Friday, December 05, 2008

Cat 67, Tree 2


this is an 'after' pic of the poor ol' tree..

A certain critter, who shall remain nameless (but who is often referred to as 'the bastard cat') has been having a WOW of a time with our tree... well until the unfortunate incident of him in the tree and the tree toppling over.. I have never seen a furry critter run so fast.. he plays it 'safe...r' now by just 'tinkering' with the baubles that are on the lowest branch.. of course now, there are no deco's on the bottom of the tree, they are all on the floor UNDER the tree.. I took great pains in 'decorating' the tree this year, had everything BALANCED, and it looked perfect.. of course I should took a BEFORE pic, aka, before Cosmo attacked it..

this pic, well pretend your glasses need updating, stupid darn camera.. I have no idea how long the new 'freebie' will take to get here, but I am sure you guys are thinking 'not bloomin' soon enough'.. I like homemade deco's but I am lazy, so I got the felted ones from a cheapie shop a couple of years ago, they were like $1 each at the sales, felted reindeers, reindeer faces & santa faces.. the crochet snowflakes come from Target, I did plan on getting mum to teach me how to make them, we got these on sale too, they were 50c each I think.. I bought every single one, planning on making a few dozen more to just do the tree in snowflakes.. which is ironic when you think about it, as snow doesn't fall here in Winter, let alone in the hottest part of summer.. Oh the red baubles are covered in red buttons.. I just hot glued them on.. going to do some white ones when I get a chance, have to find some plain ol' white baubles first, and some white buttons *W* I am sure I got a tonne of them about!!!

Oh, by the way.. the HOT returned.. its so blucky today.. had the a/c going and the kids..

No fabric arrived in my house this week.. which is probably fortunate for me, cause dags would have a cow at me.. I am already in the poop, as he bought some Pandora charms for a certain person (Miss Lara) and found out how much they are.. hmmmmm.. when you have TWO pandora bracelets almost full, well he now knows how much I been gifting myself.. ooopsie.. so lucky no fabric turned up, dont know what is in store for next week though, as I do know there is something on its way from Hancocks!

dont you just love gifting yourself?? I mean you ALWAYS get something you like, and you just know you'll appreciate it????

Nothing sewing happening this week.. I do have a few things I have to make and get into the post this week, so I am going to be busy..

Well I am gonna go and get myself out of the heat..

Oh... a link.. instead of a blog to go visit, I have a vintage embroidery freebie link to share.. click here .... masses of vintage patterns for you to redwork or embroider.. I remember doing that once.. LOL

the itinerant blogger
& definately the itinerant patchworker!


Stina said...

Love your tree... and I sure hope you get you new camera soon...cause I really think its my glasses all the
And that cat of yours...he really enjoys his

Catherine said...

Christmas tree ornaments and cats are just not compatible!! We've given up on a large tree, just have a small one that sits on top of the piano and out of kitty paw reach -- I hope.

Lindi said...

Better a cat in a tree,
than a dog leaving his ...!

Aren't you good ~ nothing arriving this week ~
I've had stuff coming in all week lol ~ and more to come!!!

Doris said...

This is the first year my cat did not
bother the tree, except, one pink ball ornament is always across the floor every evening when I come home! The cat is nine years old, she's taken that long to start behaving...

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

Don't worry despite the cat problem your tree still looks lovely.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog re my Christmas patterns, much appreciated. Hope you are staying out of the heat, days are still cool down here in Tassie!!!!

Christine said...

Naughty pussy cat ... thankfully Oliver's not very interested this year. There was a time though when he used to try and climb it. Not many decorations in those days!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Merry Christmas Lissa!!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Gotta love gifting yourself...I'm the most appreciative receiver I know!
And, you can solve the fabric problem by being the first to the mail! Tracey

Sheri Howard said...

Wow, sorry I missed your give away, I loved that cute bag and the pin cushion! I have been so busy......but I try to check a few blogs each day....sounds like you had a nice holiday! Ours was sooooo cold and we had so much snow my parents couldn't even get into our neighborhood Christmas day! Hope you have a Happy New Year!