Friday, December 05, 2008

Cat 67, Tree 2


this is an 'after' pic of the poor ol' tree..

A certain critter, who shall remain nameless (but who is often referred to as 'the bastard cat') has been having a WOW of a time with our tree... well until the unfortunate incident of him in the tree and the tree toppling over.. I have never seen a furry critter run so fast.. he plays it 'safe...r' now by just 'tinkering' with the baubles that are on the lowest branch.. of course now, there are no deco's on the bottom of the tree, they are all on the floor UNDER the tree.. I took great pains in 'decorating' the tree this year, had everything BALANCED, and it looked perfect.. of course I should took a BEFORE pic, aka, before Cosmo attacked it..

this pic, well pretend your glasses need updating, stupid darn camera.. I have no idea how long the new 'freebie' will take to get here, but I am sure you guys are thinking 'not bloomin' soon enough'.. I like homemade deco's but I am lazy, so I got the felted ones from a cheapie shop a couple of years ago, they were like $1 each at the sales, felted reindeers, reindeer faces & santa faces.. the crochet snowflakes come from Target, I did plan on getting mum to teach me how to make them, we got these on sale too, they were 50c each I think.. I bought every single one, planning on making a few dozen more to just do the tree in snowflakes.. which is ironic when you think about it, as snow doesn't fall here in Winter, let alone in the hottest part of summer.. Oh the red baubles are covered in red buttons.. I just hot glued them on.. going to do some white ones when I get a chance, have to find some plain ol' white baubles first, and some white buttons *W* I am sure I got a tonne of them about!!!

Oh, by the way.. the HOT returned.. its so blucky today.. had the a/c going and the kids..

No fabric arrived in my house this week.. which is probably fortunate for me, cause dags would have a cow at me.. I am already in the poop, as he bought some Pandora charms for a certain person (Miss Lara) and found out how much they are.. hmmmmm.. when you have TWO pandora bracelets almost full, well he now knows how much I been gifting myself.. ooopsie.. so lucky no fabric turned up, dont know what is in store for next week though, as I do know there is something on its way from Hancocks!

dont you just love gifting yourself?? I mean you ALWAYS get something you like, and you just know you'll appreciate it????

Nothing sewing happening this week.. I do have a few things I have to make and get into the post this week, so I am going to be busy..

Well I am gonna go and get myself out of the heat..

Oh... a link.. instead of a blog to go visit, I have a vintage embroidery freebie link to share.. click here .... masses of vintage patterns for you to redwork or embroider.. I remember doing that once.. LOL

the itinerant blogger
& definately the itinerant patchworker!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Cool Giveaway Daisy Quilts!

Daisy Quilts is having the coolest giveaway...

Why not go and help celebrate her blogiversary!!!!


PS another cool site to check out is my friend B's. I met Bernadette at the quilting retreat this year, but I used to chat to her on ICQ a zillion years ago.. is it still around??? ICQ??? I found ICQ group chats nearly as frustrating as a toddler and up there with a bastard cat! LOL
Bundy does the bestest ever machine quilting, a few of my tops are off on a quilty holiday at the moment with her! I can only DREAM to be as good as her... apparently practice plays part of it??? LOL

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ooops I did it again!!!

Blurry photo's that is..

found out 'WHY' I suck at taking pics.. my DARLING Monster (aka DS Morgan aka Morgy the Monster) has been JUGGLING my camera.. yes ##%#%#@&*()&#@ juggling my camera.. I was talking to him the other night and FOUR times he dropped it while talking to him.. I bought a new camera using some 'flyby's' I get from using my credit card a LOT.. LOL it should be here by the end of the year, but until then.. just pretend you forgot your glasses..

OK whats a week without fabric?? I mean I dont have time to SEW it lately, so why not keep the US economy going by buying fabric from there?? I got the fabric pictured from ebay, autumn rose quilting or something like that, for $46 US posted for SIX YARDS yes, SIX.. six of any fabric in australia would cost me at least $120 + postage, so I am a happy camper with this lot.. backgrounds are impossible to find in Newcastle too..

a post or two ago, I asked if someone wanted to swap magazines with me, and someone came to the RESCUE!!! My new bloggy friend Caroline sent me this lot, some yummy lindt chocolate (who doesn't love lindt chocolate, my second fave after Cadburys Rocky Road - a new to me favourite), a cute needle book and a gutterman tin of thread! and of course the Quilters Newsletter Magazine I HAD to have.. I want to make the Civil War Crossings quilt, lovely pinks and double pinks and a bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure! Thank you so much Caroline..

Um you might notice something else.. I finished another two pin cushions, not convinced I like working with felt much, but I sat up and finished both of these on Saturday night last weekend.. 2am I put the last stitch in, and looking at them you'd guess that too! the slip stitching is dead dodgy, but hey, only rude people wouldn't comment, and fortunately for me, the felt police are yet to visit..

I have had a crap week at work..

We had mums 'anniversary' this week, I still am numb about her passing away last year.. I thought I'd be OK for work, but stupid here *pointing at oneself* forgot the work she had.. I am a debt collector, and I also help create revenue for the Public Hospitals in our state.. I had to create invoices for 'cremation certificates' all morning... But I managed to get through the day with minimal tears..

Ok thought I'd leave you with these two cute pics... they are taken a wee while ago (why they aren't blurry)

I love this one of the bastard, I mean, evil one.. I just love how the fabric and the cat sorta kinda blend together.. he has been behaving himself *touch wood*, and I am most anxious about the safety of our christmas tree which will go up on Monday!

and this pic of Bailey the Wonderdog, who really isn't an inside dog (we did try for two VERY LONG YEARS to housetrain her) but she is allowed in for visits after baths and a dash of 'psycho spray' (doggie cologne that makes her go pscho).. she isn't, um, allowed on the LOUNGE.. the one she is sitting on is one I found in a junk shop for $50.. I think its one of the copperart ones, but its great to keep pet hair off the lounge, the one scrunched up behind her, is my version of 'Ruths Quilt' by Leanne Beasley.. I called mine "Lissa's Quilt", cause well, I dont know anyone called Ruth, and my name is Lissa! LOL

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where did the HOT go???

Hello petals...

this week has been a week of extreme's weather wise.. Friday, it was so freaking HOT, today...... I am sitting here in my flannel PJ's shivering.. whats doin' mother nature?? Although I am not so much complaining about the wintery day, more like the freakin' hot Friday! Summer starts 1 December here in Aussieland.. its blowin' a gale here today, and its FREEZING!!!

