the people I made them for love them...

I thought I'd have a tidy up yesterday of my sewing crap, I mean sewing treasures.. I finally managed to get all my needlebooks and pin cushions together, and sewing tins, I have a few of those too.. I have managed to keep this spot tidy for a WHOLE day, even with having the sewing frenzy last night! The card box you can see, I won on ebay a while ago for a whole 99c.. cute eh?? Its vintage something or other, has lovely pansies on the cards, and I use it for my threads!

Oh I got Mail!!!

I am in two Angel Mortal swaps at the moment (think secret santa) This is the parcel I got from my long term Angel (finishes christmas).. I just love the floss organiser (a horses head, considering I am married to a horses A$$ I think its fitting), a very needed organiser box, some solids (I always need solids to go with the 30's), some gorgeous sticky notes, a cute cloud card - hey, angel, I always behave myself *W* oh and a magnetic photoframe.. maybe to put a pic of my angel in at some stage??*W*

This it he parcel I got from my Perth Retreat angel, it come yesterday but only got a chance to blog today about it.. a beautiful angel shelf sitter, an angel door hanger (which Miss Lara has claimed), a cute pattern, a panel of fabric that is so me (Have you been to my house angel??), a photoframe - which I know exactly what I am going to do with it, and a lovely card with angel dust in it.. I have angel dust everywhere, but we all need angel sprinkles in our life (angel dust - glitter), and the most handiest thing for me, a bookmark! will save folding corners of the pages over, which my mum used to go off her brain about!

Thank you to my angels, I have no idea who either are, too sneaky for me!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dont you Just LOVE Long Weekends???

Due to Easter

its a long weekend in Australia, a WHOLE four days off... But I guess you are thinking 'hey, Lissa doesn't work, isn't every weekend a long weekend?'...

Well this is true, I only work about 6 hours a week.. BUT public holidays mean
1. no school
2. no dancing
3. no mums taxi service
4. fanging out in my PJ's all day if I want!

So I have been a tad productive this weekend, apart from the gifts I made to myself the other day I have made...

Yesterday I thought I'd better get working on some gifties... Not quite finished, but I am happy with it so far.. the fabrics are civil war repros and william morris wallpaper reproductions, which are a similar time frame.. but if they arent? well I dont really care, the quilt police do not visit here, so I call them 'would be if they could be's'..

The pin cushion I embroidered that Saturday night, and I just have to sew the opening closed, I am pretty happy with how that turned out.. I have been thinking, it would be nice to make a little collection of stitcheries this size in a bowl... but it is tricking gifting someone that, cause what I'd like decorating wise is not necessarily what someone else would like..

I went to a local chain store (Big W Aussie's) and was surprised to find the following fabrics in those Leuttenegger rolls they have at the back for $3.40.. some 30's and a cheddar reproduction print.. The 30's are mostly from the Storybook range that was available early last year..

So of course they had to come home with me.. They aren't the brightest, shiniest or newest ranges out, but as they are reproductions it dont matter! I love them! I did have a couple already in the stash, but I am always on the look out for more!

I have been suffering from headaches for months now, since mum died, but I have found out it is something to do with the shingles I had twice in the past four months! I am off to the optomestrist and hopefully the eye specialist real soon.. its been a bit debilitating, painful and making sewing a um, little wonky! LOL when my eye is good I look at what I sewed earlier and I think hmmmmm... I have been using the 'galloping past on horseback theory' a LOT!!!

Well I am off to do some tidying up, have my dad and brother coming for dinner.. they are cooking (well the local chinese restaurant is)

take care

'til next time...

PS Not sure what the pattern is called.. it was a pre printed stitchery I got at a show a LONG time ago, I made it no pattern included with the stitchery (which I wont buy now unless it has a pattern, a big IRK for me) but it is a Busy Bee's Project! no contact details though...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Gifting oneself! & Gifts with a 'catch'..

g'day petals

well I have been busy today sewing up a storm.. I started sewing the above as a gift, but in the end, I gifted myself!

