Friday, December 28, 2007

Y oh Y Y???

Talk about hard! argh!

I am sure Y was about the toughest one so far, until I had an 'aha' moment (helped along by the dagster (aka super dh)..

so here are this weeks YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY's...

Something green, something animal, something school.. so here goes!

I took a pic of our yard for GREEN.. I have to tell you, we laid this turf in January this year, and have not watered it once.. we aren't on water restrictions here in Newcastle as it rains nearly every week! So our yard is GREEN all the time..

Y for BaileY the Wonderdog??? well Dags calls her our YARD ornament, or our YARD EGG maker (yard eggs - dog poops).. I know, its a stretch, but last time I checked we do not have any Yaks wandering around my town, did wait

yesterday to see if one of those Yellow honeyeaters come for a visit, then remembered they dont come anymore as Dags removed the tree..

speaking of Yellow.. Y is YELLOW school things.. can you guess which are the new supplies and which are the old ones?? what is the black crap that gets on pencils etc?? I had to brave Miss Lara's bedroom to find these, so you are lucky I am here and not at casualty with a broken ankle, her room is a disaster area.. last time I got her to tidy up was when I threatened to put a pic of it on my blog!

so stay tuned...

Oh thought I'd share a pic of the 6 quilt-a-long blocks I made last night.. I haven't really been interested in TV since mum died, missed a lot of episodes of my shows so I haven't really been watching much (except the bill, I'd have to be in a coma to miss that show) so I did some sewing.. it took me about 2.5hours to make these six blocks.. I specifically didn't go for purple, as the first set have plenty of purple in them.. but now I think I have over done the green.. oh well, such is life!

take care possums,

who isn't even going to look at next weeks scatterdays letter, probably be X or Z just to make life interesting!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a Month!

g'day possums

well I thought I'd better let you all know I haven't fallen off the perch.. I have been battling shingles (woohoo its nearly all gone) and of course, did the christmas thing.. it was a bit sombre this year without my mum, but we managed to enjoy ourselves.. It was a month to the day on Christmas day since mum had passed away, and we did have a few tears, but also a few laughs about the adventures of mum and the adventures of my dad when I was a kid..
I thought I'd better put some pics up of what I've been working on..

This is the six blocks I have made for the quilt a long from Crazy Mom quilts blog.. she is having a well deserved rest, so I'll have to wait for week 7 'til next week.. I am loving how they are going together, just wish I didn't use so much purple DOH!!!

There are the blocks for Step 2 of the Mystery quilt from quiltville, nine patches with a green corner as the accent.. I have been busy cutting into the holy stash of 30's fabrics and I have been loving it!

These are the step 3 suckers, 80 nine patches with the lights in a different spot.. boy I hope I haven't stuffed these up, cause I dont fancy making them again in a hurry! LOL

These are heart blocks that two of the online groups I am in have been sending me since my mum died.. they mean a huge amount to me, and as each one turns up I am always amazed at the generousity of quilters, not only with their stash, but their time.. I have been a bit lax in the past making hearts, but I have done about 4 this past week, and I hope they are appreciated half as much as they are when they arrive here.. I have asked for 30's ones or homespun, but all are appreciated when they turn up. I plan on making myself and my dad a quilt from them.. Dad is always asking about them, and checks them out when he visits, so I'll make his first.. As you can see, Cosmo likes them too.. he thinks anything you put on the floor is fair game, so if you are laying a quilt out, you have to put him in another room.. ba$tard cat..

Well I think thats about it, didn't mean to write such an epic, but thought I'd share what I have been up to.. and I promise not to be so quiet again...


Sunday, December 09, 2007

what to get up to on a poxy day....

Well, being housebound and crook is NOT my idea of fun... so if a girlie cannot go out and spread her poxy germs, well, what is a girl to do?
so I got up to date with my Block of the Week from Crazy Mom Quilts blog.. I am happy with how they turned out, the centre seam matches! woohoo.. Triangles are NOT my favourite thing whilst quilting so for me to be happy first time around is 'happy dance time'.. (imagine a fat blonde tart doing a irish jig and thats about what my happy dance looks like).. I will have to add some more colours to the next block, as it is looking a tad purple.. and I must admit, purple is NOT my favourite colour..

I also signed up for a mystery quilt through Quiltville, and also the quiltville chat group, and here are my 100 rail fence blocks.. I am up to step 2 now, I have cut it out, but not sure what to use for a light.. you are supposed to use a light colour for it, and only 3 colours in total.. but I want this to be super duper scrappy, so I might use a white on white fabric (adding an extra colour) and the accent colour is supposed to be dark, but seeing though 30's are my favourite 99.9% seem to have similar colour value.. so my quilt wont have a 'zinger' in it, but my accent colour will be the green you can see in the 100 rail fence blocks I whipped up this afternoon during nanna naps and lay downs cause I felt woozy..

