Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Cool is this???

L I_McElman_070718_2970 S S A

I love crap like this.. I mean, what else do I search the net for?? and doing stuffs like this keeps me away from ebay.. I been a bad girl at ebay lately.. lucky I sold so much stuff there recently.. have a new heap of stuff to add to it, so if you like patterns and the like, I'll be adding some this next week.. If you'd like to add this to your block, go to http://metaatem.net/words/

I am so pooped at the moment, have no energy.. think I been burning the candles at both ends.. Dags, in his wisdom, decided to move the spare TV.. now I wasn't overly worried when he did it, but he has moved it away from the sewing room (he calls it a sun room, I call it the sewing room).. now this usually wouldn't cause grief, but I just realised I can't sew and listen to the TV tonight.. and "The Bill" is on too.. bugger bugger and double bugger... oh well, will drag out some hand sewing and get busy!



Monday, September 24, 2007

Yep! I am a flasher!!

Some cheeky person, egged me on and asked me to 'flash my stash'.. so I decided to get some more (not all of it mind you) of my 30's stash out and take a pic.. you know when I was piling them up, I felt just a tad bit guilty, cause I didn't remember buying some of these fabrics ONCE, let alone twice and in some cases three times! uh oh! Pretty impressive eh? and thats probably half of it... double uh oh..

what have I been up to? well working bloody double than I usually do.. I think work is overrated, truly is.. been busy at the ol' timber yard where I work, and the girly who is usually full time is on holidays.. now I never thought I'd say this but I MISS HER.. HURRY BACK! the boys have not been behaving themselves and have done every conceivable mistake you can possibly do with the tills, so to say its been interesting is an understatement!

What else have I been doing.... well I decided to make my new fangled phone a wee little baggie to sit in my handbag.. it has one of those ginormous screens so you can actually read the thing.. its got a navigation system in it which I love.. so muggins here thought I'll make it a little purse with some templastic in the front so the screen doesn't get dinged in the bag.... well something went wrong.. and the bag ended up as... a needlebook!!!!still have the felt to add, but I love using every scrap of fabric up.. I mean who knows, I might actually run out of the stuff (aka fabric) one day!!! LMAO

I also managed to finish 'the' waltz costume and corsage.. was going to make a headband for it, but went to my favourite supermarket (ebay) and found one on there for $5.. bargain, and princess missy moo has always wanted to wear a bit of bling so she is a happy camper! Please ignore the mess, was in a mending / ironing frenzy at the time and hadn't packed up the pants on the floor.. they are clean I promise!

Also dragged out one of the BOM's I am working on last night, figured if I hadn't been so lazy I might of actually finished it by now.. doh! I enjoy doing redwork immensely but the eyesight at night is failing fast.. need new goggles methinks.. I did manage to finish the following amount of hexagons and flowers while we have been away dancing (OK I am an expert at watching, Missy Moo is the dancer) I didn't think I had done many till I laid them out and was happy I had been busy! I hate just sitting, gotta do something with my hands..

well thats more than enough from me! thanks for stopping by!!!


Monday, September 17, 2007

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title

How cool is this? just found this link on a blog somewhere out there blogland, and just had to do it.. I LOVE my new name...

Serene and Lissa are two words you dont usually see in the same sentence, but I think I can live with it..

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Serene Highness Lady Lissa the Assiduous of Chalmondley Chumleyton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Not much happening on the sewing front, but I am hoping to change that this week.. stay tuned possums...

Serene Highness Lady Lissa the Assiduous of Chalmondley Chumleyton

Thursday, September 06, 2007


g'day possums...

well am I a happy camper or what??? I got an email from a site I JUST joined about a month ago, and I won a quilt kit.. and the kit is in my favourite fabrics of "Blackbird Designs".. now readers of this blog will know I am a 1930's fabricologist, BUT if I am not buying 1930's fabrics, I am using Blackbird designs fabrics (and civil wars, and anything murky by moda).. but I am one happy CAMPER! You had to design a quilt, pick a pattern, and then pick your colours.. like a online fabric jigsaw puzzle..
http://www.fabricmatcher.typepad.com/ thats there blog, if you want to join up! There is a website as well, http://www.fabricmatcher.com/ I am so happy to be a winner! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!
The annual retreat I go to, I have been to FIVE now, there is always a FQ raffle.. you put a FQ and get a ticket.. now I think in 5 years I have put in 100 FQs.. have I won?? NOPE! Will I keep entering??? OF COURSE! Cause I might actually win something one year!!!

