Monday, October 06, 2008

Dont Faint.. another post in the SAME weekend

Yes petals.. I've been one busy possum this weekend.. first finish was the 'tumbler quilt' (see previous post) I am happy with how it turned out, still debating about borders on it.. a good press made it about two inches wider, so hmmm dunno..

BUT I have been working on my "Worlds Fair" quilt.. this sucker has used up so much fabric, I am even surprised.. I have done about 132 blocks so far and I keep putting the 4 patches in around the wrong way.. which isn't a biggie, I can make them the right way, but sheesh, too much brain power being used.. And yes, I know one blocks is around the wrong way (doh @ Lissa) but its not joined, I just laid it out wrong and am way too lazy to take another pic to show off..

Of course, once the blocks were on the floor, the quilt inspector had to come and put his furry butt right in the middle.. and you'll agree with me, he does look super evil in this photo with his eyes shining.. yikes, scares me! Cosmo aka the bastard cat will be 2 on the 10/10 the kids have been wondering what we are going to buy him..

Thought I'd leave you with a pic of the birthday girl wearing her new collar.. doesn't she just look soooo happy?? might have something to do with a tough dog (in a polka dot collar no less) sitting on a cat scratching post??? Bailey the Wonderdog prolly wonders why she is outside and the bastard cat is inside... please ignore the long grass in the pic, poor ol' Dags every time he goes to mow it rains, he needs to go somewhere where they NEED rain, cause we sure dont here..

well on that happy note, off to do some ironing otherwise I'll be off to work all wrinkly...

bye possums..


Saturday, October 04, 2008

am I done yet???

g'day petals

well as promised here is an updated pic of the Tumbler/Thimble swap that my dear friend Bernadette and I are doing.. just an update if you are passing through... Bernadette and I have um, quite the civil war / 19th repro stash and we decided to do a swap.. and thought a charm square style of quilt would be sweet..

I have had my rows together for a few weeks, but the other week after I threatened to toss my sewing machine in the bin, I thought it could be a very good idea to put the project away.

Now I now you are thinking to yourself 'but Lissa, you said you were getting a new machine???'.. well yes this IS true, but I thought I'd better finish some of the stuffs I had started on the old machine first.. so the first cab off the ranks is the tumblers.. I should of made it another tumbler longer (bugger) so I think I might need to just add a wee float or a wee border on it.. what do you reckon?? with a fat person sleeping under it, well lets just say I might need a big bastard of a float! LOL

I am enjoying this long weekend... I did want to get to Sydney yesterday for lunch, but Missymoo had a sleepover and I had to pick her up, and I'd been to Sydney the two previous weekends for Missymoo's dancing (she got 2 trophies and 4 ribbons, not bad for only 8 dances) and I am plain wore out from working and being a mum at the moment..

thought I'd leave you with a pic of Bailey the Wonderdog, it was her birthday yesterday, we got her a snazzy new collar and a new mattress for her kennel and a few treats.. this isn't the best pic of Bailey the Wonderdog, her face is smooshed up, but she is by far the laziest doggie I have ever met.. she hates going for walks.. she hates going for drives in the car IF she has to get out at the other end (only likes going home??) and she loves cat food...

speaking of cats, heres a cutie pic of the evil one who lets us live in his house..

take care petals..