Friday, December 28, 2007

Y oh Y Y???

Talk about hard! argh!

I am sure Y was about the toughest one so far, until I had an 'aha' moment (helped along by the dagster (aka super dh)..

so here are this weeks YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY's...

Something green, something animal, something school.. so here goes!

I took a pic of our yard for GREEN.. I have to tell you, we laid this turf in January this year, and have not watered it once.. we aren't on water restrictions here in Newcastle as it rains nearly every week! So our yard is GREEN all the time..

Y for BaileY the Wonderdog??? well Dags calls her our YARD ornament, or our YARD EGG maker (yard eggs - dog poops).. I know, its a stretch, but last time I checked we do not have any Yaks wandering around my town, did wait

yesterday to see if one of those Yellow honeyeaters come for a visit, then remembered they dont come anymore as Dags removed the tree..

speaking of Yellow.. Y is YELLOW school things.. can you guess which are the new supplies and which are the old ones?? what is the black crap that gets on pencils etc?? I had to brave Miss Lara's bedroom to find these, so you are lucky I am here and not at casualty with a broken ankle, her room is a disaster area.. last time I got her to tidy up was when I threatened to put a pic of it on my blog!

so stay tuned...

Oh thought I'd share a pic of the 6 quilt-a-long blocks I made last night.. I haven't really been interested in TV since mum died, missed a lot of episodes of my shows so I haven't really been watching much (except the bill, I'd have to be in a coma to miss that show) so I did some sewing.. it took me about 2.5hours to make these six blocks.. I specifically didn't go for purple, as the first set have plenty of purple in them.. but now I think I have over done the green.. oh well, such is life!

take care possums,

who isn't even going to look at next weeks scatterdays letter, probably be X or Z just to make life interesting!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a Month!

g'day possums

well I thought I'd better let you all know I haven't fallen off the perch.. I have been battling shingles (woohoo its nearly all gone) and of course, did the christmas thing.. it was a bit sombre this year without my mum, but we managed to enjoy ourselves.. It was a month to the day on Christmas day since mum had passed away, and we did have a few tears, but also a few laughs about the adventures of mum and the adventures of my dad when I was a kid..
I thought I'd better put some pics up of what I've been working on..

This is the six blocks I have made for the quilt a long from Crazy Mom quilts blog.. she is having a well deserved rest, so I'll have to wait for week 7 'til next week.. I am loving how they are going together, just wish I didn't use so much purple DOH!!!

There are the blocks for Step 2 of the Mystery quilt from quiltville, nine patches with a green corner as the accent.. I have been busy cutting into the holy stash of 30's fabrics and I have been loving it!

These are the step 3 suckers, 80 nine patches with the lights in a different spot.. boy I hope I haven't stuffed these up, cause I dont fancy making them again in a hurry! LOL

These are heart blocks that two of the online groups I am in have been sending me since my mum died.. they mean a huge amount to me, and as each one turns up I am always amazed at the generousity of quilters, not only with their stash, but their time.. I have been a bit lax in the past making hearts, but I have done about 4 this past week, and I hope they are appreciated half as much as they are when they arrive here.. I have asked for 30's ones or homespun, but all are appreciated when they turn up. I plan on making myself and my dad a quilt from them.. Dad is always asking about them, and checks them out when he visits, so I'll make his first.. As you can see, Cosmo likes them too.. he thinks anything you put on the floor is fair game, so if you are laying a quilt out, you have to put him in another room.. ba$tard cat..

Well I think thats about it, didn't mean to write such an epic, but thought I'd share what I have been up to.. and I promise not to be so quiet again...


Sunday, December 09, 2007

what to get up to on a poxy day....

Well, being housebound and crook is NOT my idea of fun... so if a girlie cannot go out and spread her poxy germs, well, what is a girl to do?
so I got up to date with my Block of the Week from Crazy Mom Quilts blog.. I am happy with how they turned out, the centre seam matches! woohoo.. Triangles are NOT my favourite thing whilst quilting so for me to be happy first time around is 'happy dance time'.. (imagine a fat blonde tart doing a irish jig and thats about what my happy dance looks like).. I will have to add some more colours to the next block, as it is looking a tad purple.. and I must admit, purple is NOT my favourite colour..