You know, gifting oneself, you ALWAYS get what you want... the redwork rabbits are Lynette's Noahs Ark BOM I made two, and thought hmmm.. its easter.. easter has bunnies.. so I gathered up my 1930's rabbits and chicken fabrics and made this sewing set... It turned out pretty cute I think (hence the reason I am keeping it)...

A couple of weeks ago, a blog I visit, had a 'guessing competition' well I guessed the most answers first, so I won a gift.. hmmm or so I thought.. the gift turned up this week and this is it..

A lovely Scquilters mug, and a bundle of black and white fabrics.. the catch? hmm the fabrics if I accept the challenge, must be made into a quilt by June 1st! AND you can add the SAME fabrics sent, but can only add ONE other colour!

I do not own one black and white fabric anyways, so this will be definately a challenge for me!

Wish me luck possums! I do have my thinking cap on already for this, so on June 1st, I have to post a pic, so stay tuned petals!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe easter! and DRIVE safely...


Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've been kissed!!!

g'day possums

a couple of weeks ago, I got a very mysterious comment.. that I'd been kissed by the craft fairy....

I sort of forgot about it, until Friday! A mysterious envelope arrived with no return addy in my letterbox (but it was posted)..

Look what he/she sent me! (I am guessing craft fairy is a chickybabe though).. I have always wanted to try this thread, and also the blocks will come in handy for my dads healing hearts quilt I am making.. I'll put all of them in the quilt, and a lovely note from the craft fairy!

Thank you craft fairy, whoever you are!!!!

who only has ONE clue as to who the craft fairy is, he/she posted the parcel at postcode 2610.. any aussies know where that might be? or will that spoil the fun???

I am a blog whore...

Yep there it is... out in the open...

I like reading blogs, and lots of them, my little heart goes all a flutter when I turn on the puter and bloglines is beeping at me!!!

I have so many favourite blogs in bloglines, over 200 actually.. so I am outing myself, "My name is Lissa, and I am a blog whore!!!"

Why do I love blogs? hmmm well I have made so many blog buddies, I like cruising and checking out what everyone is up to.. I wouldn't of found out about the Civil War Diary/Love Letters books..

or about free patterns...

or winning stuffs (I like getting surprises in the mail that dont later show up on my credit card bill)..

I also like sharing my stash, I have swapped bits of my stash and magazines with people who were desperate for both, so I'll love getting squishies in the mail when they arrive!

I liked doing the pay it forward (I might do it again later this year)...

and if I wasn't a blog whore, I wouldn't know about Homestead Hearth. I bought some fabric from them the other day, this was their scrap bag of civil war repros.. they say there is about 5 yards of fabric in the bag, and I counted 17 pieces and for $22.50 US.. how cool is that?? the other thing, is all but one of those fabrics is new to me, and I have not seen them in australia! I'll be sure to be shopping back there! fast shipping too, order posted 3/3 received 13/3 bloody cool I reckon!

I'd love to know what your favourite blogs are, and I'll be sure to check them out! I also like leaving comments, and I hope peoples dont think I am stalking them! LOL but I do try to leave comments on at least 10 blogs I visit each day!

so if you have seen a blog I must check out, leave me the link in comments! I'd like to check it out and I'll be sure to tell them you sent me there!

blog whore..

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yes thats right! A free QUILT at Old Red Barn!!!!

Old Red Barn Is giving away a gorgeous quilt!

Click on the link to find out about it, and please tell her Lissajane sent you!


NB: possums, the quilt has been won.. alas not by me, but please do check out the Old Red Barns Blog and shop!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Fairytale...

Thought I'd share this pic of the cat I took yesterday.. isn't he just handsome??? and naughty.. this quilt was folded on a chair and somehow?? it ended up on the floor with a cat enclosed.. this is the kids favourite quilt and the cat also loves it..

Anyways.. the fairytale......