Now onto step 2, and I'll post a pic of those when they are done, will take me a couple of days to get them done, and also, the Crazy Mom Quilts block of the week will be up by Tuesday (our time in Australia) so that will keep me and my pox germs busy...

Till next time...

aka Typhoid Mary

Friday, December 07, 2007

Typhoid Mary

I am beginning to think I am Typhoid Mary...

to say I have had a stressful fortnight is an understatement...

we have had;

My mum dying overseas, which has created a whole barrel of problems legally (no death certificate has arrived yet, so we cant sort out her estate)

My dad coming home without mum, she was on a later flight..

Dad having his birthday, then ending up in hospital with what we thought was a heart attack (thankfully it wasn't, it was gall attack and anxiety)

The funeral

so I was beginning to get my 'groove' back, after the funeral, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders... and I could now deal with everything that has happened in the past fortnight... but what happens next you ask???

I get bloody SHINGLES! apparently they are brought on by stress??? gee??? Me Stressed????

so now, I am on a mega dose of something to try and alleviate the symptoms.. I have two dance concert rehearsals for missy moo this week, work, my middle childs birthday on wednesday and lordy knows what else is happening this week, and I am going to be STUCK at home...

Of course I haven't started/finished christmas shopping, let alone birthday shopping, so I am going to be super busy next week before kids break up from school..

am I stressed???

you bloody betcha!!!!!

Lissa aka Typhoid Mary
stressing out big time!

Scatterdays.... K ?????

This weeks scatterdays is brought to you by the Letter K... Dangerous, Blue and My Neighbourhood.. Pictures, aren't necessarily in that order..

Dangerous = Kids annoying Kitty.. Now I put a pic of my kitty, cause someone said how much they hate seeing peoples pets on their blogs, so I try to use a pet each week.. this person KNOWS who they are *W* Our Kitty HATES being held, and definately hates wearing a wig, can you tell by the expression on his face how much he is enjoying wig wearing???? Our Kitty probably thinks the kids are living very DANGEROUSLY because as soon as my son put the kitty down, he attacked son.. you'd think son would learn now wouldn't you???

Blue = now this was a tough one.. then I remembered Kraft Cheese (and I use the term loosely).. now I am not a cheese snob, heck, I am lactose intolerant.. but I did think I should go out of my way and get some King Island Brie which is a definately NONO for someone who is lactose intolerant (could of used this one for dangerous LOL).. alas, the local quickie mart (aka the IGA) doesn't sell King Island Brie, in my town, I think I was lucky to find KRAFT pretend cheese.. so here you go, Kraft Pretend cheese in a blue box.. I had a slice and it tastes exactly how I remember it, digusting! (Kids love it though???)

My Neighbourhood = well its kinda in my neighbourhood, its in the next suburb, but I am claiming it as my neighbourhood, as next suburb has same postcode! The oval is named after KEVIN Evans, who was a local man who did a lot on council and other community stuffs.. he had the oval named after him before he died, he was my friends father in law..

Bring on next weeks challenge!

Monday, December 03, 2007

What is your ELF name??

Know readers to this blog will now I love these crap things.. did I say crap? I mean these all important things!

Your Elf Name Is...

Flakey Eggnog Breath

Whats your elf name???


PS My dad is doing OK.. turned out he has had a heart attack, but not on Friday his trip to hospital was for massive gall attack and anxiety attack, thank you everyone for your kind posts, and emails, I really appreciate them.. My mums funeral is tomorrow and I am hoping my dad will be on the mend once tomorrow is over.. thanks again, Lissa...

Friday, November 30, 2007


This weeks Scatterdays is brought to you by the Letter M.. textures, weapon, hobby are the themes in this weeks 'play'..

This is my faux 'MOTTLED MARBLE' benchtops..

These two photos are of weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION.. My Moggie, who has discovered Christmas tree's.. apparently baubles are too much of a temptation for moggies.. I come home the other day, and there were about 50 christmas decorations on the floor, I know, to look at him, you'd think he was an angel!

The other pic is of my MASTERCARD.. my DH would agree that my MASTERCARD is also a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION...

The hobby one had me stumped... thinking thinking... then 'aha moment'.. MATERIAL! I definately think acquiring material is a hobby, the amount of time put into purchasing some fabrics, well lets face it, it should be considered an olympic sport..

On a sad note, M is also for mum.. My mum passed away last weekend of a heart attack, in Phuket on holidays.. to say this week has been awful is an understatement... Mum and dad are both home now, and my dad is now in hospital, suffering a mild heart attack...

