Monday, May 14, 2007

yep, Tuesday again

What have I been up to this past week? well I decided to treat myself to a POM (pattern of the month). I am doing 'Tree of Life'.. its a QAYG hexagon quilt. the pattern suggested country sort of colours, now I love 'country' look, but thought hmmm hexagons (my favourite thing), embroidery?? ok, do that in redwork cause I hate changing colours 4000times for each stitchery and I have a massive stash of 30's, I'll use those.. so its a QAYG hexagon 30's redwork thingy! I have four embroideries done already, up to no.5.. the plan is to finish one a day this week.. wish me luck!
Thought I'd post a pic (now that I can) of the gifts I made my angel and mortal for the retreat I went to in Bendigo. The bag is the easiest bag pattern in the world, the needlebook is a Mums Moment design I bought at a quilt show maybe 5 years ago now? and a teeny weeny pincushion I made, its about 2" finished. I did also make a mug bag and a address book cover for my mortal, but forgot to take pics of those.. DOH!

Hubby got smart this past mothers day, and gave me $100 to spend at Darling Harbour Quilt show next month. I got some usual treasures from the mothers day stall, and wonder every year if my kids really KNOW me.. or they just get a glazed look on their faces when they see everything they can buy me??? LOL I know the gifts are bought with love. Although Morgan gave me my $5 back and said Happy Mothers Day! LOL Lara spent every last cent.. but then again, what do you expect for $5?? apparently a frog fridge magnet, a dream catcher keyring, a miniature hair brush (shame I have a huge head of hair) and a talc!

I am having a birthday this week, so DH said you want cash again? I said OK! LOL.. so I'll be having me some fun at Darling Harbour this year!

Will put a pic up this week of the redwork stitcheries I been doing. And also the miniature block I have made for a RR I am in (a miniature one)... centre is to be no bigger than 4" and no smaller than 2".. mine worked out to be 4 1/4" finished, so I am ever hopeful that I can use that! otherwise I'll be thinking of a new plan. I made the block three times (twice on machine, last hand pieced) and it still come out 1/4" to big, so I am blaming the pattern!

till next time....

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