Monday, May 07, 2007


Also thought I'd add this pic of the b@$tard cat and bailey the wonder dog. Now we know they are pretending to hate one another, the cat was actually snuggling Bailey but when we took a pic he woke up. He is still pretty evil. They are sleeping on the remnants of the cubby house Miss Lara had built for herself a week ago. Is it just me, or does everyone own messy kids? I have threatened the kids if they dont 'do' their rooms soon, I am going to post a picture on the internet for the world to see! Might be a good idea for a competition???

I dont know what it is about Tuesdays, but I just dont like them. I have been flat out at work today (its a change I know) but thought I'd better add something to my blog. What have I been up to? well I did finish a raggy flannel quilt for my friend Scotty. Heres the pic, I hope it keeps his knees warm. He is in a wheelchair at the moment having rehab done, so hopefully he wont need it for too long. I finished it maybe last weekend of april? dont know awhile ago anyways.
Well thats it for me, might actually get back to work! :O)
take care possums!!!

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Alison said...

Glad to see your looking after my cat.