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me about my mum, I have tried to email everyone personally, but it has been a bit overwhelming this week..

Take care,


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shock! Horror! GASP!!!

Yes, another post, three in two days..

Well I thought I'd join the fun from Crazy Mom Quilts blog (link is on the left) she is doing a 'block of the week'.. so far, so good.. here is a pic of my two blocks.. I know you'll be surprised I am using 1930's fabrics, and I can't beleive I didn't have to actually go hunting through my stash to find fabric, as these were SCRAPS, yes SCRAPS from another project, so even better.. Pictures not perfect, but you get the 'gist' of it I am sure..

We have a new government in Australia.. woohoo.. I wasn't too fussed with the old one (they liked spending too much $$'s on bloody advertising, and dont get me started about education etc).. not sure if the NEW government are going to be much better, a lot of new first timers, so I guess they'll be out to prove something.. it was a bit of a swing against the sitting government, but I guess the electorate was after a new approach, so good luck to the new government..

Plan for the afternoon is to get some more sewing done, finish the washing (we have had rain for 5 days) and get the ironing done the same day it comes off the line, which nowadays is a minor miracle..

Wish me luck, cause I am sure gonna need it..


Friday, November 23, 2007

What's been happening at Chez Lissa???

two posts in ONE day? well I thought (after a gentle prod of an email) I'd let you all know what I have been up to this past month (apart from being sick that is)...

Well I have been busy with Sequins and Dance Costumes.. just finished doing a boob tube for the tap dancing tart, and I think the only boob is ME for spending nearly 8 hours sewing on sequins to cover a segment of boob tube.. I keep telling myself, it'll look good on concert night..

I have been busy spending $'s on fabric and the like.. a shop near here, is closing due to illness, and she was having a sale..
I bought myself....
I cannot beleive I bought this book.. LOL.. I mean, I have trouble finishing easy peasy quilts, let alone an epic like Dear Jane.. but I got it for $22, so it was a bargain, how could I leave that in the shop for that price?? I had bought this book early in my quilting life but sold it on ebay (with all the bloody templates/rules too) cause I thought it was too hard.. if, and its a big IF I make this quilt, I'll do it in 30's fabrics (I know shock horror gasp)... the civil war repro's were ones I didn't have, and the purple fabric, well my friend that was with me, said 'you dont like purple'.. but I liked this one, so home it came with me.. I also found some soluable thread I had been looking for and some more basting pins (roflmao who bastes?? the quilter does this but thought I might need some more for something..

and yes possums, I did win a fabric pack from Leanne Beasleys blog site (I am surprised, well not so much surprised, but how many peopled emailed me to see if was me.. I guess Lissa isn't a super common name for a common person such as my self) .. she had advertised the giveaway as a scrap bag... boy was I surprised when it turned up, there are huge pieces of fabric in there, and I love every single one, and I bought the purple fabric as mentioned earlier, to go with these fabrics and it does..

The ruffled fabric that is under all this fabric was one I found at Hobbysew, oops, I mean Patchwork & Coffee on Main.. Hobbysew @ Glendale is no more, they have moved to Boolaroo and have changed names and just about doubled the size of their store.. if you ever get to Newcastle, you have to check out this new store, its the biggest patchwork store I have ever been in.. would rival Craft Depot in Sydney in size and stock.. its HUMUNGOUS!

I have been still working on the Bendigonia Behemouth Quilt, and slowly getting there with the 'what was I thinking grandmothers flower garden quilt'.. I did sort of plan to have both finished by christmas, but hey, I didn't say WHICH christmas now did I???

well off to do some housework... and wrestle with curtains (I am making them to save money.. have worked out, saving money does not equal saving sanity)..


Yep I am back in the game...

I know I know, I been slack.. been sick, been down, you know.. all that LIFE stuff kinda got in the way, but I am back in the saddle and thought, gee, a post on my blog might be a good idea, and a good idea to let people know I haven't fallen off the perch (although with the cold then the gastro tummy thing I had, I thought I was a goner for a wee while)..

anyways, back to Scatterdays... Yes Michelle, dont faint... I am here, and I am playing again!! so you can put yourself back on your chair...

This weeks was T... something HOT, something purple and clothing... sheesh.. talk about difficult... I suddenly remembered the TACO's we had through the week and thought 'bugger, why didn't I photograph them?'.. could be cause I just looked up this weeks theme, um last night! LOL

Anyways, here goes...

