Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night Stitch In :O)

Hello Possums....

I did it.. I got some sewing done!!! yeah!!!

If you have a weak stomach, avert your eyes....... NOW!!!!

this poor tangle is not a dismemberment... its four dolls I am making, I mean, why make one when you can make four???

The pattern is a Kindred Spirits pattern from "Needleworks Book" there are quite a few projects in there I'd like to make...

I also traced this pattern off and got some small amount of embroidery done... Its a Rosalie Quinlan pattern (which for the life of me I can't remember what it is called)... I have actually traced this pattern before, but someone (pointing at 'self) might of thought it was new fabric and chopped it up in error.. silly lissa... so it was retraced and the whisperweft straight on the back so I dont make that mistake again (well not for a long time)...

I did also do some 'secret sewing' I wish I could show you, but its a secret... I am off to retreat in May and we are having a recycled flannelette shirt challenge, the top has to be 100% recycled flannelette shirts... flannelette is a _)#(*$@#(%*& to work with.. I HATE it.. To be honest, if I hadn't paid $6-8/shirt and bought 11 of them, I would of abandoned this challenge, but soldier on! I got some interfacing at spotty the other day ($2/m or $7 for 10m's?? no brainer there)and it has made a huge difference... :O)))

well thats all thats happening in the land of Lissa.. Having my MRI on my poor old fat knee on Monday (well both knees are old and fat, but one is sorer than the other)... wish me luck!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Where did February Go???

No pics with this post possums.. secret squirrel/sewing happening here...

so I wanna know... who stole February??? I am sure I blinked and it disappeared...

I have had a crook knee all year, seen the surgeon last week and not so good news.... I need an operation... my kneecap keeps dislocating and popping out of its home.. painful? um yes... I am having an MRI in a weeks time, so wish me luck.. The surgeon gave me the worst case scenario and its not lookin' good.. being a fat blonde tart hasn't helped the issue either, so please wish me luck... the other downside is that my right knee is so sore I have been favouring my left leg, so of course now thats playing up too... I knew this was coming, something about seeing the same surgeon 12 years ago perhaps??? you just can't rush into these things..

Not much happening here.. usual mum / family stuffs.. I am hanging for the school holidays so I can get some serious sewing time in (after work of course)

I am really hanging for the annual quilt retreat I go to.. Missymoo 'gocco-d' my signature squares last weekend, so that was a huge time saver... just have the fabric to add to them and I am done.. I am working on the challenge quilt too for the retreat (its the secret squirrel sewing)

I have a new 'puter, the old one, well lets just say I got sick of fighting the kids for it! LOL I needed a computer for my courses..

Oh the only other news I have.. I have been reading blogs about "Meatless Mondays".. so I turned a Meatless Monday into a Meatless Month, now its been a Meatess 'trimester'.. three months.. am I missing meat?? not too much (although I could kill a honey king prawns from the local chinese takeaway).. I'll go back to eating meat a couple of nights a week.. do I feel healthier? maybe but I am so tired.. I am anaemic anyways so I guess this hasn't helped... havent' lost any weight either, which is poopy, but I guess if you substitute meat for chocolate well... teehee.. Actually I tell a lie.. I have more or less got my lactose intolerance under control.. gave up tea last year (never drank coffee) been about 7 months since I had a cuppa... gave up soft cheese and milk so I think I have it under control.. if I could give up choccy........

anyhoo enough blathering from me..