Thursday, October 18, 2007

Perilous Plot of Professor Poopy Pants?

Shame I couldn't use that in todays Scatterdays challenge! The Perilous Plot of Professor Poopy Pants is a title of a book in the Captain Underpants series my 11 year old (aka Morgy monster) loves..
But here is todays challenge..

Well contrary to me thinking I could get the mosaic thingy to work, i can't, I am having a blonde Monday (yes I know its NOT monday, but thats what a blonde monday is).. I dont have the patience to fiddle with it today, but I am sure I'll work it out one day when I am not soo busy..

This weeks challenge was P; something RED, sweet things and metal.. hmmm
and yes, I know its not Saturday YET here in Australia, but I am pretending I am NZ where it is Saturday already! :O) Saturday mornings are like hell on earth, this weekend have a bazillion things to do (as per) so I thought I'd get this sorted before I crashed for the night!!!

so here goes!!!

something RED : hmmm this one stumped me... was sitting sewing and trying to think of something RED that started with P... hmmmmm imagine me sitting here with a pincushion on the arm chair of the lounge, thinking about this.. then, an epiphany hit me! I'll find a red POSTAGE stamp.. pincushion FELL off chair, and I had one of those slapped forehead moments.. PINCUSHION.. its RED and its HUMUNGOUS, and its even got REDWORK ON IT!!! doh double doh! It is a Christine Book Pattern and it is well loved, bit dusty tho.. *W*

something sweet... *sigh*.. this one was a real tragedy... I had to go and BUY some P things.. I mean, I could of visited the fruit shop and got a pic of a pineapple, but hey, I'd rather be BAD (again, ok, STILL).. so I just had to go and get me some naughtiness from the supermarket....POLKADOTS, PYTHONS, PICNIC & POLLYWAFFLE.. funny, I remember polkadots being called Freckles when I was a kid??
I also thought this is an opportune time to put a pic of the pets! they are sweet... and I just know how much some of you love seeing pics of peoples pets on patchwork! so here they are bastard sweet Precious Pampered Puss Puss aka Cosmo, and our Pampered Pain in the pattootie POOCH, Bailey the wonderdog.. now Bailey isn't allowed in my house, so I was a little p(*&)#_ off with the darlings when I come home to see her procrastinating on patchwork.. she is partial to posing and posturing on patchwork..

something METAL: well this was a no brainer, PINS.. I did have some pop rivets hanging about, but Super Dags forgot where he put them so made do with pins..

OK, not sure what the ladies will come up with for next week, but one things for sure, I know it wont be P or F! and hopefully it'll involve chocolate, again..


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Windy Wednesday

On my patch of the planet it is always WINDY.. can visit my mum in the next suburb and yep, no wind! Today is Windy and cool, as apposed to yesterdays 33C temp.. I hate summer, but more and more here in Australia I am beginning to hate spring too.. bring back autumn I say..

Well today I usually work, but I am so up to date, my boss let me have the day off.. hmm that'll learn me for being efficient!

So I thought I have put the humungous what was I thinking project on the bed for awhile so I'll see how I am going.. what do you think?? I was thinking "Yipeeeeeee!! nearly done.. second pic shows how much I have to go... (please ignore artistically arranged pillows on the floor)

I am pretty happy with how its turning out, and I don't have that much to go (probably 50 flowers TOPS).. of course I have to work out what I am doing for the top border... half flowers maybe, not sure, but hey, I am not thinking that far in advance...

I never plan my quilts.. and believe me, it shows! LOL I am a 'just see what happens' type of person, so this quilt has been a problem from the start.. I didn't want to repeat fabrics in the top, they are all 1930's and maybe a couple of ring ins that worked but my aim was to only use 30's fabrics.. and I guesstimated I'd need about 400.. well it turns out I didn't need that many.. *sigh* but hey, I have never met a 1930's fabric I didn't like! :O)

Of course, if you have met one you didn't like, I am always happy to adopt! LOL

till next time


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lazy Ol' Sunday

What else to do on a Sunday other than chain oneself to thy sewing machine and make busy!

I dragged out some scrap blocks I have been working on.. Just auditioning some fabric to put as the alternating blocks.. not sure, toile is a personal favourite of mine, but I might need something more pink?? I dunno.. Jury is still out on that one.. I didn't cut a fabric to make this, even the sashing around the scrap blocks come out of the scrap tub..