I might of mentioned it before, not sure, but I am a fabricologist.. a collector of fabrics.. so this week? well I had to add to the stash now didn't I..

sorry about the fuzzy pic, I had a pussy cat attacking my leggies and a low battery!
OK, stuffs on the left I got from Ebay... Middle stuffs, I got from my angel, some lovely smelly stuffs for my weary old tootie toes, some gorgeous fabric, um you might notice that there is an empty green tub at the back? well it MAY of contained some ferrero rochers.. but then again, I may not want to incriminate myself by admitting to eating all of them when the kids were snoozing (it was only EIGHT and it was over three nights, thats not too naughty is it??).. so thank you to my lovely angel for gifting me with lovelies! The third row, is a swap I did with Cathi, she mentioned on her blog about a triangle quilt and we emailed back and forth, and she offered to send me the triangles on a roll.... I never seen them here, I have seen thangles ONCE at our local quilt shop, but she doesn't keep them anymore, cause no one buys them??? they dont have any in stock, so someone musta bought them.. anyhoo, Cathi sent me some lovely scraps of her civil wars and the triangles on a roll, I put something in the mail to her, so hopefully Australia Post wont let me down and deliver it REAL soon..

This is what I've been a working on.. it is the second instalment of 'Pincushion of the Month' ran through Quilted Fabric Delights . I bet you're scratching your heads thinking 'but Lissa, where is month 1??' well ol' Lissa doesn't do FELT real well, so she had to glue it down and had to wait for the old glue to dry.. sorry about the fuzzy pics, beginning to think it must be my eye balls this morning? I am not 100% happy with this, I tweaked the pattern and I think thats the reason for not liking it.. plus they had the thing upside down in my thinking.. all that embroidery and you were supposed to put it on the bottom? nah, I spent 4.5 hours last night making this sucker and finished at about 2am this morning.. there is a wee rosebud pin in it as well, it comes with the kit.. Kit no. 3 arrived this week and its a Melly & Me pattern.. can't wait to get my teeth into that one!

I just wanted to share this pic with you guys.. this is my SON.. yes, my eldest beast aka Darcy-monster.. Darcy has never liked getting his hair cut, and yesterday he let me plait it, wouldn't let me put elastic bands in, and he bribed me to let me take this pic of him.. his hair is about 18" long now.. he is hoping one day he might find someone who might like to buy it for a wig? dunno if they still do that, but he is keen! He looks a bit like Willie Nelson from the back dont you think?? the Bandanna, well we dont know what thats all about, but he likes wearing it, and he thinks he is COOL.. I got news for him, it aint! LOL yeah I know its sideways but i am too freakin' lazy and tired to change it..

Well thats it from me...

Link of the week to a bloggy is Jodie @ Ric-Rac.. Jodie is so productive and so clever, you gotta go and check out her SELVEDGE DRESS.. I kid you not, a freakin' dress made from those bits most of us chop up and throw away (well I dont, I cut them off and send them to selvedge-a-holics and keep the civil war ones for myself) she has a new puss puss too, very very cute.. if you haven't checked out Jodie's blog you gotta and let her know Lissa sent you, cause I keep telling her I have no friends..


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just thought I'd share this link with you guys...

Esther Aliu is having a free BOM on her blog, click here to find out more.. its called 'Red Delicious' and I did have a wee bit of trouble downloading it (more because I didn't read the instructions properly) but it is lovely!!! and the name sorta kinda gives away what colour the BOM is in..

so go and check out Esther's freebie, the patterns are only available for a month...

who is tidying up after a wee storm yesterday of hail and torrential rain and wet carpet.. lovely!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Post and a link to a Giveaway...

hello petals...

well I am getting there sickness wise.. I am nearly back to 'full strength' Lissa... I ended up missing 2.5 days of work (come home sick) has been interesting ringing chasing debtors with a darth vader voice this week (I am a debt collector for the government but a NICE one, I only ring companies!!!) and my boss and co-workers have been so lovely..

I did manage to get some more redwork finished I have 4.5 blocks to go.. yeah! No pics yet, BUT I thought I'd share this link with you guys...

This is probably one of the coolest giveaways I have seen for a wee while..

Click HERE to find out more...

I thought in each post I do for a wee while, I'll share a blog I love to visit.. I have a lot in my bloglines reader, but its always fun to check out new blogs dont you think???

I love Ms Shazza's blog also known as the "Red Geranium Cottage".. she is slightly mad methinks (in a good way of course) and I always get a laugh from her blog.. If you visit say 'hi shazza' and dont forget to tell her I sent you there..

whats your favourite blog to visit???

And thank you for all those who emailed me about my plight of trying to find a Quilters Newsletter Magazine, I have found someone to swap with, and I am still wading through my emails.. I dunno, a week off sick and the emails still keep on coming!

'til next time..


Monday, November 10, 2008

When good girls go bad (or something like that)

Oh I have been so very very naughty...

I dont think I need to say too much other than this is what come home with me in OCTOBER this year.. I been so bad.. :O( but its fun!!! and not too bad for the waist either! I sorta kinda quickly counted them and there are about 80 different bits there.. from FQs to 7 m's (it was on sale, I couldn't leave it there now could I?)

If Dags ever read this blog, I'd be in strife.. BIG TIME..

I been home sick from work for two days.. got a shocking cough, can hardly see *eyes are runny* who bloomin gets colds when its nearly summer?? bloomin' me!

the B@$tard cat says hello, he is clawing my feet at the moment.. poor baby was put on a diet this week, he was getting a TAD too demanding for his din dins, so now he has to suffer in his jocks (if he wore them) and wait.. he aint too happy about it either..

I did finish another top, its the hearts quilt that my scquilter and Quilting Down Under yahoogroup friends (and a few ring in's) sent me when mum died last year (I can't beleive its a year this month since she died). The 9 patches were from a swap and also, a leader ender project I had on the go... I try to have a leader/ender always next to my machine (still doing 4 patch units to make worlds fair blocks)

its my favourite 30s and some solid homespun as well, I think it turned out lovely (and freaking humungous) I still have some more hearts am putting together a quilt for my dad.. just trying to work out how to tie them together as the fabrics are a little more 'eclectic' but loved regardless..

the other thing I dragged out of UFO'dom is my redwork.. now I am trying to remember when I started this, and I am thinking it was in 2003??? 2004???? dunno, a lifetime ago it feels like.. I look at my first block and cringe.. its an Australiana Set of redwork that was in the Australian Patchwork & Quilting um Vol 9?? around then.. its the state flora, fauna and bird emblem, a couple of ring ins and the coat of arms to make 25 blocks.. I have 5 blocks to go.. did have a grandiose plan to set them into a flag type of setting but the maths involved did my head in, so I think something simple to not detract from the blocks (thats my story and I am sticking to it)

Well thats enough from me.. anyone know in Australia where you can get Quilters Newsletter??? I am after the November 2008 issue, it has a quilt pattern in there I want to make (Civil War Crossings), or is there someone in the US who cruises this blog who wants to swap with me for an aussie quilty mag?? email me privately (there is a link at the top of this blog to mois!)