Well for hot, it was a no brainer (other than the Tabasco laden tomato/meat taco's we had the other night for tea) a cup of TEA and TOAST... now I dont normally have 3 pieces of toast for breakfast, ok, I do, but after you feed two bits to the dog, and a few bits to the cat (he loves toast, weird cat, prefers raspberry jam to vegemite) there aint much left...

clothing, well I thought about putting a pic of ME in trousers and a top, but hey, you know the sky is falling if you see me in trousers, I have ONE pair of tracky dacks and thats about it.. so I have a pic of the scruffy ballerina in her TUTU.. this is the day I picked it up after I won it (DH has a probably with WINNING stuffs on ebay, can't work out how you 'won' something when you have to part with hard earned cash) on EBAY! my favourite supermarket!!! LOL

purple stumped me, thought about those Tipouchina? plants you see all the time, but of course, not one in my garden, and I am not venturing out too far in my PJ's to find them, probably wrong time of the year for Tipouchina's anyways.. so I found a pic of the TAP dancing TART in her purple bollywood costume.. hmm she'll kill me if she see's this pic, cause she looks like she is catching flies..

Now possums, you may think, that the tap dancing tart and the scruffy ballerina are the same people.. *W* well they are, but Miss Lara answers to both names!!!

till next time... (if I am still in the land of the living)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Perilous Plot of Professor Poopy Pants?

Shame I couldn't use that in todays Scatterdays challenge! The Perilous Plot of Professor Poopy Pants is a title of a book in the Captain Underpants series my 11 year old (aka Morgy monster) loves..
But here is todays challenge..

Well contrary to me thinking I could get the mosaic thingy to work, i can't, I am having a blonde Monday (yes I know its NOT monday, but thats what a blonde monday is).. I dont have the patience to fiddle with it today, but I am sure I'll work it out one day when I am not soo busy..

This weeks challenge was P; something RED, sweet things and metal.. hmmm
and yes, I know its not Saturday YET here in Australia, but I am pretending I am NZ where it is Saturday already! :O) Saturday mornings are like hell on earth, this weekend have a bazillion things to do (as per) so I thought I'd get this sorted before I crashed for the night!!!

so here goes!!!

something RED : hmmm this one stumped me... was sitting sewing and trying to think of something RED that started with P... hmmmmm imagine me sitting here with a pincushion on the arm chair of the lounge, thinking about this.. then, an epiphany hit me! I'll find a red POSTAGE stamp.. pincushion FELL off chair, and I had one of those slapped forehead moments.. PINCUSHION.. its RED and its HUMUNGOUS, and its even got REDWORK ON IT!!! doh double doh! It is a Christine Book Pattern and it is well loved, bit dusty tho.. *W*

something sweet... *sigh*.. this one was a real tragedy... I had to go and BUY some P things.. I mean, I could of visited the fruit shop and got a pic of a pineapple, but hey, I'd rather be BAD (again, ok, STILL).. so I just had to go and get me some naughtiness from the supermarket....POLKADOTS, PYTHONS, PICNIC & POLLYWAFFLE.. funny, I remember polkadots being called Freckles when I was a kid??
I also thought this is an opportune time to put a pic of the pets! they are sweet... and I just know how much some of you love seeing pics of peoples pets on patchwork! so here they are bastard sweet Precious Pampered Puss Puss aka Cosmo, and our Pampered Pain in the pattootie POOCH, Bailey the wonderdog.. now Bailey isn't allowed in my house, so I was a little p(*&)#_ off with the darlings when I come home to see her procrastinating on patchwork.. she is partial to posing and posturing on patchwork..

something METAL: well this was a no brainer, PINS.. I did have some pop rivets hanging about, but Super Dags forgot where he put them so made do with pins..

OK, not sure what the ladies will come up with for next week, but one things for sure, I know it wont be P or F! and hopefully it'll involve chocolate, again..


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Windy Wednesday

On my patch of the planet it is always WINDY.. can visit my mum in the next suburb and yep, no wind! Today is Windy and cool, as apposed to yesterdays 33C temp.. I hate summer, but more and more here in Australia I am beginning to hate spring too.. bring back autumn I say..

Well today I usually work, but I am so up to date, my boss let me have the day off.. hmm that'll learn me for being efficient!

So I thought I have put the humungous what was I thinking project on the bed for awhile so I'll see how I am going.. what do you think?? I was thinking "Yipeeeeeee!! nearly done.. second pic shows how much I have to go... (please ignore artistically arranged pillows on the floor)

I am pretty happy with how its turning out, and I don't have that much to go (probably 50 flowers TOPS).. of course I have to work out what I am doing for the top border... half flowers maybe, not sure, but hey, I am not thinking that far in advance...

I never plan my quilts.. and believe me, it shows! LOL I am a 'just see what happens' type of person, so this quilt has been a problem from the start.. I didn't want to repeat fabrics in the top, they are all 1930's and maybe a couple of ring ins that worked but my aim was to only use 30's fabrics.. and I guesstimated I'd need about 400.. well it turns out I didn't need that many.. *sigh* but hey, I have never met a 1930's fabric I didn't like! :O)

Of course, if you have met one you didn't like, I am always happy to adopt! LOL

till next time


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lazy Ol' Sunday

What else to do on a Sunday other than chain oneself to thy sewing machine and make busy!

