Monday, February 16, 2009

Yep 'tis I...

Hello possums...

well I did promise that it wouldn't be so long between 'drinks' or posts..

This is about all I have done lately... not much, its Gail Pans 'freebie' stitchery of the month... I am lazy (as you might already know) so I am doing mine in redwork.. so far so good.. block 2 is ready to be stitched..

But I have been a tad busy (same o same o) and I am sure you are all aware of what has been happening to this poor country of ours.. 189 dead in the bushfires, I think they are up to 1834 homes gone, 7000++ people homeless and the number of dead is expected to hit more than 300 in the coming months... we have the fires in the south and and flooding up north, over 1000 homes flooded up there.... a lot of aussies are rallying together, donating quilts, orphan blocks, tops... if you want to help, please check out
Australian Red Cross - need $'s.. with so many people homeless, they need funds.. if you are overseas, $1 AUD - 64c US..
OzComfortQuilts - Jan is an amazing woman.. the amount of quilts she makes for charity each year is mind boggling.. she is happy to take off your hands, those orphan blocks, quilt tops, and of course, finished tops.. I have a few orphans to send to her.. I know this woman 'in the flesh' and she is a generous woman, so please, why not whip up a block or two or more and send to Jan.. she also has a tutorial on her other blog on how to make her QAYG blocks.. she has been calling for 10.5" finished 'heart string' style blocks..

There are so many people doing some wonderful things... I'll post a few more links in my next post..

we have a lovely country, a country of extremes in so many ways... we are on day 6 of rain here in downtown Newcastle, and we have been blessed not to have flooding in our area, although there are flood warnings further 'up the valley' please keep your fingers crossed for the farmers!

well not much sewing getting done here, to say I have had a poopy fortnight is an understatement and I know dragging a sewing machine out and doing 'something' or anything would cheer me up, but yesterday, well a quick trip to the quilt shop always cheers me up.. and to be honest, this is a FABRICOLOGIST blog so I have to keep the masses happy with a pic of the newest members of my 'family' (thats the stash family)...

for the aussies, the fabs on the left, the repro's are from, that place that we all say we dont shop at, but often visit... spotlight.. they were $9.95/m (a bargain for non aussies)..

the Aviary charm squares, they are sweet, I got two lots but somehow have misplaced one lot! doh! the rest of the 'loot' come from Onpoint Patchwork which is on my way home from work, and I never ever seem to get there, they have a little bit of everything and a lot of thimbleberries..

KA requested pics of my other 'fetish'.....

Yes I am embaressed/chuffed to say I am the owner of not one, not two but THREE pandora's.. and yes, I wear them together all the time.. I feel a bit odd now when I take them off, my arm feels like it is floating away.. I am thinking I am going to end up with like a tennis player arm one lovely muscly one, and one with the saggy 'fadoobeeders' (fadoobeeders = tuck shop lady arms / batwings).. oh well, I love them and to be honest, I haven't bought a lot of them, my darling daddles (aka the father) bought me my name for christmas he nearly fainted when they told him how much.. I thought it was kinda funny, as he bought my REAL name and not my nick name... so there, my secret is out, my REAL name isn't Lissa.. its MELISSA..

I did also get some 'cheer up' mail the other week, I won a giveaway on Bozzy's blog... I was having a poopy day, and come home to this 'stash' of habby items.. the pins are wonderful, I love clover applique pins and these are perfect like the clover ones.. the silicon bobbin holder is also something I have coveted and the yoyo's in hearts were perfect for valentines day (oops forgot to take a pic of what we made)..

Thanks so much Lynda!!!

I was also very lucky (might have to rush out and buy me some lotto tickets)
before christmas I won a giveaway on a few blogs.. firstly a wonderful pattern from Kerry from My Favourite Things.. Miss Lara has eyed this pattern off.. I also won a lovely pattern from Annie from Hatched and Patched I also won a lovely Lynette Anderson designs pin from Kim @ Honeysuckle Cottage, it was wrapped in a lovely piece of fabric too.. Thank you sooo darn much ladies! I love

Which leads me to thinking.. I have been sooo darn lucky with 'winnings' (some days I feel like I am a blog whore, I LOVE blogs, I could spend all darn day on the net checking out what peoples are up to) online, that stay tuned possums, I am going to have a giveaway.. not sure of what yet.. (a teenager or two could be on the cards!).. but I am not saying my next post, could be the one after, but there is a giveaway.. might be some stash (if I dont get my finger out) or something fun.. I haven't thought about it too much as you can tell, but stay tuned possums..