Picked up Missy Moo's costume yesterday from the seamstress.. to say she did a good job is an understatement. Now I can see you guys thinking "Can't Lissa sew???".. well yes I can.. but Lycra, chiffon and anything that isn't cotton does not have a good relationship with the Lissa.. and also, the lady that does my seamstress sewing charges me $30 to make a costume.. a pattern for me to do it would be at least $15.. and the amount of $$'s I'd have to add to the swear jar whilst making it would end up equalling the $30.. and also, it is finished in time for my to sew on sequins, which I have already started.. I have a million things I should be sewing, but I have to get these sequins finished for October, when Missy Moo has to wear the costume.. on October 1st actually! lol
Holy Crap!!! Just realised its nearly 10am and I am in my flannelette lingirie, and I have a billion things to do. We are off to Sydney on the weekend for a dance competition and I was going to treat the car and wash and vacuum it today (its Dags' car, mine is spotless of course *W*) So on that note, I'll bid you adieu....


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Why Fabricologist Anonymous??

Some cheeky person emailed me and asked 'why did you call your blog that?'.. well i thought a picture is worth a thousand words, soooo.... I have never said I didn't like fabric, and more importantly 1930's reproduction fabric.. so here is a pic....

of about 25% of my 30's stash.. I didn't realise I had so much to be honest, until i was looking for a bit I miscut.. and of course I DONT HAVE ANY of that bit left.. will look odd you know, a hexagon flower with one petal not on it.. ARGGGGH!!!!!! This part of the stash is bits I couldn't fit into the 45litre tub, its a large suitcase! Uh Oh! there must be 100 m's of fabric in this suitcase... enough for about 10 - 20 quilts!

I have been having a HUMUNGOUS clean out of my patterns, I tend to make one patch quilts or simple quilts and here I have 5000 or so it seems patterns.... mostly applique and to be honest, I dont have time to applique anymore.. too busy with hand piecing, and sewing on sequins.. I have had a few bids on the ones I have listed on ebay, so hopefully the pattern stash will decrease! And kits??? what was I thinking! I have that many BOM's to do, I'll be grey (ok greyer) before I get a chance to even look at them, so out they go too!
Till next time...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mail has arrived!

g'day Petals...

well I blew the fabric diet last week.. whats a girl to do when she really really really wants something? go to the internet, thats what! I had been trying to track down some of the tape measure fabric and the twill cotton tape marked like a tape measure!

Managed to find the twill cotton tape from a site in America, so I bought 20 yards of the two tape measure prints, and only 5 yards of the alphabet one.. of course, I do not need 45 yards of twill tape, so I'll probably put some on ebay to sell.. I found the tape measure print from an aussie site, and of course, while I was looking I just had to have some of these 30's prints that I thought I didn't have (but turns out I did have a couple of them) no worries, I love fabric! So if you think you NEED some cotton twill tape printed as a tape measure email me and I'll be happy to sell you some! LOL
I also put a call out onto the yahoogroup I am in, and a lovely lady in West Aussie had some of the same tape measure fabric with a white background she was happy to swap with me! so I am a happy camper!
Tomorrow I am going to sew.. yes its fathers day, but Dags is on nights at the moment, so he'll spend the day in bed.. My dad is working so we'll call in and see him tomorrow night.. and organise dinner or something... I have so much I want to finish before I pick up Missy Moo's dance costume, that will need to be sequinned before the end of September! (she is wearing it October 2nd) so I will be flat out doing that! Speaking of Missy moo, how can one 10 year old child's room be so messy??? I threatened her with putting a pic of her pigsty on the internet today, so she was in there like a rocket cleaning it! 2 bags of rubbish and 2 bags of clothes that dont fit her anymore, and lordy knows what else she has stashed in that room, probably the electrician that never come back to finish off a job last year!
Well thats it from me.. take care...