Anyways, I am going back for a lay down before the ferals, I mean, darling children are in from school.. I promised them take away for dinner, cause the thought of standing over a stove is making me feel nauseous!

*cough* *sniffle* *wheeze*

PS yep this is a post without a pussy cat.. he is too quick at the moment!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Dont Faint.. another post in the SAME weekend

Yes petals.. I've been one busy possum this weekend.. first finish was the 'tumbler quilt' (see previous post) I am happy with how it turned out, still debating about borders on it.. a good press made it about two inches wider, so hmmm dunno..

BUT I have been working on my "Worlds Fair" quilt.. this sucker has used up so much fabric, I am even surprised.. I have done about 132 blocks so far and I keep putting the 4 patches in around the wrong way.. which isn't a biggie, I can make them the right way, but sheesh, too much brain power being used.. And yes, I know one blocks is around the wrong way (doh @ Lissa) but its not joined, I just laid it out wrong and am way too lazy to take another pic to show off..

Of course, once the blocks were on the floor, the quilt inspector had to come and put his furry butt right in the middle.. and you'll agree with me, he does look super evil in this photo with his eyes shining.. yikes, scares me! Cosmo aka the bastard cat will be 2 on the 10/10 the kids have been wondering what we are going to buy him..

Thought I'd leave you with a pic of the birthday girl wearing her new collar.. doesn't she just look soooo happy?? might have something to do with a tough dog (in a polka dot collar no less) sitting on a cat scratching post??? Bailey the Wonderdog prolly wonders why she is outside and the bastard cat is inside... please ignore the long grass in the pic, poor ol' Dags every time he goes to mow it rains, he needs to go somewhere where they NEED rain, cause we sure dont here..

well on that happy note, off to do some ironing otherwise I'll be off to work all wrinkly...

bye possums..


Saturday, October 04, 2008

am I done yet???

g'day petals

well as promised here is an updated pic of the Tumbler/Thimble swap that my dear friend Bernadette and I are doing.. just an update if you are passing through... Bernadette and I have um, quite the civil war / 19th repro stash and we decided to do a swap.. and thought a charm square style of quilt would be sweet..

I have had my rows together for a few weeks, but the other week after I threatened to toss my sewing machine in the bin, I thought it could be a very good idea to put the project away.

Now I now you are thinking to yourself 'but Lissa, you said you were getting a new machine???'.. well yes this IS true, but I thought I'd better finish some of the stuffs I had started on the old machine first.. so the first cab off the ranks is the tumblers.. I should of made it another tumbler longer (bugger) so I think I might need to just add a wee float or a wee border on it.. what do you reckon?? with a fat person sleeping under it, well lets just say I might need a big bastard of a float! LOL

I am enjoying this long weekend... I did want to get to Sydney yesterday for lunch, but Missymoo had a sleepover and I had to pick her up, and I'd been to Sydney the two previous weekends for Missymoo's dancing (she got 2 trophies and 4 ribbons, not bad for only 8 dances) and I am plain wore out from working and being a mum at the moment..

thought I'd leave you with a pic of Bailey the Wonderdog, it was her birthday yesterday, we got her a snazzy new collar and a new mattress for her kennel and a few treats.. this isn't the best pic of Bailey the Wonderdog, her face is smooshed up, but she is by far the laziest doggie I have ever met.. she hates going for walks.. she hates going for drives in the car IF she has to get out at the other end (only likes going home??) and she loves cat food...

speaking of cats, heres a cutie pic of the evil one who lets us live in his house..

take care petals..


Friday, September 12, 2008

All's well in the Land of Lissa

Just a quickie.. update that is...

I am still in the land of the living.. I got a job! a full time job at that!

When I went to Perth in May, I convinced myself I needed to go back to work. Sitting around at home, mooching off the Dags and being a half arsed housekeeper just wasn't cutting it for me anymore, so I got a job.. First full time one I applied for even. I started in July and I love it... I am a debt collector for a NSW Government Department and so far so good. My boss loves me (well I am still there so that has to be a good sign) I have been behaving myself, they think I am quiet (well I am still on 3 months probation so I gotta behave)..

I have had so many emails from bloggy friends and bloggy readers asking how I am doing, hows the mob? the bastard cat? the ferals?

We are all doing great. Dad got good news about a fortnight ago, his PSA was negative, so he now only has to have blood tests once a year, so the cancer is GONE.. *doing happy dance*

the ferals, well they are kids and genetically linked to me, so what can you expect???

the dagster is intent on paving the whole back yard, and driving me nuts, so same-o there...

my brother is VERY poorly at the moment, they (specialists) think he has some form of arthritis (reactive??) anyhoo, he is in a great deal of pain and barely able to get about, so hopefully the new specialist will sort that out.. he isn't getting any worse, or any better at the moment so keep your fingers crossed for him.

Sewing? hmm well funnily enough, I am still a half arsed house keeper, if the kids are fed and the washing is done, and the dags cooks dinner, I try to get in some sewing... no pics at the moment, but I have just got one top back from the quilters waiting for binding, two tops ready for quilting, another quilt in rows (the tumbler swap, its freaking humungous) and about 400 x 4 patch units for the postage stamp project/worlds fair block quilts.. so I have been busy..

I have also nearly finished sequinning a dance costume, and I have been reading every day...

NOt much net time.. I think spending 40hours a week on the computer at work has cured my of my computer addiction..

I'll try not to make it 3 months to my next post and hopefully I'll get that camera charged up in time for some pics..

take care and thanks for thinking of me...

the itinerant blogger

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Design Wall Carpet???

Was reading a post on 'Sew Me Something Good' blog about the lack of a design wall..

