Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mushrooms in the lawn?

I finished the bag in my UFO challenge. Our bastard cat went missing, and I walked past the bag, it was hanging on one of our french doors. The bag moved and hey presto! there's the cat! I think he likes it, how he got in it, I am unsure (maybe child intervention perhaps???) but anyways I had to wrestle to get him out, but had to take a pic first!

we have been so lucky in Newcastle that we have escaped the drought that the rest of the country is in. We laid a new lawn about hmmm 4 weeks ago and when I got up this morning to check out the rain we had had, there were mushrooms everywhere in the lawn! We have watered this lawn maybe twice since it was laid, so that shows you how much rain we have had. I am not skiting, but its a shame the rain doesn't go where its needed....

I have been busy working on some gifts for quilty friends, can't show you a pic at the moment as they are a 'surprise' but I'll post a pic after they have been received!

It is now 35 sleeps till our annual quilting retreat. I have done the signature squares, and will drag out the suitcase over the weekend, so I'll start putting bits in as I remember them! This year we are off to Bendigo, I have never been to Bendigo, so it should be fun!

Well I am off to start my day! wish me luck, as today is HOUSEWORK DAY! EWWWW!!!!

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