Saturday, May 31, 2008

Birthday Saturday Part 2 PLUS my SYD SCQ challenge dooverlacky!

First things first.. this quilt is for a Challenge that the Syd-Scquilters had for me.. they had a competition thingy on their blog, and you had to match the projects with the sewers.. I do know some of these ladies in the flesh, and I do try to go the meetings a couple of times a year (planets have to be in alignment, dags off work etc) but I had only seen one of their projects previously.. so I guessed and won.. what did I win?? the opportunity to do a challenge!!! thanks a bunch Pennie G! Now the challenge was we had to 'make something'.. well I made a UFO.. It turned out OK, but I have decided my wallhanging idea had too many triangles, and of course leaving it until 5pm yesterday to actually START the challenge limited my options.. I like how it turned out and will make it into a larger quilt for the beast, he has expressed an interest in a black quilt, so I'll make it double bed size.. so of course, I have to go and buy some black and white fabrics I don't own a one in my stash!.. I dunno what to call this quilt, some fellow retreatee's might get a giggle if I call it 'I'm not Margaret' (long story) but I think "the newspaper quilt' is better, as it is black/white and re(a)d all over.. what do you think??

well the birthday did continue (seems weird talking about it two weeks after it happened).. after I had to get up and do the microphone thing talking about my challenge quilts (see previous post) whilst on my way, I got Happy Birthday sung to me, how embarrassment.. now people laugh when I say I am shy, dunno if shy is the right word, maybe reserved?? specially in crowds.. I was hiding behind my quilts the whole time I was talking or should I say 'mumbling'... I was dying of embarrassment!

When the committee were thanking all the helpers, they said 'we have one more person to thank... for stressing us out, and counting 'how many sleeps to go to the retreat'..

I am sitting there $hitting bricks thinking I know EXACTLY who they be talking about and was wondering how I could hide the fat carcass of mine very quickly without anyone dobbing me in... no luck.. so I had to get up again and was presented with a giftie!

a bloody chocolate CLOCK! I couldn't eat it of course, its NOT real chocolate silly!!! how funny is that! so of course, whilst on my way, they sang happy birthday again, my dinner bud's were laughing themselves silly, cause they know how embarrassed I was getting up once! I nearly died of embarrassment, yet again! so it is hanging in my kitchen now!!! I have officially retired from my unofficial self titled position on each committee of 'unofficial sleep counter' a few peoples didn't appreciate me counting down (not the committee) got a couple of emails about it, so I am RETIRED!

Also on Saturday night is the BIG unveiling of who your angel was.. now I guessed mine, something about the writing gave her away *W* its tough when its a friend having to scam ya! LOL so thanks Julie for the gifties and telling fibs when required!

These are the gifties I got from Julie and the pink block keeper was a thank you gift from my lady who I was the angel to.. so thank you Sue.. both my angel and mortal were from WA!

I also won a Bundle of FQ's at the retreat... we have a FQ lotto.. now I will admit, I use the FQ lotto to cull some of the ones I don't like anymore.. I only buy fabric from the quilt shops, so its not poor quality, just your taste changes.. so these are some of the FQ's I won.. I won about 14 I think, but I liked these ones and a few expressed an interest in others I had, so I handed them over.. generous petal aren't I??? well not really, cause I knew I'd take them home and donate them for next years raffle! I think I have put about 100 fq's in over the years at retreats, and this is the first time I won! so woohoo @ me.. and they are civil wars or would be if they could be...\

While I was away, I got a WHOLE lotta mail... Patti from the US was after three back issues of Patchwork & Quilting which I just happened to have, so I sent them to her and some lovely toile fabric.. and lookit what I got back?? how lucky am I?? So thanks Patti!!!

I immediately chopped most of it in half and sent some to Bundy, as she is always looking for civil wars, and we swapped recently and I am thinking I got the better part of the deal, so I sent her some more!

sorry about the dark pics.. can you tell which ones I took with the crap camera and with the new?? bloomin' thing, too lazy to take them again!

ok that's another epic from me...

take care



Cath Ü said...

Glad to have you back Lissa and glad to hear you had a good time....
yes the pics are a bit dark...LOL
Cath Ü

Valerie said...

I found you through Just us quilters! Thanks for letting me visit with you for a while. I really enjoyed it.

Candace said...

Sounds like a birthday you'll never forget. Thinking back to my grammer school days, how about Sunburned Zebra. It makes me wonder, how will you top this next year?

Bernadette said...

Lissa I was trying to tell them not to sing cos you get embarressed...but alas I was the lone voice in the crowd and they wouldn't what choice did I have but to join you do!!!
BBLLLWWWPPP.....that's a big fat raspberry to those that sent you complaining emails pity they don't learn to mind their own business.


The little book of Nessie said...

Lissa, Happy Birthday for the 31st May. I like the black, red and white blocks. Quite striking.


jacholm said...

I never lied I just bent the truth when needed!!! I'm a good girl I am. VBG!!

Niki said...

thanks for linking to justusquilters. I require a recipricol link back. Please read my posts under the justusquilters blog. If you have problems, please let me know. Thanks for signing on! quilty hugs.

Rachelmp said...

Hi Lissa

I've just caught up on your posts and now I am ready for coffee/chocote and a big rest ... shame that I am at work :) Your quilts look lovely and what a mad birthday!

Jane said...

sitting here sobbing quietly at 2.30 AM and all because I started to throw material at a stupid green Safeway bag..but inbetween I have had about 6 tries at getting your blog to feed. Have tried adding it to my feeds. Have tried your blogline sub........
Am I so very very bad....have you got a special lock on the door?
I even have you on my list of blogs I read and I have to remember to click there..........
sobs in silence as she picks up Moggie and slinks to her bed.

Lindi said...

Sounds like you had fun!
I like your challenge quilt. Now that I'm home again, I'll have to get in and finish mine. BTW I have some scraps left over if you want them, but they have been cut into small squares.