I dont have a design wall, and to be honest, a creative space.. At the moment I have taken over the sunroom, which is a very large 9x4m room (or about 33x15 ft for you non metric non 21st century peeps *W*) we have an eight seater table in there that we can't sit at, as it is covered, hmm maybe covered isn't strong enough a word, stacked-to-the-roof full of my 'craft crap' as dags calls it or my 'treasures I am still using sometime this millennium stuffs' as I prefer it to be known as..

I dont have a design wall.. or a wall I'd like to even put one on.. I have a design 'carpet'.. Now I can see you guys thinking, design wall carpet does have its drawbacks, but hey, the blocks dont fall off.. they might get walked on by a bastard cat from time to time, but I thought I could live with that until....

My usual trick is when I have laid something out, I like to take a pic or three and I can remember 'how' I did it.. of course with something as scrappy as this, you wouldn't do that, but I did want to take a pic to share with a net friend.. I went to get my camera, and when I come back.. well... hmmm if he wasn't so cute I would of strangled him.. I shoo'd him away.. and bits of my quilt were stuck to his fur.. so I was chasing him (which isn't easy to do when you are a fat blonde tart) and trying to rescue pieces of a quilt :O)) all the time the 'Beast' (aka eldest boy child) was laughing at me.. I am a constant amusement for my children! The funny thing was, Cosmo (aka the bastard cat) had bits stuck to his botty, and he kept sitting down trying to get the block off his botty whilst sitting on it.. he truly is a dumb blonde cat, lucky he is soooo cute or he'd be outta here!

Anyways.. the quilt I am working on.. Well I had what I thought was a great idea, why not make TWO quilts at once, if you are going to cut 2" strips for a 'worlds fair quilt with a pie border' why not cut heaps of strips of lots of fabric and make a postage stamp quilt too?? I mean, its only a little more work isn't it?? these are the ones I made yesterday, all 208 of the 4 patch units.. they go together pretty easy and this is about 1/4 of one quilt..

I am also at the same time cutting out tumbler blocks to swap with a dear friend of mine (who is lucky that she lives 1000kms away otherwise I'd annoy the poop out of her).. She has been a slacker and not even got the template yet but I have done the first swap already *W* I think she has been to busy surfing the net trying to tempt me with cheap fabric from the states!

Anyways, thats enough crap from me..

'til next time..

PS Quilters aren't greedy, we're just materialistic! :O))

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Week, doing, um Nothing???

g'day possums...

well its been a week but I thought I'd update you guys!

Last Monday was a long weekend in Australia and I celebrated it with getting shingles (4th time in 7 months, yeah me!) I am doing ok though, never fear!

But it was a public holiday so no mail man.. well so you would think!!! But the the 'beast' (eldest DS) come in and said 'mum there's a parcel for someone'.. so we had a squiz and sure enough, a brown paper baggie filled to the brim with parcels for ME!!!! My angel from the scquilters swap I am in, was in Newcastle for the weekend and snuck by my house and dropped off these lovelies.. am I spoiled or what?? She told me later she was here at 10am! I got out of bed about 10am! LOL (had been reading for HOURS, thats my story and I am sticking to it!) how lucky am I???

I also got in the mail last week my PIF gift from Vickie ... Its a Chantelaine (bad spelling here) and each pocket had a giftie in it, a needle threader, an unpicker, scissors and a gizmo that threads needles lickity split! It was wrapped in the blue fabric and gold braided cord (which will be recycled) so thank you Vickie! I also loved the fact you adressed the parcel to 'Lissa Poo' gave the parcel deliverer a chuckle! I love it, and have used it while I am sitting at the machine sewing, so thanks you so much Vickie!

The 'Biggie' of quilt shows was on last week in Australia, in Sydney. Now I did feel poorly on Thursday but thought, I'll be OK tomorrow, I'll catch the train, have a wee rest on the way down and on the way home and a wander around to have a lookie at the quilts.. was I ever wrong?? um YES!!! As soon as I got to the train station, I knew I should of come home.. but I pressed on... And then when I was on the train, I heard the dreaded words every train commuter hates.. 'Trackwork - Delays'.. ARGH!!!! my 2 hour trip, took 3 hours, two train trips and a bus ride in the middle.. I wandered around the quilt show, was a little disappointed with the stalls, a few I had thought would be there weren't this year (dunno why??) but I did manage to spend some $'s.. The trip home took 4 hours.. *sigh* I was absolutely stuffed when I got home :O(

Heres a pic of the 'stash'

Just some Civil War Repros I didn't have or have much left of, cheddar prints are very hard to find.. one was sold to me as a Civil War, but it isn't, but 'tis OK, I like the fabric so it still will have a home! I also got Anni Downs new book, its so cute, I think there is a dozen 2" stitcheries inside very very cute.. and very do-able..

So I was at the quilt show for only about 2.5 hours, managed to quickly see all the quilts seen all the stalls, the only thing I wanted to do was 'test drive' a few sewing machines, I am getting a new machine before the end of the year, and I want a machine with a deep throat and a stitch regulator, I am leaning towards the Bernina Aurora, but not sure, have plenty of time to make up my mind.. my Janome I own now is a piece of shit to be honest, I spend more time reloading the bobbin, it jumps out of the hook all the time, I have spent $500 at least on this )(#*$%(#*$& machine in the past 4 years getting it looked at, and the needle threader doodad dont work now.. last night I ended up crying at the thing cause I just wanted to sew some strips and I had to keep rethreading the bobbin and unsewing where it had jumped out... To say its frustrating is an understatement. I have to save up a little while to get the machine so I'll have to make do with the bulimic thing until then (it chews fabric up and then spits it out later, very very annoying).. I have bought a single hole plate for it and it has stopped the bulimia to some extent but still does it with triangles...

Had a job interview last week, well I THINK I had a job interview.. was with an agency, and they advertised 'positions vacant' was up my alley and with a government dept (so lots of $'s) and did well at the interview and then they said 'well there isn't any positions available at the moment, but we'll be sure to send your resume off when there is'.. I said 'what?? it said current positions, current contracts?' To say I was disappointed was an understatement..

'til next time


PS There is a giveaway here. It is for some lovely Long Arm quilting to be done on yoru quilt!!! So go and check out Canton Village Quilting!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More Mail & an epic post (with a linky to a giveaway)

g'day petals...

well this week the postman has delivered some lovelies...

My mini swap quilts from the Lucy Locket swap!!! woohoo...

the 30's lovely on the left of screen is from Miss Lucypoo herself... Lucy also sent me a local rag about the area (my dad is from Geordieland where Lucy lives) so dad has had a squiz at that, a lovely card and a postcard as well.. so thank you Lucy!