I also added some more blocks to the signature quilt, affectionately known as the Bendigo Behemouth.. Now readers to this blog, may remember that ol' Lissa can't add up.. I had cut all the signature charms and if I had continued on the quilt in this vain, it would of ended up 158" square and thats without borders or sashing! Unfortunately for me, our local quilt shop can't even quilt a quilt that huge and there is no way I'd attempt that on the ol' Janome.. I think it would die of fright!
but here is an updated pic, I have a few more to add to make the centre finished, and start stitching the blocks together.. It'll end up about 78" square, which is a decent size (even though I'll have a LOT of fabric leftover, I dont think the Signature Quilt Police will arrest me for this one...

I thought I'd also share of my fabric win! I never win anything EVER.. so to win a quilt KIT was almost like winning the lottery! and the best part was I got to PICK the quilt I wanted to win.. I designed it, and won it from my design! all up there are 9.5 yards of my favourite Blackbird Designs fabric.. dont you just love Moda Fabric?? I am beginning to think I am a moda fabric addict..

OK just between you and me, My name is Lissa, and I am a fabric addict!

til' next time...

Yours in stitches


Friday, October 12, 2007

F is for FAR OUT I am STUPID

well a little late, forgot MissyMoo had a tap private lesson this morning and groceries had to be got!
So here goes, my first attempt at this Scatterdaisies lark..
Items were : something f, a sign, and the elements... and maybe by next week, I'll learn how to do the tile mosaic thingo! Any clues? and my darn batteries in my camera are going flat, so the pics are a bit dark, but hey, I got it done!!!

This is a sign that I need to spend less time on the net and more time FOLDING clothes!!!

frozen food.. well that one was a bit obvious, but its frozen food and other fings! :O) (darn flash on camera)

this is an element of patchwork... FABRIC.. I did plan on using this pic as a the sign one, as it is a sign of FABRIC FRENZIED SHOPPING SPREES.. its also a sign I need to spend less time on the net and more time sewing! dont they look lovely stacked up in their colourways??? LOL

Haven't read what next weeks challenge is, but I'll be sure to put new batteries in the camera AND be more organised!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quilty Update!

well possums I have been a busy beaver and finished the centre for the 'nonbabynowlissa' quilt.. I am just going to add a very simple float around the centre, probably using White on White fabric, and a simple final border of rectangles.. simple is my middle name I am sure of it! LOL I had all this fabric in my stash, fancy that?? I used all novelties from my 1930's stash and a couple of ring in florals for the corner stones.. the quilt police if they visited would arrest me for 'crimes against quilting' but I dont give a rats.. I'll spend some time working on it today and hopefully get the top completely finished!

Also you may of remembered me mentioning in a previous post a 'score' I got on ebay.. Dags (aka DH) can't understand 'winning' stuff on ebay when you gotta BUY it, but he is odd (he married me without a gun to his head, so this confirms my thought that he is mad)...

Here is a pic of the scruffy ballerina in her new tutu.. I thought it was a bit droopy at the front so I had a visit with the seamstress up the road who has made tutu's and we both agreed the lycra was too heavy for the tutu skirt (it is afterall only being held up by tulle).. so off it came, it sits heaps better, will fiddle with the lycra and lace I unpicked, make it smaller and restitch it on.. oh BTW scruffy ballerina does have TWO legs, in this pic she looks like she has one! weird, reminds me of a doll I seen on Lucy Lockets blog! LOL

Well off to start the day, super dags is home through the day, and he is doing the washing.. he'll have a whine about that later, so I'd better get busy doing something other than 'faffing about on the net' (his words)..

Oh almost forgot, the quilt kit I WON arrived yesterday, haven't had a chance to take a pic but when I do I'll post a pic, I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER.. I won 9.5 yards of fabric.. how freakin' cool is that???

Dags thinks its kind of ironic.. I am making quilts to cull the stash, and then I win some to top up the stash! LOL Kinda like two steps foreward and one step back.. but its free fabric and I am happy to adopt it! LOL

take care possums..


Sunday, October 07, 2007

I just can't say NO..

