Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

One of the internet groups I am in (Quilting Down Under) has had a Queen of the UFO challenge. The idea of the challenge is to finish and keep finishing UFO's so your name moves down the list. Problem is, everyone is trying hard to finish UFO's!

This miniature quilt I started when I first started quilting. I bought it as a kit in 2000 or 2001.. not sure, but it sat for that long without quilting cause I didn't know how to quilt it! I bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago and stippled the centre in small stipple and the outside in larger stipple. I cringe at it a little as my patchwork skills have improved in leaps and bounds since I started this, but I left the wonky bits as a reminder on how far I have come! The cat thinks its a mat for him to sleep on, so its safely tucked away from el pussy cat!

I have been so flat out lately, flat out like a centipede skipping... I am off to the scquilters (an online internet group for quilters) in a months time, and have a million things to do before I am allowed to skip town.

I have been busy making curtains and as I am halfway through I have decided I HATE MAKING curtains. Our darn cat thinks the curtains are a play centre for him, so I also spend a great deal of time removing him from them or squirting him with water! Darn CAT!
We have been busy getting work done around the yard, have had a few hiccups.... Like the stupid builder/pavers not laying them low enough so of course when it rains, our room gets flooded. Brand new carpet has stained from the water damage, NOT HAPPY JAN!

We (well its the royal we, more like my hubby) also laid 100m'2 of turf.. he did this the day he had a 40th birthday party.. so to say he was pooped at his party was an understatement. Why he organised this for the same day isn't making sense with me, sometimes I am sure he was sent here to test me! LOL And I do not think I am passing this test with flying colours let me tell you!

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