Friday, September 12, 2008

All's well in the Land of Lissa

Just a quickie.. update that is...

I am still in the land of the living.. I got a job! a full time job at that!

When I went to Perth in May, I convinced myself I needed to go back to work. Sitting around at home, mooching off the Dags and being a half arsed housekeeper just wasn't cutting it for me anymore, so I got a job.. First full time one I applied for even. I started in July and I love it... I am a debt collector for a NSW Government Department and so far so good. My boss loves me (well I am still there so that has to be a good sign) I have been behaving myself, they think I am quiet (well I am still on 3 months probation so I gotta behave)..

I have had so many emails from bloggy friends and bloggy readers asking how I am doing, hows the mob? the bastard cat? the ferals?

We are all doing great. Dad got good news about a fortnight ago, his PSA was negative, so he now only has to have blood tests once a year, so the cancer is GONE.. *doing happy dance*

the ferals, well they are kids and genetically linked to me, so what can you expect???

the dagster is intent on paving the whole back yard, and driving me nuts, so same-o there...

my brother is VERY poorly at the moment, they (specialists) think he has some form of arthritis (reactive??) anyhoo, he is in a great deal of pain and barely able to get about, so hopefully the new specialist will sort that out.. he isn't getting any worse, or any better at the moment so keep your fingers crossed for him.

Sewing? hmm well funnily enough, I am still a half arsed house keeper, if the kids are fed and the washing is done, and the dags cooks dinner, I try to get in some sewing... no pics at the moment, but I have just got one top back from the quilters waiting for binding, two tops ready for quilting, another quilt in rows (the tumbler swap, its freaking humungous) and about 400 x 4 patch units for the postage stamp project/worlds fair block quilts.. so I have been busy..

I have also nearly finished sequinning a dance costume, and I have been reading every day...

NOt much net time.. I think spending 40hours a week on the computer at work has cured my of my computer addiction..

I'll try not to make it 3 months to my next post and hopefully I'll get that camera charged up in time for some pics..

take care and thanks for thinking of me...

the itinerant blogger