Saturday, March 10, 2007

What I've Been Up To

I thought I'd better post a pic of Bailey the WonderDog. I am the mother of two furry critters; Bailey the WonderDog and the bastard Cat Cosmo.. We bought this cat house for the cat, but the cat hates it. I am unsure if it is because 1. Cats dont like cat houses, OR 2. the dog sleeps inside??? I wonder! LOL

I think every pet should have its own quilt. My theory backfired cause now my pets think EVERY quilt in the house is their's! Bailey has an 'accidental purchase' from ebay to sleep on... When it arrived I thought 'oh my lordy what was I thinking???' the kids have trashed it to death it has a few holes but Bailey loves it and to be honest, when it 'dies' I wont be sad to see it go. Cosmo prefers chenille or flannel quilts, and can be often found snoozing on a raggy quilt I made some time ago. This quilt has been washed to death and it still looks great...
This pic is of a quilt I have been working on what seems 'forever'. It is a Leanne's House BOM that I started in 2005? I dunno. Seems longer than that to be honest! LOL I do love it, but the embroidery is a bit daunting and me, being me, cannot stand BOM's, so I put the top together in a day and have been working on it and hiding it for the past two years! LOL I will finish it. It will look great when its done, I used the 'HOLY STASH' of my Robyn Pandolphs I have been using over the years. There are 9 x 16" blocks and they are all as busy as this one! It is booked into be custom quilted in April (yes april THIS year) and I am only about 60% done.. so that means, yikes 2 weeks to finish it! LOL not going to happen but lucky the quilter is running late herself! LOL
It's 32 sleeps till I get to catch up with my online friends! We meet up once a year and to say I can't wait is an understatement! I need a quilty kick up the bum and the retreat seems to do that for me each year (that and the quilt show at Darling Harbour!)

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