I also signed up for a mystery quilt through Quiltville, and also the quiltville chat group, and here are my 100 rail fence blocks.. I am up to step 2 now, I have cut it out, but not sure what to use for a light.. you are supposed to use a light colour for it, and only 3 colours in total.. but I want this to be super duper scrappy, so I might use a white on white fabric (adding an extra colour) and the accent colour is supposed to be dark, but seeing though 30's are my favourite 99.9% seem to have similar colour value.. so my quilt wont have a 'zinger' in it, but my accent colour will be the green you can see in the 100 rail fence blocks I whipped up this afternoon during nanna naps and lay downs cause I felt woozy..

Now onto step 2, and I'll post a pic of those when they are done, will take me a couple of days to get them done, and also, the Crazy Mom Quilts block of the week will be up by Tuesday (our time in Australia) so that will keep me and my pox germs busy...

Till next time...

aka Typhoid Mary

Friday, December 07, 2007

Typhoid Mary

I am beginning to think I am Typhoid Mary...

to say I have had a stressful fortnight is an understatement...

we have had;

My mum dying overseas, which has created a whole barrel of problems legally (no death certificate has arrived yet, so we cant sort out her estate)

My dad coming home without mum, she was on a later flight..

Dad having his birthday, then ending up in hospital with what we thought was a heart attack (thankfully it wasn't, it was gall attack and anxiety)

The funeral

so I was beginning to get my 'groove' back, after the funeral, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders... and I could now deal with everything that has happened in the past fortnight... but what happens next you ask???

I get bloody SHINGLES! apparently they are brought on by stress??? gee??? Me Stressed????

so now, I am on a mega dose of something to try and alleviate the symptoms.. I have two dance concert rehearsals for missy moo this week, work, my middle childs birthday on wednesday and lordy knows what else is happening this week, and I am going to be STUCK at home...

Of course I haven't started/finished christmas shopping, let alone birthday shopping, so I am going to be super busy next week before kids break up from school..

am I stressed???

you bloody betcha!!!!!

Lissa aka Typhoid Mary
stressing out big time!

Scatterdays.... K ?????

This weeks scatterdays is brought to you by the Letter K... Dangerous, Blue and My Neighbourhood.. Pictures, aren't necessarily in that order..

Dangerous = Kids annoying Kitty.. Now I put a pic of my kitty, cause someone said how much they hate seeing peoples pets on their blogs, so I try to use a pet each week.. this person KNOWS who they are *W* Our Kitty HATES being held, and definately hates wearing a wig, can you tell by the expression on his face how much he is enjoying wig wearing???? Our Kitty probably thinks the kids are living very DANGEROUSLY because as soon as my son put the kitty down, he attacked son.. you'd think son would learn now wouldn't you???

Blue = now this was a tough one.. then I remembered Kraft Cheese (and I use the term loosely).. now I am not a cheese snob, heck, I am lactose intolerant.. but I did think I should go out of my way and get some King Island Brie which is a definately NONO for someone who is lactose intolerant (could of used this one for dangerous LOL).. alas, the local quickie mart (aka the IGA) doesn't sell King Island Brie, in my town, I think I was lucky to find KRAFT pretend cheese.. so here you go, Kraft Pretend cheese in a blue box.. I had a slice and it tastes exactly how I remember it, digusting! (Kids love it though???)

My Neighbourhood = well its kinda in my neighbourhood, its in the next suburb, but I am claiming it as my neighbourhood, as next suburb has same postcode! The oval is named after KEVIN Evans, who was a local man who did a lot on council and other community stuffs.. he had the oval named after him before he died, he was my friends father in law..

Bring on next weeks challenge!

Monday, December 03, 2007

What is your ELF name??

Know readers to this blog will now I love these crap things.. did I say crap? I mean these all important things!

Your Elf Name Is...

Flakey Eggnog Breath

Whats your elf name???


PS My dad is doing OK.. turned out he has had a heart attack, but not on Friday his trip to hospital was for massive gall attack and anxiety attack, thank you everyone for your kind posts, and emails, I really appreciate them.. My mums funeral is tomorrow and I am hoping my dad will be on the mend once tomorrow is over.. thanks again, Lissa...