Friday, November 20, 2009

Ahem.. I lied again

Hello Petals..

yes 'tis I.. the itinerant blogger...

What have I been up to for five months? Um not a great deal! This working full time is certainly over rated.. between work and family I dont get a load of time to do any fun sewing.. I did get myself a new machine in September and alas, I've used it um for about 2 hours!

I did lose my quilting mojo for awhile.. and this horrid heat has put the kybosh on sewing no a/c in the sewing area...

I have also discovered Norwegian Blogs.. This blog "LeKaQuilt" caught my eye awhile ago Thanks to google translater I can now read the blogs as well as enjoy the eye candy.. I am not quite sure about what I like about what Norwegian quilters are doing, but they seem to do clean lines and the colour pallette they use interests me.. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I do enjoy reading the blogs! And I keep seeing SNOW on their blogs, which is hard to imagine after 43C yesterday at work.. and I was on the coast.. EEK.. and of course, yesterday was the day they decided to 'fix' our a/c at work.. we've been freezing all month and yesterday finally they got it right throughout the building...

Helen Stubbings Is doing a giveaway on the above quilt pattern.. its a QAYG job and I just love this.. I've not done a QAYG but I think this one would be fun to tackle! Lots of redwork and its just my 'colours'..

so what I have been exactly doing?? um not a great deal.. the bastard cat is mellowing.. he is sitting at my feet as I type, wondering what the heck I am doing on the darn computer and why I am not in the kitchen opening a tin or two for him.. he let me shave his tummy through the week, so he isn't feeling the heat so bad.. I feel for him when its summer.. Bailey the Wonderdog is in her pool already, we bought her last year another kiddies wading pool and she is having a snooze in it at 8am! its quite funny, I'll have to charge the camera up and take a pic..

Have I had any finishes lately? um no.. LOL I am awaiting some 9 patch blogs to come home from Christine's 9 Patch swap. I know EXACTLY what I am going to do with these.. I have a pile of 9 patch repro's from another swap, so I am planning on doing one quilt on point and one not like a scrappy irish chain and maybe make the quilt reversible? Idont know whether to do two quilts or or a double sided quilt.. hmmm

Anyhoo..enough rambling, please go and check out the blogs..

Oh a link.. this is a favourite of mine : QuiltShops if I am looking for anything in particular, I can usually find it here and on sale.. with our $ so good against the US I've been buying up fabric ten times faster than I am sewing.. ok, another lie there, not much sewing, but I have added about 50 meters of fabric to the stash in the past 4 months! I signed up for TWO BOM's as well.. The one & this one

what was I thinking?? um I wasn't thinking, thats the problem! Did I mention I loathe triangles????????? I guess I'll have them mastered after doing these two quilts...

take care

the itinerant blogger
the sometimes patchworker