Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BLINK!!! where did the week go??

I cannot beleive its been a WHOLE week since I was here.. well ok, 6 days, but hey, where did last week go? I did plan on doing the scatterdays thingy but sheesh, Saturday kinda crept up on me! (dont you hate that??)

I just delivered a Pay it Forward gift and one is off to the letterbox later.. I am off to Sydney in the morning dancing.. well not ME dancing, but the scruffy ballerina is off to do what she does best, tap dancing!

I did have a wee drawing last week, and Blessed Di won the miniature amish quilt.. it really is miniature Di, so thats in the mail on its way to you.. and there were two button sets also to give away, Lucy Locket won one and Dotty Cookie the other, so if they could email me their snail mail I'll post them through the week.. I didn't know how to do the drawing, so I whacked the names on a spreadsheet and got the kids to call out random numbers, and hey presto three winners! :O) I could of printed stuffs off and got the fruit bowl emptied and did it that way, had the kids NOT USED ALL THE $#$@#$%@# ink! ARGH!

so what does a week of quiet Lissa bring? what have I been up to?? well I stuffed up and made a block wrong, so a bit of unsewing.. *sigh* I hate unsewing, but I have been busy with step 6 of the Carolina Crossroads mystery! I am LOVING LOVING this quilt and the last 'step' is this week.. woohoo! This pic includes the mistake (the small triangle I put the hourglass block in around the wrong way, so please do not call the quilt police, my error has been rectified)

I made the pay it forward gifts, I thought I am such a slacker so I'll do it sooner rather that 'LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE' so if you signed up for pay it forward and you left the pay it forward grab on your blog, well your giftie is in the mail! I also made a block for a swap, its a 9" finished nine patch, I think it come together ok.. I made a dozen or more 9 patch blocks, they are my leader/enders so I have about 40 now, they are looking mighty fine (even though I am biased)..

I did also make the week 8 quilt a long blocks and I put them all together to see what they looked like.. I think they are looking lovely (again the biased thing happening)

Well if you have read this far without falling asleep I salute you! ha ha..

till next time...


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pay It Forward

This is the season for giving and the pay it forward thing is so much fun, I just had to join the fun.. "I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is 'Pay it Forward' by making the same promise on your blog."

Please leave an email address so I can contact you about your snail mail addy..


Wow! that was quick, I already have three players! this is going to be fun!!!

Hmmm more blocks

Well possums, I have been a busy little beaver.. I got my week 8 of the 'quilt-a-long' block of the week done last night, well blocks done... I am happy with how they turned out and I only had to do a small amount of reverse sewing and swearing.. amazing! we are 2/3's of the way there, this block of the week has been so much fun, and blocks (like jacobs ladder this week) I always thought were 'too hard' so I never even bothered making one, well I will now! And my triangles? hmm they aren't PERFECT, but I am getting better..

I also decided my round robin miniature I got back, was a little too stark, I LOVE it, dont get me wrong, but I thought it needed something else, so I added a wee 1/2" finished scrappy border and then a 1" finished float.. I'll put polka dot binding on it after its quilted.. what do you think?? I love it! Here is a close up of the final border / round.. its strip pieced and I am pleased to say, it all come out of the scrap bin!

Well had a hard day at work today, I actually worked hard, I know 'shock! horror! gasp!' but that'll learn me to have 3 weeks off work.. I work for a small take away shop doing their 'books' and paying the staff, its easy work and my boss is a good friend, so its not much of an effort for work.. And also the fact she only lives up the road, 2 minutes away!!!

Well back to the salt mine, aka sewing machine! I have so many UFO's I want to finish, and I also need to finish step 5 of the quiltville mystery quilt, and the next step is emailed tomorrow! YIKES.. I have 100 3" finished hourglass blocks to make and I did start, but my machine is way out, so they turned out 3" unfinished.. argh!

take care


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Very Late Scatterdays..

OK, its late I know I know... but hey, at least its done!

This weeks Scatterdays was : VVVVVVVVVV (bloody hell I thought)... subject was, in the kitchen, car part and the office.. argh!! One day I will work out the mosaic flicker thing, but its too much for my brain to work out.. so bear with me possums!

OK, car part = visor... In the Office = visitab files AND the rentonkil VERMIN killer...
Kitchen thing = well I couldn't let a week go by without a pet pic.. so here I have the 'VARMIT eating his VIDDLES'...

I have also included pics of the Quilt a long, block of the week I have been working on.. I am doing two at once, so this week I chose a blue and a lovely green.. I found these FQ's I didn't even know I owned them, they were 'hidden with some other fabric'..

