Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year and all that Crap (make sure you read the WHOLE thing)

g'day possums

wishing you all a very happy new year.. I am *fingers / eyes / legs crossed* am hoping 2008 is going to be a lot better than 2007..

I have already finished something this year.. well TECHNICALLY its a this year finish, as the label went on it on New Years Day.. it is a baby quilt about 34" finished for a friends new grandson. .he is teeny weeny tiny, only 4.5 lbs when he come home from hospital.. thats 1/2 of one of my babies when they were born!
It is made from some vintage chenille that the lovely Ric Rac Jodie gifted me (well she hasn't sent me an invoice yet, so I am thinking it was a gift! LOL), the alternating block is a cobblestone.. the white is white on white and I used some of the 30's stash for the centres and binding, it has lovely snuggly flannel on the back.. This size is great for floor quilts or pram quilts.. the mother was very very happy with it.. I just meandered quilting in the white bits, the quilting looks good from a distance! LOL oh well it wasn't meant to be an heirloom quality, just a 'use me 'til I die' quality!

Also I thought I'd share a pic of a Round Robin I got back last year, it come home around the time mum died, so I had sorta put it to the side and then found it when I was going through some things.. OOps.. it was done through an online group, not only has this quilt travelled australia but it also had a quick trip to the US and to NZ.. nearly as travelled as I! It is about 13" finished (didn't measure it, eyeballed that size).. I think it needs a little extra border, so I am thinking a super duper scrappy border to tie it all together and I'll just stipple the white on it with some teeny weeny stitches..

Now why did I want you to read to the end here? Cause this is my 50th Post.... Now I had all intentions of making something to give away, but to be honest,I am not sure what to make and I am lazy *W*.. OK, economical with my time sounds so much better! I have this cute Amish style wall hanging, its tiny.. I have enjoyed looking at it, and thought I'd send it to someone else to enjoy.. so leave me a comment before the 10/01/08 (thats 10th January possums) and I'll do a random drawing thing and post it to you.. Of course, I have a few of these buttons sets here as well (I was going to make heaps of them) so I'll send a set or three to other people drawn on the same day.. the Amish hanging does have a wire hanger and some cute buttons as well.. the furry thing on the corner of this mini quilt is My bastard lovely cat. He is the worlds biggest sticky beak, he checks out EVERYTHING that comes into this house. I'll even defur the mini quilt before I send it to you... It has been hanging above my sewing machine for a wee while, then put away when I washed the curtains..
Well off to do something constructive..


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy 50th and hopefully a much happier year for you in 2008 Lissa! Take care! Lucy x

Danetta said...

Happy 50th to you and I too wish a happier year for you. I would LOVE to be curled up with that chenille quilt. You do beautiful work.

Debbie said...

I loved reading your post. All of your quilts are quite lovely. And I know all about the added "fur" on quilts. My Peanut Butter and Miss Peaches must, by some obscure kitty law, inspect each and every project I do. I wouldn't know what to do if I could leave the house every day without at least one cat hair on me! Congratulations on the 50th...I would love to be entered in the drawing for the little Amish quilt.

Happy Zombie said...

Happy 50th and Happy New Year Lissa!

Love your pics of the Round Robin. I just started one with some friends and fun to see yours.

Mary-anne said...

Glad to see you arefeeling better - Happy 50th!!!!

Lindi said...

I hope it's a good year for you Lissa. Congratulations on your 50th post. I love the little Amish quilt. How can you bear to part with it? No, don't think about might change your mind! LOL

blessed speedy said...

Congratulations on making it to half a century - you dont look it!!!!
And you reckon I am a showoff on my blog - what about you?????
Bless you!!!!!!!!!!

Lissa Jane said...

Blessed Nana Di
I am not a show off, but I didn't start and finish a quilt THIS YEAR! LOL

and yep, I dont look 50, more like 37 with hard years behind me! LOL


dottycookie said...

Happy 50 posts, and Happy New Year! I'm hoping to make a quilt this year - that makes me sound so pathetic! It's been a year or two since I made matching ones for my little ones and we need one for our bed now.

Raggedy Rambles said...

Lissa I've got my fingers crossed for you that 2008 is a much better year for you than 2007 was. Look after yourself.