Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long Time No See!!

Well I have had a June and a half!

I have spent most of June sick with the dreaded flu, but I am on the way to recovery. How do I know this? Cause I finished some sewing! I got my quilt back from the quilters and to say I am happy with the results is an understatement! Wendy from Honey Pot Quilting did a fantastic job, here is a pic of a closeup of some of the work she did. Fab eh?

I have also started a new BOM called "Girls Day Out".. I have nearly finished block one. Here's a pic of the semi finished product...

I was planning on adding the fabric bolts out of the scraps I use for each of the upcoming blocks. There is a quilt on the hanger you can see I have embroidered.. I plan on using a cheater quilt panel, but I have to find one the right size!

Its been awful weather here in Newcastle, we have had over 490mm's of rain this month and the month isn't over yet, might crack the 500mm! Lots of flooding, power cuts and wind.. perfect quilting weather if you haven't been sick.

In my next life, I am dreaming of a sewing room... flat screen TV, Air conditioning, a mini bar, loads of shelving, natural light, no kids, no cat, no DH! *sigh*.. Oh and a sewing machine or two of course *W*

Well I am off to Darling Harbour Quilt show on Friday, and hopefully I wont go too mad with the Credit Cards, but hey I am not promising anything! :O)

till next time... Lissa