I dragged out some scrap blocks I have been working on.. Just auditioning some fabric to put as the alternating blocks.. not sure, toile is a personal favourite of mine, but I might need something more pink?? I dunno.. Jury is still out on that one.. I didn't cut a fabric to make this, even the sashing around the scrap blocks come out of the scrap tub..

I also added some more blocks to the signature quilt, affectionately known as the Bendigo Behemouth.. Now readers to this blog, may remember that ol' Lissa can't add up.. I had cut all the signature charms and if I had continued on the quilt in this vain, it would of ended up 158" square and thats without borders or sashing! Unfortunately for me, our local quilt shop can't even quilt a quilt that huge and there is no way I'd attempt that on the ol' Janome.. I think it would die of fright!
but here is an updated pic, I have a few more to add to make the centre finished, and start stitching the blocks together.. It'll end up about 78" square, which is a decent size (even though I'll have a LOT of fabric leftover, I dont think the Signature Quilt Police will arrest me for this one...

I thought I'd also share of my fabric win! I never win anything EVER.. so to win a quilt KIT was almost like winning the lottery! and the best part was I got to PICK the quilt I wanted to win.. I designed it, and won it from my design! all up there are 9.5 yards of my favourite Blackbird Designs fabric.. dont you just love Moda Fabric?? I am beginning to think I am a moda fabric addict..

OK just between you and me, My name is Lissa, and I am a fabric addict!

til' next time...

Yours in stitches


Friday, October 12, 2007

F is for FAR OUT I am STUPID

well a little late, forgot MissyMoo had a tap private lesson this morning and groceries had to be got!
So here goes, my first attempt at this Scatterdaisies lark..
Items were : something f, a sign, and the elements... and maybe by next week, I'll learn how to do the tile mosaic thingo! Any clues? and my darn batteries in my camera are going flat, so the pics are a bit dark, but hey, I got it done!!!

This is a sign that I need to spend less time on the net and more time FOLDING clothes!!!

frozen food.. well that one was a bit obvious, but its frozen food and other fings! :O) (darn flash on camera)

this is an element of patchwork... FABRIC.. I did plan on using this pic as a the sign one, as it is a sign of FABRIC FRENZIED SHOPPING SPREES.. its also a sign I need to spend less time on the net and more time sewing! dont they look lovely stacked up in their colourways??? LOL

Haven't read what next weeks challenge is, but I'll be sure to put new batteries in the camera AND be more organised!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quilty Update!

well possums I have been a busy beaver and finished the centre for the 'nonbabynowlissa' quilt.. I am just going to add a very simple float around the centre, probably using White on White fabric, and a simple final border of rectangles.. simple is my middle name I am sure of it! LOL I had all this fabric in my stash, fancy that?? I used all novelties from my 1930's stash and a couple of ring in florals for the corner stones.. the quilt police if they visited would arrest me for 'crimes against quilting' but I dont give a rats.. I'll spend some time working on it today and hopefully get the top completely finished!

Also you may of remembered me mentioning in a previous post a 'score' I got on ebay.. Dags (aka DH) can't understand 'winning' stuff on ebay when you gotta BUY it, but he is odd (he married me without a gun to his head, so this confirms my thought that he is mad)...

Here is a pic of the scruffy ballerina in her new tutu.. I thought it was a bit droopy at the front so I had a visit with the seamstress up the road who has made tutu's and we both agreed the lycra was too heavy for the tutu skirt (it is afterall only being held up by tulle).. so off it came, it sits heaps better, will fiddle with the lycra and lace I unpicked, make it smaller and restitch it on.. oh BTW scruffy ballerina does have TWO legs, in this pic she looks like she has one! weird, reminds me of a doll I seen on Lucy Lockets blog! LOL

Well off to start the day, super dags is home through the day, and he is doing the washing.. he'll have a whine about that later, so I'd better get busy doing something other than 'faffing about on the net' (his words)..

Oh almost forgot, the quilt kit I WON arrived yesterday, haven't had a chance to take a pic but when I do I'll post a pic, I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER.. I won 9.5 yards of fabric.. how freakin' cool is that???

Dags thinks its kind of ironic.. I am making quilts to cull the stash, and then I win some to top up the stash! LOL Kinda like two steps foreward and one step back.. but its free fabric and I am happy to adopt it! LOL

take care possums..


Sunday, October 07, 2007

I just can't say NO..