Went to Sydney on Saturday for my SCQuilters lunch thing I try to go to when
1. Dags is off work or between shifts
2. MissyMoo isn't at an eisteddfod
3. Boys are happy
4. Planets are in alignment.

Well this past Saturday all of the above worked out, so I drove 110kms to go for lunch! Manged to pick up something I'd won on ebay (Dags doesn't think you have 'won' something when you have paid for it) so I should say I BOUGHT something on ebay.. a tutu for Missy Moo.. and it was a bargain.. too much material on the flat part of the tutu so a friend is going to adjust that, as Lissa does NOT sew LYCRA *shuddering*.. anyways, as usual, I digress!

one of the Scquilters there, lets call her, um Sargeant Major.. wondered why I didn't join her 'Scatterday Saturday'.. the idea is, each week a letter is drawn from a list AND then three things.. by the following saturday you MUST take a picture of the three things and post it to your blog.. now another SCQuilter had asked me to join in the fun when it first started, but readers to this blog will know I am super economical with my time (aka Lazy).. well anyways the short version is, I joined in the fun..

This week the challenge is the letter F - Cold things, Sign, The elements..

Now I am pretty sure one can be VERY liberal with these meanings, as you give a description to go with your pic.. The only downside is you gotta do this on SATURDAY, not Friday, or SUNDAY, you have to put the pics up on the blog on SATURDAY.. I dont think the 'Scatterday Police' will come and arrest me if I do this at 11.59 on a Friday night! LOL

have had a stitching frenzy this weekend.. dragged out the hexagons and managed to get about 60 more sewn into the quilt.. I have actually a STRAIGHT side now.. cool.. I feel like I am accomplishing with it now.. have about 30 flowers to add, so that'll keep me off the streets for a wee while longer... as well as taking pics for the Scatterday Saturday..

I have been also busy making blocks for the baby quilt.. the baby isn't getting it, I have since found out bubs already has a quilt, and I wont finish it in time either so I'll just keep adding scraps to it when I can.. the top is about 60% done now, will post a pic later!

take care


Friday, October 05, 2007


you know, when they invented the internet, I bet they (whoever those nerds were) thought this will be cool to play dungeons and dragons on, muhahahaha..

BUT did they think you could get a virtual fortune cooking?? I truly rooly love this kinda of stuff.. makes me smile.. I still am loving my peculiar aristocratic title (see August blogs) and the best thing with the title, if you dont like it, hey you can change it!

I just found this also at the same site

My Fortune Cookie told me:
People are beginning to notice you. Try dressing before you leave the house.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

How cool is this???

Well I am off to attack the Mt Everest of washing that needs folding.. if you dont hear from me for a couple of days, send a sherpa to find me!


Stash Quilt

well it has been a long time between drinks, I mean blog postings!

What has the ol' Lissa been up to? well I got invited to a baby shower in a couple of weeks time, and I thought 'oh my what to buy???' and had an epiphany.. I'll make a quilt! of course this could involve some shopping, but I was smart for a change and thought I'd make a quilt 'OUT OF FABRIC I ALREADY HAVE'.. a miracle of miracles! I dont know why I didn't think of this the other 1000 times I been shopping for fabric, USE THE STASH!!! I decided as it is a baby quilt, to use some of the 1930's stash, the novelties rather than the florals.. now this baby is a BOY apparently.. I am not 100% convinced but nevertheless I'll make a boyish quilt, if Oscar (he has been named already) turns into an Oscaretta, well I'll have to make another quilt! LOL

I have other colour blocks to make, purples, orange and some green... I plan on adding some white on white sashing around each block and the quilt should be around 100x100cm, but knowing me, and my maths well anything is possible!

I have also been busy doing some of the redwork for my QAYG quilt I have been fiddling with this past week.. I have been so time poor of late, I haven't been able to do even half as much as I'd like to! But I plan on getting serious with the sewing this month!

I have been busy putting more things on ebay, it is kinda liberating clearing out things I know I'll never use again, and hopefully my 'eye candy' will go to a new home and be loved as much as I loved it when I bought it! so many quilt patterns, I just know I'd never get the time to make, so out they go!

Well I hope everyone has a safe weekend and gets some sewing done, I know I will (try)..