The lovely 'home sweet home' is from SewToBed how cute is this?? and the fabrics and the gorgeous hand made card are fantastic! Thank you so much!!!

What else have I been up to? hmmm I have just organised a swap with a girliefriend to swap 'tumbler' blocks, the plan is to cut two from each of our civil war stashes and make a tumbler quilt, we do know we'll get some double ups but hey, thats half the fun isn't it??? will get busy doing this on the weekend! I also plan on getting a tumbler cut from every 30's in my stash (that'll be ONE humungous quilt, I have over 500 30's now I would think eeek)

speaking of 30's and being a slackarse blogger... a few weeks ago, Catherine had made a 30's quilt and asked if anyone wanted the novelty fabric she didn't use in the project? well being a 30's WHORE how could I not put my hand up and say 'pick me'.. I was first in and definately best dressed here.. there is only ONE fabric in this pack of goodies that I had in the stash.. yes I know I have a lot of 30's, but the Grandma's flower garden project I wanted only ONE of each fabric in each flower, so finding ones I dont have is a miracle! Catherine also sent me some embelishments AND a lovely pattern!! It is in the pile of 'to-do's', thank you so much Catherine! Catherine also has lots of giveaways lately, so pop over and check out what she is up to!

Speaking of Catherine, we had discussed in an email about 'old & quirky' things.. now I am only 38, but I am feeling everyone one of those years at the moment, and some would say I am definately quirky.. BUT I had a couple of kitchenalia things I thought I'd share a pic of. The long tube thing has a biscuit cutter doodad in the end of the metal piece, so I am thinking its exactly that, a vintage biscuit maker, the other? hmm no idea, it has serrated edges so I am thinking it was used to slice things up.. couldn't be anything too hard cause it is a bit wobbly, but I am thinking apples or cheese maybe with those serrated FANGS it has..

I also did a 'Biggest Morning Tea' swap with an internet group I am in.. You had to send something from a eclectic list of things but most importantly, a mug! Biggest morning tea is a fundraiser for Cancer Research in Australia.. I haven't been to one in the 'flesh' but I always support charities, but now I am only supporting one or two, the Heart Foundation as mum died from a Heart Attack and a local kids charity.
Anyways, here is my swap I received from Suzy.. There was also a pair of bedsocks but I wore them and forgot about taking a pic of them! LOL the kids keep stealing them too.. they are very toasty!!!

and to finish off this blog.. a pic of the bastard cat.. well I shouldn't say that.. Cosmopolitan Bernard (aka Cosmo the bastard cat) has been VERY poorly of late.. when I got home from Perth, I noticed Dags the EXsuper DH but NOW evil DH 'forgot' to clear out Cosmo's tray.. now he took out lumps (tryin' not to be gross here) but didn't put in new crystals.. now this cat of ours, is very clean.. VERY clean.. if he is outside and wants to go to the loo, he comes to the backdoor to be let in to use his tray.. I cleaned his tray out for him on the Friday when I got home, and he spent all day going back and forth to it.. which was a little odd I thought.. the next day I had a look in his tray and it looked 'odd'.. I flipped him over (he was cleaning himself yet again) and there was blood on him.. the poor cat had held on for so long, he gave himself a very bad urinary tract infection.. I was so cranky at Dags I didn't talk to him all day.. I mean, cleaning a cats tray out isn't a HUGE deal.. the cat has two, so he could of even used the clean one and left the dirty one outside.. Lucky our vet isn't into making $'s I am sure of it, it was $80 and tablets for the cat for the past fortnight and the cat seems ok now.. but giving a cat a tablet twice a day, is not for the fainthearted... he seemed to get used to taking the tablet (or looking forward to the treat at the end, until the LAST one, he bit me so hard it hurt... blooming cat!

'til next time...

PS my dear friend Bundy is having a very very generous giveaway on her blog, now I wasn't going to share the link, cause I am greedy but I thought I should, so go and check out her blog and leave her a comment, (ps let her know I sent you she doesn't think I have friends)...

PPS have put a few links on this blog so why not go and check out these blogs and tell them Lissa (the not so old but quirky one) sent you???

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Birthday Saturday Part 2 PLUS my SYD SCQ challenge dooverlacky!

First things first.. this quilt is for a Challenge that the Syd-Scquilters had for me.. they had a competition thingy on their blog, and you had to match the projects with the sewers.. I do know some of these ladies in the flesh, and I do try to go the meetings a couple of times a year (planets have to be in alignment, dags off work etc) but I had only seen one of their projects previously.. so I guessed and won.. what did I win?? the opportunity to do a challenge!!! thanks a bunch Pennie G! Now the challenge was we had to 'make something'.. well I made a UFO.. It turned out OK, but I have decided my wallhanging idea had too many triangles, and of course leaving it until 5pm yesterday to actually START the challenge limited my options.. I like how it turned out and will make it into a larger quilt for the beast, he has expressed an interest in a black quilt, so I'll make it double bed size.. so of course, I have to go and buy some black and white fabrics I don't own a one in my stash!.. I dunno what to call this quilt, some fellow retreatee's might get a giggle if I call it 'I'm not Margaret' (long story) but I think "the newspaper quilt' is better, as it is black/white and re(a)d all over.. what do you think??

well the birthday did continue (seems weird talking about it two weeks after it happened).. after I had to get up and do the microphone thing talking about my challenge quilts (see previous post) whilst on my way, I got Happy Birthday sung to me, how embarrassment.. now people laugh when I say I am shy, dunno if shy is the right word, maybe reserved?? specially in crowds.. I was hiding behind my quilts the whole time I was talking or should I say 'mumbling'... I was dying of embarrassment!

When the committee were thanking all the helpers, they said 'we have one more person to thank... for stressing us out, and counting 'how many sleeps to go to the retreat'..

I am sitting there $hitting bricks thinking I know EXACTLY who they be talking about and was wondering how I could hide the fat carcass of mine very quickly without anyone dobbing me in... no luck.. so I had to get up again and was presented with a giftie!

a bloody chocolate CLOCK! I couldn't eat it of course, its NOT real chocolate silly!!! how funny is that! so of course, whilst on my way, they sang happy birthday again, my dinner bud's were laughing themselves silly, cause they know how embarrassed I was getting up once! I nearly died of embarrassment, yet again! so it is hanging in my kitchen now!!! I have officially retired from my unofficial self titled position on each committee of 'unofficial sleep counter' a few peoples didn't appreciate me counting down (not the committee) got a couple of emails about it, so I am RETIRED!