Once Upon a Time... a beautiful princess (again think Princess Fiona from shrek but bottle blonde) went for TWO job interviews in two days.. she reorganised her life without any drama's to ensure she was ready for these interviews... her babysitters arrived on time, her hair looked PERFECT, she even scrubbed up not too shabby... interviews went down well, felt very confident... and the interviewer rang back at the said time to let the Princess out of her misery..

yep bloody fairytale...

I am so cranky at the moment, thinking about it.. I went for two interviews last week, had to organise someone to pick up a child from school and take said child to dance class.. raced around getting references updated / resume updated.. had the interview (they weren't too bad) BUT they said they'd let me know by the END OF THE WEEK.. I should of asked the end of WHICH week???

I dont care really if I dont get either job, but I am always let down at the rudeness of people..

If you say you are going to do something, bloody well do it!

off for the miracle Drs appointment..
the miracle is I got one, after trying for months to get one!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Link for a give away!

Phyl is having a birthday today, so pop on over to her blog and wish her happy birthday.. SHE is giving a gift of a bag away to celebrate her birthday

Act quickly! This Give-A-Way ends at 9:00 a.m. EST on Tuesday, March 11, 2007. For more information, click the image.

Let her know that Lissa sent you!

take care possums...


WIP Update!

I just had to share with you all a pic of my Grandmothers Garden Quilt I have been working on *mumble mumble mumble* years (OK its four, but who's counting???)

I have about two rows sideways to go and I am busy squaring the whole sucker up.. it just fits on my kitchen floor. It looks heaps longer than wider, but I wanted a decent pillow tuck for it, as I tend not to do that, I get bored so I finish quilts off too short! LOL

The sides I thought I'd do something a wee bit different, I used yellow for all the centres as there isn't many yellow hexagon flowers in the middle... and I used the half green ones as flowers.. now I haven't seen anyone else do anything like this, so I like that is a little different..

I will hand quilt it, so that'll probably take me another 4 years!

who doesn't do things by halves..

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Just had to share!

I mean, I got things to do today, like that horrid swear word (housework), but thought I'd do some more sewing, did a couple more star blocks and another 10 9 patch blocks, but I thought I'd do some embroidery.. I started this not an hour ago, and I am so loving it!

I put my glasses there so you could see how tiny it is, its 3.5" finished, the sashing was cut at 3/4".. of course I used the 30's scrap stash for this and I embroidered white on white fabric.. the pattern? well its FREE..

Hop on over to Lynette's blog and tell her 'Lissa sent you'.. Its a FREE Noah's ark stitchery download, just scroll down and its right at the bottom on the left pane...

now off to sort out something for dinner, the kids are STARVING (as per usual) and its only 3.30pm.. so I'd better go and start getting my crap together, then I am going to do some sewing after dinner :O)))

Where can I get one?

In my blogging visiting, I seen a thread stand, that holds your thread horizontal.. its like on wooden base, two wood ends and a thing that goes through the middle and holds your thread on.. now I know I seen it in the last two days, but do you think I can find it, to ask "where did you get it?"

well I got busy last night, something about starting sewing at midnight tells me it is not such a hot idea, but I thought I'd better sew something so I could say 'yep I sewed last week'.. 2 large stars and 20 9 patch blocks later, well I feel like I have accomplished something! These 9 patch blocks are for a swap in May, but I thought I'd get organised for a change.. they are civil war repro's I have another set cut out ready to go.. I like to have 9 patch blocks as my leader/ender project to save thread.. which as I have said earlier, is ironic.. I save thread so I can buy more fabric than I'll ever use in this lifetime??

But dont you just hate, when you are happily sewing along, and you have one block to go and run out of #$(*#%#%( bobbin thread?? I was 2.5" short of finishing! argh.. so maybe if I had SAVED thread I could of got it done??? LOL

The whole time I sewed, a certain cat kept his eye on me, he is like my very own 'quilt police'.. if he likes something he lays on it, if not, well he is a cat, he just shows you his (_*_) and off he goes..