Went to Sydney on Saturday for my SCQuilters lunch thing I try to go to when
1. Dags is off work or between shifts
2. MissyMoo isn't at an eisteddfod
3. Boys are happy
4. Planets are in alignment.

Well this past Saturday all of the above worked out, so I drove 110kms to go for lunch! Manged to pick up something I'd won on ebay (Dags doesn't think you have 'won' something when you have paid for it) so I should say I BOUGHT something on ebay.. a tutu for Missy Moo.. and it was a bargain.. too much material on the flat part of the tutu so a friend is going to adjust that, as Lissa does NOT sew LYCRA *shuddering*.. anyways, as usual, I digress!

one of the Scquilters there, lets call her, um Sargeant Major.. wondered why I didn't join her 'Scatterday Saturday'.. the idea is, each week a letter is drawn from a list AND then three things.. by the following saturday you MUST take a picture of the three things and post it to your blog.. now another SCQuilter had asked me to join in the fun when it first started, but readers to this blog will know I am super economical with my time (aka Lazy).. well anyways the short version is, I joined in the fun..

This week the challenge is the letter F - Cold things, Sign, The elements..

Now I am pretty sure one can be VERY liberal with these meanings, as you give a description to go with your pic.. The only downside is you gotta do this on SATURDAY, not Friday, or SUNDAY, you have to put the pics up on the blog on SATURDAY.. I dont think the 'Scatterday Police' will come and arrest me if I do this at 11.59 on a Friday night! LOL

have had a stitching frenzy this weekend.. dragged out the hexagons and managed to get about 60 more sewn into the quilt.. I have actually a STRAIGHT side now.. cool.. I feel like I am accomplishing with it now.. have about 30 flowers to add, so that'll keep me off the streets for a wee while longer... as well as taking pics for the Scatterday Saturday..

I have been also busy making blocks for the baby quilt.. the baby isn't getting it, I have since found out bubs already has a quilt, and I wont finish it in time either so I'll just keep adding scraps to it when I can.. the top is about 60% done now, will post a pic later!

take care


Friday, October 05, 2007


you know, when they invented the internet, I bet they (whoever those nerds were) thought this will be cool to play dungeons and dragons on, muhahahaha..

BUT did they think you could get a virtual fortune cooking?? I truly rooly love this kinda of stuff.. makes me smile.. I still am loving my peculiar aristocratic title (see August blogs) and the best thing with the title, if you dont like it, hey you can change it!

I just found this also at the same site

My Fortune Cookie told me:
People are beginning to notice you. Try dressing before you leave the house.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

How cool is this???

Well I am off to attack the Mt Everest of washing that needs folding.. if you dont hear from me for a couple of days, send a sherpa to find me!


Stash Quilt

well it has been a long time between drinks, I mean blog postings!

What has the ol' Lissa been up to? well I got invited to a baby shower in a couple of weeks time, and I thought 'oh my what to buy???' and had an epiphany.. I'll make a quilt! of course this could involve some shopping, but I was smart for a change and thought I'd make a quilt 'OUT OF FABRIC I ALREADY HAVE'.. a miracle of miracles! I dont know why I didn't think of this the other 1000 times I been shopping for fabric, USE THE STASH!!! I decided as it is a baby quilt, to use some of the 1930's stash, the novelties rather than the florals.. now this baby is a BOY apparently.. I am not 100% convinced but nevertheless I'll make a boyish quilt, if Oscar (he has been named already) turns into an Oscaretta, well I'll have to make another quilt! LOL

I have other colour blocks to make, purples, orange and some green... I plan on adding some white on white sashing around each block and the quilt should be around 100x100cm, but knowing me, and my maths well anything is possible!

I have also been busy doing some of the redwork for my QAYG quilt I have been fiddling with this past week.. I have been so time poor of late, I haven't been able to do even half as much as I'd like to! But I plan on getting serious with the sewing this month!

I have been busy putting more things on ebay, it is kinda liberating clearing out things I know I'll never use again, and hopefully my 'eye candy' will go to a new home and be loved as much as I loved it when I bought it! so many quilt patterns, I just know I'd never get the time to make, so out they go!

Well I hope everyone has a safe weekend and gets some sewing done, I know I will (try)..


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Cool is this???

L I_McElman_070718_2970 S S A

I love crap like this.. I mean, what else do I search the net for?? and doing stuffs like this keeps me away from ebay.. I been a bad girl at ebay lately.. lucky I sold so much stuff there recently.. have a new heap of stuff to add to it, so if you like patterns and the like, I'll be adding some this next week.. If you'd like to add this to your block, go to

I am so pooped at the moment, have no energy.. think I been burning the candles at both ends.. Dags, in his wisdom, decided to move the spare TV.. now I wasn't overly worried when he did it, but he has moved it away from the sewing room (he calls it a sun room, I call it the sewing room).. now this usually wouldn't cause grief, but I just realised I can't sew and listen to the TV tonight.. and "The Bill" is on too.. bugger bugger and double bugger... oh well, will drag out some hand sewing and get busy!