Also on Saturday night is the BIG unveiling of who your angel was.. now I guessed mine, something about the writing gave her away *W* its tough when its a friend having to scam ya! LOL so thanks Julie for the gifties and telling fibs when required!

These are the gifties I got from Julie and the pink block keeper was a thank you gift from my lady who I was the angel to.. so thank you Sue.. both my angel and mortal were from WA!

I also won a Bundle of FQ's at the retreat... we have a FQ lotto.. now I will admit, I use the FQ lotto to cull some of the ones I don't like anymore.. I only buy fabric from the quilt shops, so its not poor quality, just your taste changes.. so these are some of the FQ's I won.. I won about 14 I think, but I liked these ones and a few expressed an interest in others I had, so I handed them over.. generous petal aren't I??? well not really, cause I knew I'd take them home and donate them for next years raffle! I think I have put about 100 fq's in over the years at retreats, and this is the first time I won! so woohoo @ me.. and they are civil wars or would be if they could be...\

While I was away, I got a WHOLE lotta mail... Patti from the US was after three back issues of Patchwork & Quilting which I just happened to have, so I sent them to her and some lovely toile fabric.. and lookit what I got back?? how lucky am I?? So thanks Patti!!!

I immediately chopped most of it in half and sent some to Bundy, as she is always looking for civil wars, and we swapped recently and I am thinking I got the better part of the deal, so I sent her some more!

sorry about the dark pics.. can you tell which ones I took with the crap camera and with the new?? bloomin' thing, too lazy to take them again!

ok that's another epic from me...

take care


Birthday Saturday!!!!!!!

OK.. how freaking cool is this?? the Perth retreat committee organised a retreat for my birthday???? well thats what I like to think is what happened!!!

I got some lovely / cheeky cards from my roomies, and some gifts (MA gave me a bazillion packets of licorice bullets - chocolate coated licorice for non aussies) and then we headed offski to the 'stitch'n'bitch' room.. Bundy and I didn't make it in the door without spending $$$'s (see earlier post)

I won a gorgeous book on Embroidered quilts, but I handed it over to MA as I have so many books on Embroidered quilts I thought she might like it.. it had 'how to' for different stitches.. I tend to use 'Mrs Thomas' book of Embroidery stitches'.. it was my mums, whose mums' name ironically is Mrs Thomas!

anyways, I digress..

Our Saturday night dinner, was brilliant if you weren't allergic to nuts (poor Bubbles was allergic to nuts so her choice of dinner wasn't extensive)..

After dinner we had the 'challenge quilt' section. The challenge was you had to do show and tell of blocks, row by rows, quilts anything that was a challenge for our online scquilters group!!! Being the over acheiver and thinking it would be funner to whinge about not having enough clothes all weekend, I took THREE things for the challenge...

This is my 'Healing Hearts' Quilt.. it is only a top, but the hearts were sent to me when my mum suddenly died on holiday last year. I can't believe its been six months since she died. The hearts were sent by two internet groups I am in, Scquilters & Quilting Down Under, as well as a couple of friends from other groups I am in. The quilt top is nearly finished, but I received a few more hearts, so I have unpicked a top and bottom border and just have a few more 9 patches to add. My dear friend Bundy is going to quilt it for me. You should check out her work, she does lovely edge to edge work AND fantabulous custom quilting.. so check out her blog!!! (shameless advertising there)..

This quilt was my second show and tell item for the challenge. It is a 'Cobblestone block' I think cobblestones are the easiest quickest block to make 1 x 2.5" square 4 - 4.5x2.5" rectangle and just sew them around.. how easy is that, I am actually making a few tonight (having a wee break) this swap was organised through Stephaniepoo, and I hope she organises another cobblestone swap this year, or if she doesn't, I think I might organise it!!! The Now Famous Bundy quilted this for me, edge to edge daisies in a lovely shade of lavander, so I added lavander binding!

My last show and tell for the challenge was the 'Vibrator Quilt' Challenge, organised by the SYD-Scquilters group that meets monthly. We have those vibrating pagers at the pub we frequent and after the first meeting of them bouncing around, a challenge was set to make a vibrator quilt! this is mine, utilising all those selvedges.. I'd always wanted to make a selvedge quilt so doing a mini weeny one was a good start! I got the tutorial from RicRac Jodiepoo's blog..

Now you would think, having dragged 3 quilts (ok one quilt, a quilt top and a coaster sized quilt) across the country some 3000 kilometers I should of won, just for A For Effort.. but alas no.. Bettine come in with a stupendous gobsmacked quilt (no pic sorry) everyone ooh'd and aaah'd over it.. It was a deserving winner though! *kicking dirt here* Oh well, there is always next year!!!!

I have also to apologise to my friend Khris...we did a 'mothers day swap' and I didn't thank her publically for the gifties she had sent me.. Thank you Khris.. heres my 'loot'...

There is a tutorial on Khris' blog on how to make the needlecase that is hidden under all the 'bounty'.. the scissor keep is a fantastic idea, has a wee pocket in the front to put needle threaders in, the chocolates were inhaled, especially the caramello koalas (gee Khris, how did you know??).. I loved everything, so thank you Khris!!!

Well part 2 will follow, I think thats enough to read for one post!!!

quilty huggers


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fabulous Friday, Freo, Friends!!!

well ok, thought I'd left you lot in suspense too long..

Friday was registration for the retreat!!!

This is what it looked like, had we actually been there!!! We were very busy shopping in Freo (well I wasn't, fat blonde tart clothes were thin on the ground, excuse my very bad pun).. then we headed back to Perth so we could do more shopping.. MA got a couple of very fetching jackets, which she didn't have to mortgage the house for.. Bubbles got a couple of skirts that were a BARGAIN (gotta love a bargain) and Bundy found a very gorgeous necklace that was a Bargain too..

The committee actually rang me (phone carked it, flat blattery) to see where I was! We eventually got there, about 20mins late..

Of course, we got back to the motel late, so we didn't have time to have a shower, so we all had 'spray on showers' (aka deodorant and perfume for any other pongs) and then we went downstairs, registered for the retreat, had a gossip with everyone, then had a lovely dinner, then gossipped a bit more back in the main room for the weekend! While doing this we got to ogle the prize wall.. fantabulous prizes I might add!!

