Monday, April 23, 2007

Boy am I stuffed!

g'day possums

to say I am pooped is an understatement! I have been flat out like a centipede skipping, going off like a frog in a sock, well you get the drift.

April seems to of been the month of finishing things. I finished three large quilts (bigger than 70" square) two lap quilts, a miniature, two bags, and I think that is it! Guess what? I finished the BOM that I had been working on since the dawn of time.

It is off to be quilted. I'll post it to the quilter this afternoon after work. I changed it a little as Ididn't like a few bits of it, but that gives it the 'lissa touch'.. which sometimes is more like the kiss of death! I am so glad I finished it. I did add a further float to it after I took this pic (please ignore the child in her glamour flannelette PJ's) just a little more of the cream that you can just see before the scrappy floral border. This quilt pattern didn't really have a name, it was by "Leanne's House" pattern, but I have called it "Lissa's Lodgings as viewed from afar" :O) I look at it now, and think yep, you can tell I pieced it in an afternoon.. now I would unpick a lot of it and redo it as a few seams dont match up, but hey.. its ALMOST DONE! Can't wait to see what it looks like after my friend WOO does her magic wand thing with it!

I am almost recovered from my trip away to Bendigo Victoria. there were 209 quilters this year, and I made a few new friends and renewed friendships with a few old and not so old friends. I am still recovering from the late nights, the drinking and the lack of sleep! Was it worth it? YES!!! there is no retreat planned for next year, but that wont stop me, I might just surprise a few people and turn up at a quilt show in some faraway land *W* so consider yourself warned!

I started a new quilt last night, it is in the latest homespun magazine, on the cover. I love blackbird designs patterns and this one is great, has enough applique to tip me over the edge, but I'll only get better with practice. I also have a few other things to finish. I am in a Queen of the UFO challenge. The point of the challenge is to NOT be crowned queen. It's amazing, the thread of a 'cyber coronation' has spurned me on to finish lots of things.. things that I wouldn't normally finish but I do NOT want to get to the top of that list! :O)

Well thats enough from me, will post some more pics when I find them on the camera! and I'll try and not leave it so long between posts on this blog, I keep forgetting I have it!

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