Monday, September 24, 2007

Yep! I am a flasher!!

Some cheeky person, egged me on and asked me to 'flash my stash'.. so I decided to get some more (not all of it mind you) of my 30's stash out and take a pic.. you know when I was piling them up, I felt just a tad bit guilty, cause I didn't remember buying some of these fabrics ONCE, let alone twice and in some cases three times! uh oh! Pretty impressive eh? and thats probably half of it... double uh oh..

what have I been up to? well working bloody double than I usually do.. I think work is overrated, truly is.. been busy at the ol' timber yard where I work, and the girly who is usually full time is on holidays.. now I never thought I'd say this but I MISS HER.. HURRY BACK! the boys have not been behaving themselves and have done every conceivable mistake you can possibly do with the tills, so to say its been interesting is an understatement!

What else have I been doing.... well I decided to make my new fangled phone a wee little baggie to sit in my handbag.. it has one of those ginormous screens so you can actually read the thing.. its got a navigation system in it which I love.. so muggins here thought I'll make it a little purse with some templastic in the front so the screen doesn't get dinged in the bag.... well something went wrong.. and the bag ended up as... a needlebook!!!!still have the felt to add, but I love using every scrap of fabric up.. I mean who knows, I might actually run out of the stuff (aka fabric) one day!!! LMAO

I also managed to finish 'the' waltz costume and corsage.. was going to make a headband for it, but went to my favourite supermarket (ebay) and found one on there for $5.. bargain, and princess missy moo has always wanted to wear a bit of bling so she is a happy camper! Please ignore the mess, was in a mending / ironing frenzy at the time and hadn't packed up the pants on the floor.. they are clean I promise!

Also dragged out one of the BOM's I am working on last night, figured if I hadn't been so lazy I might of actually finished it by now.. doh! I enjoy doing redwork immensely but the eyesight at night is failing fast.. need new goggles methinks.. I did manage to finish the following amount of hexagons and flowers while we have been away dancing (OK I am an expert at watching, Missy Moo is the dancer) I didn't think I had done many till I laid them out and was happy I had been busy! I hate just sitting, gotta do something with my hands..

well thats more than enough from me! thanks for stopping by!!!


Monday, September 17, 2007

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title

How cool is this? just found this link on a blog somewhere out there blogland, and just had to do it.. I LOVE my new name...

Serene and Lissa are two words you dont usually see in the same sentence, but I think I can live with it..

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Serene Highness Lady Lissa the Assiduous of Chalmondley Chumleyton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Not much happening on the sewing front, but I am hoping to change that this week.. stay tuned possums...

Serene Highness Lady Lissa the Assiduous of Chalmondley Chumleyton

Thursday, September 06, 2007


g'day possums...

well am I a happy camper or what??? I got an email from a site I JUST joined about a month ago, and I won a quilt kit.. and the kit is in my favourite fabrics of "Blackbird Designs".. now readers of this blog will know I am a 1930's fabricologist, BUT if I am not buying 1930's fabrics, I am using Blackbird designs fabrics (and civil wars, and anything murky by moda).. but I am one happy CAMPER! You had to design a quilt, pick a pattern, and then pick your colours.. like a online fabric jigsaw puzzle.. thats there blog, if you want to join up! There is a website as well, I am so happy to be a winner! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!
The annual retreat I go to, I have been to FIVE now, there is always a FQ raffle.. you put a FQ and get a ticket.. now I think in 5 years I have put in 100 FQs.. have I won?? NOPE! Will I keep entering??? OF COURSE! Cause I might actually win something one year!!!

Picked up Missy Moo's costume yesterday from the seamstress.. to say she did a good job is an understatement. Now I can see you guys thinking "Can't Lissa sew???".. well yes I can.. but Lycra, chiffon and anything that isn't cotton does not have a good relationship with the Lissa.. and also, the lady that does my seamstress sewing charges me $30 to make a costume.. a pattern for me to do it would be at least $15.. and the amount of $$'s I'd have to add to the swear jar whilst making it would end up equalling the $30.. and also, it is finished in time for my to sew on sequins, which I have already started.. I have a million things I should be sewing, but I have to get these sequins finished for October, when Missy Moo has to wear the costume.. on October 1st actually! lol
Holy Crap!!! Just realised its nearly 10am and I am in my flannelette lingirie, and I have a billion things to do. We are off to Sydney on the weekend for a dance competition and I was going to treat the car and wash and vacuum it today (its Dags' car, mine is spotless of course *W*) So on that note, I'll bid you adieu....


