Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pussycat Pussycat where have you been?

Not sure where the pussycats been.....

but I've been to Bathurst! Last weekend I headed off to the Bathurst Bun Fight, a lunch for quilters in the area..

Of course on the way to Bathurst there are quite a few Quilt Shops (its a four hour drive from my home)...

I stopped off at one Quilt shop and asked if I could use the bathroom.. Now I have been to this quilt shop, its a very LARGE one in Sydney which I wont name, but the cashier said no they didn't have a loo (LIAR I have used it before) but I could use the one across the carpark at the PUB.. now I am sure the PUB really would get pi$$ed off with peeps using their facilities but not spending $'s there.. But after a 2hr drive that should have taken 1hr, I had no choice!

So what did I do? I used the loo, then got in my car and continued... I wont say never ever again, but I wont be visiting that store anytime soon. This is the same store I visited last year to buy a machine and no one could help or serve me so I bought my machine back in Newcastle... I was cashed up last Friday (got my tax refund last week) and would have spent a lot there.. People get annoyed with me when I tell them I shop a LOT overseas, but I think a store of this size that has regular classes and a LOT of custom should allow their customers to use a toilet.. its not a big ask is it??

Anyhoo, I travelled another hour and visited Post Office Patchwork at Glenbrook.. They had a class happening at the time, but couldn't have been more helpful. I bought a few CW repros.. can't have too many of those!

Next stop was about an hour away, (darn roadworks) at The Stitching post Katoomba. I did manage to find some more fabric, fancy that, and a cute button.

Ok by this time it was well after 1pm, and I thought at this rate, I'll be broke so I drove onto Bathurst.. But before I could go and see my friend I had to (yeppers HAD to) visit Hatched & Patched at Bathurst. Now I did resist fabric (not much in the way of CW repros) but I did find some much wanted Felted Wool, a book and a pattern or two..

I stayed with my friend Christine, who has the cutest house, quilts everywhere and things to look at (had to try not to touch everything, was like a kid in a lollyshop)... Headed off on Saturday for a Crepe lunch with some other quilters in the area.. Now I have to tell you about the Crepe I had for dessert.. it was SOOOO sickly but yummy... Mars Bar & Marshmallow Crepe.. that says it all I think...

Now I have to tell you, I was SUFFERING BIG TIME on my trip last weekend.. I had a very bad fall on the Wednesday.. I fell down stairs, not sure what happened one minute I was at the top the next half way down.. I fell down 7 stairs.. they were aggregate concrete ones.. I had a scratch from my ankle on one leg all the way to my 'askyamother' on the other, and a bruise that cannot be described.. it only hurt when I sat, walked, laid down or breathed... not much really at all! have two haematoma's on my thigh and ten days later still very much bruised and sore!

Now it wouldn't be a Fabricologist anonymous blog without some pics of my latest 'spoils'

I bought Annie's new book, its so lovely I might even make something out of it! LOL a Lynette Anderson Pattern (for a needle book cant have too many of those), some cute salthouse buttons, one was VERY eccy for a button (can't beleive I paid what I did for a button) but I got a similar one for a third of the price and its nearly as cute.. of course you can see I got some FABRIC repro's of course.. I had told myself, only cheddar and purple cause I dont have a great deal of either in my stash.. alas, couldn't find too many more and had to come home with some fab!

This pic the hexagons is a pattern / kit I bought at Hatched & Patched, its for a pincushion, you can't have too many of those either.. its quite large and have finished the top part even quilted it, so now just have to put the sucker together, its about 6" round and about 4" high when done... the blocks are 3 more for my Farmers Wife Sampler, 20 down only 91 to go! LOL

OK petals, thats it from me, off to make a Lasagne for dinner and hope Cosmo the devil cat isn't like Garfield wanting Lasagne!



sue niven said...

I too was in Bathurst yesterday, Back home now in Melbourne, a lovely place, looking forward to seeing it again.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Love the hexies Lissa. Sounds like you had a great time spending your tax refund.

Vickie said...

oly snappin duck poop..thought my emails wer eplaying up when I saw a you had posted on your blog..sounds like a great road trip kinda eh? And ouchybawah on the fall girl -hope oyua re recovering,cheersw Vickie
p.s. how is the bastard cat anyways?

Thimbleanna said...

Ouch! I hope your fall is healing much better by now. Doesn't it make you mad when quiltshops won't let you use the loo??? What's that all about? Are quilter's messy people? It's not like the local filling station clientele. Sheesh. Looks like you got some fun goodies -- lots of stitching time in your future!

Helen Stubbings said...

hi LIssa, well, we'll just say great minds think alike, looks like it was a great road trip tho! this pussy cat is pleased to be home too.