Anyways, we were pooped, buggered, knackered and all that.. So we contined back to our room with a couple of the usual suspects, had a few drinks and my friend JAP says to me, "Lissa what happened to your arm" I had a lookiepoo, and bugger! my arm looked like it had a massive bruise.. LOOKED is a keyword here petals...

Blue Fadooberders (those batwing, tuckshop lady arm bits)!!!! WHAT THE F????? My brand new, no time to wash it shirt had STAINED MY CARCASS..... I had blue arms, a blue belly and white boobies but a VERY VERY BLUE bra, who that morning was whiter than snow...

Now, I must tell you, MY B-YOTCH roomies didn't say anything, the 100+ peoples I seen didn't mention it (too polite maybe)???? I looked like a stripey SMURF!!!! I had a wash and I had rivers of blue running down my fat bod.. I still had blue bits on MONDAY!!!! Aren't friends lovely???? Did cause a few giggles and of course 'only you Lissapoo'.. hmmmmmm No pictures of this (thank the lord for small mercies)

OK, heres what you come for.. what did Lissa buy while she was away??? Um I'd like to say Bundy made me do it, but I must admit I am easily led astray.. Saturday morning we didn't even get into the sewing / gossip room and we spied some civil war fabrics.. so of course we had to buy some.. a lot of them were sample swatches, perfect for the DJ quilt Bundy is doing and the Civil War Love Letters I am doing.. so we bought a lot, (actually a HUGE amount).. then on our shop hop on the Monday, we got some more! we bought them, then cut them in halves so most of these fabrics are FE's, but I think there are over 140 of them (dont want to count them, too darn scary).. the other thing I got at retreat (at the quilt show) was a side winder.. I had wanted one for awhile... oh and I got a sterling silver thimble as well, from Luixin the Thimblelady.. a little birdie told me she isn't doing silver anymore, but stainless steel instead, so I grabbed this sucker, its for piecing (just realised its not in the pic)

Anyways, thats enough from me.. next post will be about Saturday which was MY BIRTHDAY.. a birthday at a retreat?? how freaking cool is that!!!!

'til next time...

yours in stitches


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well I survived... JUST!!!

g'day petals

remember me? the itinerant blogger??? I can't believe its been a WHOLE two weeks since I let you all know whats happening in the 'land of the lissa'..

I also can't believe I went to retreat and did not take ONE picture, what a slacker am I???

I was a little subdued at the retreat, I have had a crap 6 months and I really needed to run away from home for a week and forget about everything happening on my patch of the planet! and it worked, I can thoroughly recommend running away from home!

So, what did I get up to? um, well...

well I decided to prank my roomies.. I have kept this tape for a wee while (since I worked at the timber yard actually).. it was a good idea at the time, but the next day, well I had second thoughts.. house keeping took it, well literally and didn't go and make my roomies beds or tidy their bathroom.. I was kinda worried they didn't replace the towels either, but they did leave fresh towels.. would of loved to be a fly on the wall when housekeeping turned up.. the tape was left for FOUR days, so my roomies either humoured me or liked the joke too! You gotta have a laugh dont you??? I would love to say my dear friend Bundy made me do it, but alas, it was all my work, bundy just held tape for me to tie into place..

the problem now is, my roomies MAY just get me back next year..

hmmm so what did I do when I ran away from home?

Well Thursday I had to be at the _)#(*%)(*&$ airport at no later than 5am.. no biggie, super dags (who is now stupid dags but more on that later) drove me to the airport, a 50km round trip in his PJ's, boy was I hoping he had a problem on the way home in his Magilla Gorilla Pj's! LOL.. got to the airport, and checked in and they inform me the 'airport is closed'.. I am thinking hang on a sec, I am here, you are here, whats doing? the fog was rolling in THICK...

Now call me stupid, BUT if I was building an airport, specially one that shares with the R.A.A.F. I'd NOT build it on a swamp, I know, stupid.. but heaven help us here if we get invaded by baddies we'll have to say 'oh sorry, can you come back at 8am when air traffic control clocks on???'

I boarded the plane at 7.15am, an hour late, then we sat on the tarmac waiting for the fog to break or air traffic control to clock on.. 8am, we were the first plane off the tarmac when the air traffic control arrived for work! I might add, this is australia's fastest growing regional airport??? I was a little worried when we were taxi-ing to take off, the bloke next to me was PRAYING.. eeek!!!!

anyways, lucky for me, I was forward planning and my plane in Melbourne took off at 11.15.. well it SHOULD of.. but took off at 12.45pm it was late, cause of fog in Sydney... caught up with a few scquilters in Melbourne, also waiting for the same plane and two of my roomies were also there! so we had a mini catch up waiting for planes!

The lovely Jill organised a shuttle for us when we landed to get to the motel, it was funny being greeted by a sign that said 'Scquilter Chickies'.. there were about 10 of us waiting, and some I hadn't met before, but we had loads of hugs and a goss before we got to the motel!

Was lovely catching up with my roomies, they are all from Victoria, MaryAnne, Wendy aka Bubbles and Bernadette aka Bundy.. I only see these people once a year, and I think they are thankful for it!

On Thursday night, we had a lovely dinner at a local Italian place, and we were all pooped.. I'd had 30mins sleep the night before cause I was "SO DARN EXCITED"...

Our room got to be a bit of a hang out, so we had a few people pop in, and caught up with other itinerants...

Then we crashed..

Well thats enough from this post.. will post more about the retreat, and I might find some pics of the stuffs that HAD to come home with me!

take care


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

well not quite, but leaving on a twin prop plane, then a jet plane!!!

Tomorrow morning at, EEEEKKKK, 4.30am I am heading offski to the airport!!!!

the retreat I am going to, I MAY of mentioned it once or twice, is on FRIDAY this week.. woohoo!!!!! There is a pre-retreat dinner, a lot of people travel from afar, Singapore and New Zealand even, to come to see ME! LOL Well me, and another 130 ladies from all over Aussieland!!! We are off to Perth!! I have never ever been to Perth, its about as far away as I can get from my house, its on the opposite side of the country!!

Actually I'll be having a belated 21st birthday while I am away (belated, as I should of had it a few years ago now! LOL) I have never had a birthday away from home before, so I am sure I'll manage to have fun!!!!

Well I am having a stress attack at the moment, so much to do, so little time.. that'll learn me for kicking back, watching Dr Phil, Oprah and eating chocolate bullets!!! I have to make a couple of kits up for stuff to work on while I am away... not that much sewing will happen!!!

I'd love to hear what you are all up to this weekend, and I hope you dont miss me too much!!!! And I'll be sure to give you all a 'Retreat Report'!!

