Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Remember Mois???

Hello possums...

Yes I am still alive and kicking... what has the ol' Lissa been up to since April???

Um well, May seen me visit a retreat! It was Mothers day weekend... and a whole lotta fun.. I drove and picked up a few peeps along the way.. Bathurst is 4.5hrs from here, but it took us 10.. there were a couple of quilt shops along the way that we just had to visit!

Then the 17.05 I had a birthday, well I dont remember my FORTIETH.. so it doesn't count does it???? I was soo darn sick, I would of gladly curled up and died that week, I had a monster of a flu.. hung on for 4 _)(#_)(#*$@# weeks..

June come along.. yep I was still sick, but I did manage to finish two quilts in May, so I did have something to snuggle under.. not much happened in June...

July pooped its head and I have had FOUR yes FOUR root canal treatments, so far this tooth has cost nearly $2000... so guess where all my $'s have gone??? thank god for health insurance, but I am still out of pocket a LOT...
Oh speaking of pooped.. we all had Gastro.. the week the kids went back to school, of course kids can't get sick in the school hol's now can they??? so we had the 'out of body experience' (was a chucky gastro btw) for a bloody week.. LOVELY..

august is here, and I thought I'd better do a quick post to let peeps know I am still in the land of the living, nothing really to show of what I've been up to, cause I haven't been up to much to be honest!

No pics to share, I can't remember where I put my camera.. silly Lissa.. I could use my iPhone but I'd have to dig out the instructions (I think I put them with my camera, both have been MIA for about the same time)

BUT I have been laughing myself silly at this site..

People of Walmart! I swear I have never laughed so much ... do people not own a mirror? and what makes it OK to go shopping in a bikini??? dont understand that one..

anyhoo, next post will have pics...

VERY itinerant blogger
sometimes quilter!