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Why Fabricologist Anonymous??

Some cheeky person emailed me and asked 'why did you call your blog that?'.. well i thought a picture is worth a thousand words, soooo.... I have never said I didn't like fabric, and more importantly 1930's reproduction fabric.. so here is a pic....

of about 25% of my 30's stash.. I didn't realise I had so much to be honest, until i was looking for a bit I miscut.. and of course I DONT HAVE ANY of that bit left.. will look odd you know, a hexagon flower with one petal not on it.. ARGGGGH!!!!!! This part of the stash is bits I couldn't fit into the 45litre tub, its a large suitcase! Uh Oh! there must be 100 m's of fabric in this suitcase... enough for about 10 - 20 quilts!

I have been having a HUMUNGOUS clean out of my patterns, I tend to make one patch quilts or simple quilts and here I have 5000 or so it seems patterns.... mostly applique and to be honest, I dont have time to applique anymore.. too busy with hand piecing, and sewing on sequins.. I have had a few bids on the ones I have listed on ebay, so hopefully the pattern stash will decrease! And kits??? what was I thinking! I have that many BOM's to do, I'll be grey (ok greyer) before I get a chance to even look at them, so out they go too!
Till next time...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mail has arrived!

g'day Petals...

well I blew the fabric diet last week.. whats a girl to do when she really really really wants something? go to the internet, thats what! I had been trying to track down some of the tape measure fabric and the twill cotton tape marked like a tape measure!

Managed to find the twill cotton tape from a site in America, so I bought 20 yards of the two tape measure prints, and only 5 yards of the alphabet one.. of course, I do not need 45 yards of twill tape, so I'll probably put some on ebay to sell.. I found the tape measure print from an aussie site, and of course, while I was looking I just had to have some of these 30's prints that I thought I didn't have (but turns out I did have a couple of them) no worries, I love fabric! So if you think you NEED some cotton twill tape printed as a tape measure email me and I'll be happy to sell you some! LOL
I also put a call out onto the yahoogroup I am in, and a lovely lady in West Aussie had some of the same tape measure fabric with a white background she was happy to swap with me! so I am a happy camper!
Tomorrow I am going to sew.. yes its fathers day, but Dags is on nights at the moment, so he'll spend the day in bed.. My dad is working so we'll call in and see him tomorrow night.. and organise dinner or something... I have so much I want to finish before I pick up Missy Moo's dance costume, that will need to be sequinned before the end of September! (she is wearing it October 2nd) so I will be flat out doing that! Speaking of Missy moo, how can one 10 year old child's room be so messy??? I threatened her with putting a pic of her pigsty on the internet today, so she was in there like a rocket cleaning it! 2 bags of rubbish and 2 bags of clothes that dont fit her anymore, and lordy knows what else she has stashed in that room, probably the electrician that never come back to finish off a job last year!
Well thats it from me.. take care...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

double doh??? more like HOLY CRAP!!!

You know what? at school, I know you wouldn't know it, but I LOVED MATHS!!! a LOT.. yep, super nerd here!... but today, I was sitting, doing some of my bendigo charm square quilt and I had an epiphany... I can't add up.. nope.. I just realised that setting the quilt out this way, although looks lovely, and if I use ALL of the charms this way on the front, my quilt will be over 100" square.. now, I have been known to bugger miscalculate making quilts before (who could forget the cobblestone epic that was supposed to be 50x50" but ended up over 80" square) but 100"???? oh my LORDY! what a catastrophe.. I have been sitting here for the past hour, musing over what to flippin' do about this hiccup!... *sigh*.. I have cut all the fabric, and it is stacked ever so neatly in its wee tub.. but sheesh whats a girl to do? I have a 4" square and a 4" x 1" finished rectangle as well as two 1" squares.. I might have to do a negative of the block I have already done, and use the 55 x 6" squares already made for a border?? bugger was about the tamest word I used! I also getting large quilts professionally quilted, well 100" plus I'd need to mortgage the house or sell a kid to pay for it!!!!

You know, while I was sitting there.. my second epiphany was... why didn't I think of this sooner??? I am, after all, adding about 3m's of unbleached muslin for the background HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE???? I had to race to the quilt shop to buy what was left CAUSE I WAS RUNNING OUT!!!!! DOH!!!!!

I think I'll have to lash out and make myself a dunce cap, cause possums, this week I will need to wear it a LOT..

Have a busy week planned this week.. Missy Moo has ballet exams in the morning.. then a costume fitting after school.. I have a busy day at work (ok who am I kidding? I have a day at work LOL)

Well I am off to sulk and figure out what the stuff I am going to do with all these charms I have cut up!

wearing dunce cap!!!