Stress Queen

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I am still alive and kickin'!!!

Phew... have had a couple of busy weeks.. and the darn ferals (aka my darling children) used up 8gigs of my broadband in the holidays, so I got s.l.o.w.e.d. down BIG TIME.. the bastards (the kids and the net mob)..

I have been doing a wee bit of sewing, no where near enough! This mini quilt was made for the Lucy Locket Mini Quilt swap.. it was to be bigger than 5x7" (not sure how big it ended up about 11x11 at a quick glance).. My swap partner was SewToBed and judging by her post, I think she likes it!

I did make a second quilt for Lucy Locket I thought I took a pic of it before it went to live in the UK (so did the other quilt so maybe they can visit each other??) I think Lucy Liked it too! This pic is 'borrowed' (and I am using the term very loosely) from Lucy's blog.. it is a little wrinkled from its 000's km's trip across the planet..

I started my Civil War Love Letters quilt last week, have 6 blocks done, the plan is to do 5 a week and I'll be finished by Christmas.. not sure which Christmas, but hey, the quilt police are not frequent visitors in the Land of Lissa.. I know I have to remake block 6, its too small (POO) but, it was a bit tricky.. will learn to not sew late at night when my maths brain has gone to sleep! LOL
and yes, I know I need a new camera, but I am such a slacker, everything keeps coming out fuzzy.. could be my eyes perhaps??

Just had to share a pic of the naughty cat who lives here... he isn't really allowed in bedrooms, this part of the house is off limits to evil cats (leather lounges and cats aren't a good combo) couldn't find him the other night and when I went to put on the PJ's here he was! ready for bed!!!! little bugger!!

I got some other stuffs to share with you, but I didn't plan on writing a book here..

Dad is doing OK still very feeble and driving me crazy (same-o same-o)
Grandma (my late mums mum) is in hospital now, waiting to have stents put in her heart.. she is a very healthy 85 yo, (can't kill her) so I am sure she'll be OK..
Lissa - well I am still suffering with shingles pain, but I am getting there! shingles are the PITS..

take care

Lissa who is getting very excited about running away from home next week!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Giveaway on Four Wise Monkeys Blog

Four Wise Monkeys is having a giveaway....Click HERE

*Image 'borrowed' from Four Wise Monkeys Blog*

Leave a comment and please let Rachel know who sent ya!

Please comment by April 27th....

blog whore...

Friday, April 18, 2008

I love my postman!

I love my postman... I should say, SOMETIMES... yesterday and today has been two days of quilty business...

Yesterday my winnings from Sue Daley Designs its in the packet you can see at the back, with the circle applique.. it is a set Pie Paper Piecing templates and papers to make these gorgeous blocks. I had planned on making the quilt that was on the front of the Australian Patchwork & Quilting last month (if you haven't seen it, it was worlds square blocks, done 'trip around the world' style with a pie pieced border.. AND in civil war fabrics.. lovely) so these paper pieces will come in handy big time!!!! Thank you Sue!!!!

The postie also bought me ANGEL mail from my SCQuilters year long angel, a gorgeous Cinderberry stitchery and threads, and the cutest cloud postcard! A fitting postcard from an angel dont you think???

Today, the postman delivered angel mail from my RETREAT angel, Quilt Rose is her nick name.. a lovely angel colouring book (quickly snafoo'd by miss Lara), a gorgeous gold bookmark with a wee tape measure attached (will save the corners of the pages of my books) and a wee pouch which I just think is so sweet... and I just LOVING the fabric.. I am envious of anyone who can do zippers, mine always come out skewiff, I know there is a trick to zippers, but patience isn't one of my strongest points! I had a giggle when I read the return address on this parcel, it said HEAVEN...

Am I spoiled or what???

Had another trip to the solicitors with dad today, and had to go and pay some bills for him. He did overdo it a little by going out, but he is getting cabin fever sitting at home all day! Please, if you haven't got a will, do your family a favour and get one.. its been 5 months since mum passed away and we are still fighting with the superannuation mob, we have called in the big guns, our local federal government member (the lovely Greg Combet) and after we get our $'s from the Superannuation mob, we are to have a meeting with him and see if we can't get legislation or rules changed, its ridiculous the amount of hoops you have to go through to get a deceased persons funds.. ARGH!!! SO GET A WILL!!!!!

OK I am off to my sewing machine, if you dont hear from me for a couple of days, send a search party, I'll be the one passed out at the machine and chained to it!! LOL

Quilty huggers to you all


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've got Mail and a project???

I often share pics of what I've been working on, and this is the latest project / disaster to come out of my sewing house.. I had seen something online, and this inspired this tragedy... I had planned on the long handle you can see, being sort of a wristley doodaddy thingomajig, but the bag turned out too big! oops.. I wanted to make a bag to take on retreat with me next month, and to put siggy squares in for swapping! its too darn big, and the wristley doodaddy thingaomajiggy isn't sufficient, so I am stumped.. I'll probably add some wooden handles or some fabric handles if I save this item from the scrap tub! It is special to me, as the fabric comes from friends from all over the world who have sent me fabric lately to cheer me up or to swap!

Speaking of fabric, I had been meaning to put a pic on my blog of some fabric I got from (for some reason the hyperlink thingyamajig aint working but just type that addy in... bugger @ Blogger) I get a lot of emails from people (especially here in australia) on where I buy my fabric.. I just discovered this site, and to say I am a happy camper is an understatement. The shop owner Carol, is so lovely and I placed an order Saturday and had it within 10 days, which to me, is amazing, as she is in the US and I am in Australia! The pricing for all these civil war lovelies was $7.50USD/yard.. so very reasonable.. so please, check out her site, her range of civil wars and repro's are AMAZING and she'll cut skinny quarters too! If you order from her, let her know Lissa sent you! I told her I'd let all my bloggy buds know about her website!

Aren't these fabrics just yummy????

Today, well I was having a pity party again (forgot to send out invites again, silly me) and the postman delivered this parcel of yummy civil war fabrics!!! My friend Bundy shared them with me, and some lovely hearts to add to my healing hearts quilts.. am I a lucky girl or what???

Go and check out Bundy's blog, she is a long arm quilter and does the most amazing quilting!!!!

Well my dad is home, he isn't 100% but he is much happier being at home, in his own home eating REAL food and not the stuffs they serve at hospital.. and annoying the poop out of me! But hey, it sure makes life interesting!!

Until next time

Quilty Huggers to you!!!