The star blocks are 12" finished, they are for the Claudia's Quilt Shoppe free BOM (link on the side if you are interested).. I have a few more to make today... I am doing my blocks in civil war reds and creams, its for the eldest beast who resides here.. I look at him now, and think 'I gave birth to THAT'.. its taller than me, its hair is longer than mine (and I have longish hair) and it has huge feet and hairy legs.. the guys I used to work with called him 'Ginger Jesus' cause of his long red hair! he told me his hair is 40cm long..

On that note, I am off to start my day.. its supposed to rain (again) today, we have had 10 WHOLE days of sunshine this year.. I might need to build me an ark.. we had a horrid thunderstorm on Friday night, lost power for 3 hours and something very close got hit by lightning.. having no power did cause a kerfuffle in our household, 3 kids + smelly dog + bastard cat = recipe for disaster.. Dags slept??? but the kids asked me at least 1000 times when will it end? how far away is it??? will we flood???

Hmmm didn't realise Weather Forecaster was on my list of mummy occupations, must have to add that to chef, personal shopper, chauffeur, costume designer, sewer, cleaner... well you guys get the drift...

My name is Lissa
and there will be rain... sometime..

Friday, March 07, 2008

Check this out!

Sew Me Something Good is having a Blogiversary give away... why not go and check it out, and let her know who sent you in your comments! she is having a competition for this as well.. so dont forget 'ol Lissa sent you!

take care!


What sort of Pincushion do you use???

Bluberry Lane Designs is having a giveaway, you post a comment and show a pic on your blog of you pincushion, well the one you use that is!

The big one is my favourite one, it sits in a basket next to where I sit.. I have things hanging off it, like scissors a strawberry to sharpen my needles with etc.. it is a pincushion NOT for the faint hearted, as it is HUMUNGOUS.. it is a Christine Book Designs pattern, I did it at a 'stitch in' she runs each year in Sydney (didn't go last year) and it has wee pockets around the outside! I can't beleive how DUSTY it is though, I might have to give it a bath! and it may surprise you all that it is made in 30's and redwork! LOL

The smaller one is in my Yazzi sewing bag I drag everywhere.. it was part of a gift my friend Ramona in Victoria made for me.. I just love it as well.. she made me the now Lissa famous drawstring dilly bag (I have made so many of these it isn't funny), a cotton reel keeper and this gorgeous pincushion..

still waking up, we had a bad storm here last night, no power and it went for HOURS.. scary stuffs.. kids freaking out... dog freaking out.... cat freaking out... Dags sleeping through it...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Mail...

I have had some more mail this week...

I can share a pic with you.... many readers of this blog will know that I have had a few hiccups in my life lately.. starting with my mum dying of a heart attack while in Phuket, that was 3 months ago, the grief is still with me each day, but this week has been a particularly hard week. My dad is doing ok, he has prostate cancer, and we just found out this past fortnight, that Super Dags' dad has prostate cancer as well, his is more advanced than dads, so we'll have to see what happens there. We aren't close to Dags dad but I wish him well.. I have had tonnes of sooks (which I am allowed to).. Yesterday I worked a day for a friend sorting out his 'books' and when I come home there was a parcel awaiting me..

One of my online craft croups called 'C-R-A-F-T' had made me this quilt. There are blocks from the Netherlands, England, USA and Australia. The wonderful Kate put it together. It passed inspection from Cosmopolitan the LOVELY cat..

To say I was overwhelmed when I opened this is an understatement, lots of tears, of sadness for mum and also thinking how wonderful people are. I had not been a member of this group for a long time (maybe 3 months?) when mum died and for them to make me a quilt, well I am still lost for words.. Mums favourite colour was red, she used to mostly wear red clothing for years, I remember at one stage, half her wardrobe was red!

I also had to share a pic of the back of the quilt! now readers also of this blog will know I love 30's fabrics and the backing is pieced with 30's (a few I dont have in the stash as well)..

Well I am getting a bit emotional now, so I'll leave it there, and happy weekend to you all...

PS I had another interview Wednesday so fingers crossed for me possums..

Monday, March 03, 2008

Free Stitchery BOM

You must check out this blog...

