Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shock! Horror! GASP!!!

Yes, another post, three in two days..

Well I thought I'd join the fun from Crazy Mom Quilts blog (link is on the left) she is doing a 'block of the week'.. so far, so good.. here is a pic of my two blocks.. I know you'll be surprised I am using 1930's fabrics, and I can't beleive I didn't have to actually go hunting through my stash to find fabric, as these were SCRAPS, yes SCRAPS from another project, so even better.. Pictures not perfect, but you get the 'gist' of it I am sure..

We have a new government in Australia.. woohoo.. I wasn't too fussed with the old one (they liked spending too much $$'s on bloody advertising, and dont get me started about education etc).. not sure if the NEW government are going to be much better, a lot of new first timers, so I guess they'll be out to prove something.. it was a bit of a swing against the sitting government, but I guess the electorate was after a new approach, so good luck to the new government..

Plan for the afternoon is to get some more sewing done, finish the washing (we have had rain for 5 days) and get the ironing done the same day it comes off the line, which nowadays is a minor miracle..

Wish me luck, cause I am sure gonna need it..



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm not shocked by the third post in two days but by the mention of that terribly rude word - ironing! Don't tell me you really iron clothes???? That's far worse than knitting definitely! Have fun! Lucy x

Lindi said...

3 in 2 days? I'm stunned!!!
I've been decorating my blog (a challenge from Soozii and Birdy) for Christmas and it took me 2 days just to get it where it is LOL
Want to join us?

amandajean said...

your blocks look great! I love them in the 30's prints. and yay for using scraps. I think you get extra points for that. :)

pink-petal-designs said...

Love your blocks!!

Dragonlady said...

Mmmm a block a day, does it have to be different I wonder? I may have to check this out for inspiration.

Don't think it makes too much difference which main party is in power they all do little for people like me even when my circumstances were different.

Ironing is something you do to material NOT cloths. LOL