I have also been cutting up scraps into 2.5" squares for a mindless leader/ender project. Is it just me, or a quilters odd? I mean, we make leader/ender blocks to save on thread..hmmmmm when I think of how much fabric I haven't used and probably will never use, I am sure glad I have saved on thread! LOL Actually, it is amazing, as I have made all these blocks from enders in the past week, 18 blocks in a week.. not too shabby.. I'll put them with the hearts I have been receiving..

I also made a pencil roll for a party that Missymoo is off to tomorrow (I thought it was today).. *sigh* kids parties? I am always struggling to find something to find something for the kid for a pressie.. The girl who is receiving this LOVES blue, green and pink (outside is pink) and she does art classes, so I grabbed a sketch book to go with it.. I had seen a few tutorials on the web, but in true Lissa style, I changed it a little!

Well I think thats enough from me!

'til next time..


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Nothing for days, and then three in one day??

I know, I know.. but I am finally on the mend, and thought I'd share a pic of some blocks I am working on.. It is a free BOM through "Claudia's Quilt Shop" (link to it on the left there.. I am doing it in the civil war repros, and I have always wanted to do a red quilt, dunno how it will turn out, but so far so good..

Of course, whilst I was laying it out the bastard darling puss puss had to come and roll in the middle of it, but all was saved and I had Miss Lara quickly take a pic..

Now me being me, I stuffed up.. DOH DOH DOUBLE DOH!! I made TOO many of a couple of the blocks, I mean, I have so much time to spare, I make 5 extra blocks.. so I thought I'll keep making an extra one here and there, and hopefully I'll have enough for a couple of cushions to match.. If the Beast (aka the Monster who lives here who is also known as 'ginger jesus' cause of his long red hair) likes it, he can have it.. somehow I think I'll be getting a new quilt! LOL he asked me to make him a black quilt.. just black, maybe with some skating stuff on it??? I said um no..


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What is your Fairy Name???

Now visitors to the Lissa Blog, will know I love crap like this.. and my fairy name? Bramble Icefly... hmmm interesting... LOL

Your fairy is called Bramble Icefly
She is a bone chilling bringer of justice for the vulnerable.
She lives in leafy dells and bluebell glades.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears bluebell-blue dresses. She has icy blue butterfly wings.

two posts in 10 minutes? a miracle for me!

Happy New Year and all that Crap (make sure you read the WHOLE thing)

g'day possums

wishing you all a very happy new year.. I am *fingers / eyes / legs crossed* am hoping 2008 is going to be a lot better than 2007..

I have already finished something this year.. well TECHNICALLY its a this year finish, as the label went on it on New Years Day.. it is a baby quilt about 34" finished for a friends new grandson. .he is teeny weeny tiny, only 4.5 lbs when he come home from hospital.. thats 1/2 of one of my babies when they were born!
It is made from some vintage chenille that the lovely Ric Rac Jodie gifted me (well she hasn't sent me an invoice yet, so I am thinking it was a gift! LOL), the alternating block is a cobblestone.. the white is white on white and I used some of the 30's stash for the centres and binding, it has lovely snuggly flannel on the back.. This size is great for floor quilts or pram quilts.. the mother was very very happy with it.. I just meandered quilting in the white bits, the quilting looks good from a distance! LOL oh well it wasn't meant to be an heirloom quality, just a 'use me 'til I die' quality!

Also I thought I'd share a pic of a Round Robin I got back last year, it come home around the time mum died, so I had sorta put it to the side and then found it when I was going through some things.. OOps.. it was done through an online group, not only has this quilt travelled australia but it also had a quick trip to the US and to NZ.. nearly as travelled as I! It is about 13" finished (didn't measure it, eyeballed that size).. I think it needs a little extra border, so I am thinking a super duper scrappy border to tie it all together and I'll just stipple the white on it with some teeny weeny stitches..

Now why did I want you to read to the end here? Cause this is my 50th Post.... Now I had all intentions of making something to give away, but to be honest,I am not sure what to make and I am lazy *W*.. OK, economical with my time sounds so much better! I have this cute Amish style wall hanging, its tiny.. I have enjoyed looking at it, and thought I'd send it to someone else to enjoy.. so leave me a comment before the 10/01/08 (thats 10th January possums) and I'll do a random drawing thing and post it to you.. Of course, I have a few of these buttons sets here as well (I was going to make heaps of them) so I'll send a set or three to other people drawn on the same day.. the Amish hanging does have a wire hanger and some cute buttons as well.. the furry thing on the corner of this mini quilt is My bastard lovely cat. He is the worlds biggest sticky beak, he checks out EVERYTHING that comes into this house. I'll even defur the mini quilt before I send it to you... It has been hanging above my sewing machine for a wee while, then put away when I washed the curtains..
Well off to do something constructive..