Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ahem.... so I tell FIBS...

Okay okay okay...

yep my last post I promised not so long between posts and wow, nearly 4 months.. CRIKEY FOUR FREAKING months have passed by...

after numerous emails and reading this blogpost I thought of a NIKE ad and thought 'JUST DO IT'...

What have I been up to since February???

Um I could have finished a quilt or three (putting binding on the last one)

I did finish a couple of tops

2007 Scquilters Retreat - Bendigonia Behemouth BACK (all signatures)

Bendigonia Behemouth FRONT (not sure about borders so have put this into the 'too hard' basket at the moment)

Perth 2008 Siggy squares, I thought of sunshine, so I have sort of kinda did a colour wash with the sun radiating from the left hand side.. its a signature quilt as well.. not sure about borders probably do a simple thing (I am a simple person)

I might of even gone on another retreat.. and come home with some more fabric.. UH OH.. this is only SOME of it.. Um I didn't take any pics but there are some Pics on Bernadette's blog, as we were roomies!!!

I might have even remebered how to crochet.. my friend Bernadette found this pattern so I had to make it (I think I finished it in two nights??) a certain furry person loves it for some reason, have to keep it in the car otherwise I go to work with a scarf that looks like it is ANGORA instead of plain ol' wool... this is for a book mark of course, but I used bigger hook and wool rather than perle thread.. it was a bit wavy, but I am sure thats the person driving the crochet hook rather than the pattern.. I am only 39, but I hadn't crochet anything other than granny rugs for um, 25 years at least!

Now on my last post I did promise a giveaway.. I asked my son (aka the beast) to pick a number and he picked "ONE" so if you posted on my PREVIOUS POST you could of won... so VICKIE from NT if my guess is correct, please email me your snail mail and I'll pop a wee surprise in the mail to you!!!

her comment was....
Vickie said...
HOLY snappin duck poop, good to read you is alive and kicking girl..hmmm been spendin again eh?some nice goodies there-and whats with all this winning name fr you "queen of winnings"
cheers Vickie

1:15 AM

I have had a poopy week.. the shingles are back - yes again... no spots, just the pain, I am sure I'll survive.. what brought on this dose? last Saturday, I drove past my g/fs street, had planned on calling in then thought 'nah I'll go home' then something told me to go back, so I backtracked and I had a lovely afternoon chatting to my g/f and her hubby.. four hours after I got home, my g/fs hubby passed away.. he was only 41.. so I have had the shock of that and the funeral this week.. so no wonder I have shingles..

Also check out Mid-Ohio-Knitters Blog she is having a giveaway!!!

Well I think thats enough for you all to take in.. next post, I'll put up some of the redwork I've been working on!

take care