Lynette is doing a free stitchery BOM on her blog, its a "Noahs Ark" theme and the first one is up already! You have to scroll way down on the left hand side to click on the link for the freebie, but Lynette does gorgeous stuffs so its worth having a squiz out... If you do go there, tell her "Lissa" sent you!

And thanks to my friend Khris for telling me how to do the click on a link thing.. sometimes I am so stupid I even amaze myself!


A story...

Once Upon a time.. there was a beautiful princess (think Princess Fiona from Shrek) who met a lovely Prince Dags, and they were married and had three beautiful children, who did as they were told... who tidied their rooms without asking, who behaved themselves at school.. who cleaned up the cat tray as soon as puss in boots was done and fed and watered all pets without a murmur... who did their homework without being asked, and who went to bed without a whisper...

yep its a fairytale all bloody right!

my kids, I could strangle them.. Miss Lara's room is a pig pen.. I am sure she has the electrician that called in last week in there still, he didn't give me a bill, maybe its cause he is MIA in her bedroom???

The kids told me on the way out of the house to school this morning 'Mum, Cosmo has left you some mud muffins' (mud muffins - cat poop apparently!!)

They all whined this morning cause I had to ask them a agazillion times to 'get ready for school'.. Lara was running so late, her friends at the bus stop come to see if she was going to school!

Argh! Being a domestic goddess is the pits some days.. and today is that day!

Interview yesterday, well I didn't embaress myself by peein' my pants, I was kinda worried cause I was stressing out BIG TIME! But the buggers lied.. if you want someone to work 1000 hours a week for a pittance, put that in your bloody ad! ARGH!
Ad said 8-12 hours / week.. interview said 12-20, and up to FIFTY at tax time.. bugger that.. I dont want to work 8 hours a week, let alone MOVE IN!

Ok thats my whine for the day done!

cranky possum...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Woohoo!!! More Mail!

Am I a Lucky Girlie or what???

This is what the postie delivered to me last Thursday & Friday (I am a bad blogger, just posting pics now, but have thanked the senders)..

The gorgeous pincushion is from a lucky drawing on MidOhioKnitters blog ( ) - one day I'll remember how to put links in, brain can't remember today.. and the fabrics are from my secret retreat angel.. am I spoilt or what? I have no idea who my secret angel is, first parcel was posted in Perth second in QLD, so she is a sneaky bugger thats for sure, two different handwriting too.. I dont usually try to guess, but did notice different writing..

I have an interview today! I am scared/nervous/peeing my pants stressing about it.. I haven't for a job interview in so long, most jobs I get when I dont want a job and get phoned up by someone who knows someone who is looking for a lazy fat blonde tart to do something for them.. this is with an accounting firm doing tax stuffs.. now I hate PAYING tax, but tax rules have always interested me, its just a data entry style job, but not stressful dealing with the public.. so keep your fingers crossed for me possums.. I am not overly optomistic but at least if I dont get it, that first interview worrying is over and done with.. I worked yesterday for a friend of a friend (fancy that) he wants me to sort out his life, spent the afternoon going through masses of archive boxes and about a dozen shopping bags of invoices for their business.. they were stressing and I said 'I like this sort of thing' so its all sorted, ready for data entry when I go back.. he wants me to work for him for good, so I'll get 4-5 hours a week doing his data entry etc for his two businesses and his rental properties.. So I have $'s for my addiction.. you know, the FABRIC one..

Is anyone out there 'into' Pandora bracelets or is it just me? My brother bought me a bracelet and six things for it for christmas (he must love me, as I worked out that was over our limit we spend on each other by 4 times), my dad got me 2 charms with bling, and I have bought um, a few more since then!

The fat one is the 200+ charms on it, and the pandora is the skinny one!
I have addiction to charm bracelets, I have 5 now.. I think its five.. LOL yep, 5.. my favourite is my pandora, then my bracelet that has over 200 charms on it all from holidays and people buying them for me, and then my 'sewing theme' one.. hate to think how much I have spent on silver charms over the years.... *sigh*...

then again, I'd hate to think how much I have spent on fabric over the years too..

charm addict...