Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

well not quite, but leaving on a twin prop plane, then a jet plane!!!

Tomorrow morning at, EEEEKKKK, 4.30am I am heading offski to the airport!!!!

the retreat I am going to, I MAY of mentioned it once or twice, is on FRIDAY this week.. woohoo!!!!! There is a pre-retreat dinner, a lot of people travel from afar, Singapore and New Zealand even, to come to see ME! LOL Well me, and another 130 ladies from all over Aussieland!!! We are off to Perth!! I have never ever been to Perth, its about as far away as I can get from my house, its on the opposite side of the country!!

Actually I'll be having a belated 21st birthday while I am away (belated, as I should of had it a few years ago now! LOL) I have never had a birthday away from home before, so I am sure I'll manage to have fun!!!!

Well I am having a stress attack at the moment, so much to do, so little time.. that'll learn me for kicking back, watching Dr Phil, Oprah and eating chocolate bullets!!! I have to make a couple of kits up for stuff to work on while I am away... not that much sewing will happen!!!

I'd love to hear what you are all up to this weekend, and I hope you dont miss me too much!!!! And I'll be sure to give you all a 'Retreat Report'!!

Stress Queen


Julie said...

Have a BALL!
Make sure to celebrate your birthday in STYLE!
I am as jealous as HELL!

Bernadette said...

see you in around 19 hours...we will celebrate in style..maybe a pj party???? I must remember to pack the camera!!

Gina said...

Have a ball.
I'll be watching soccer and sewing this weekend. and doing the normal boring routine things.
I'll be repeating to myself everyday, I AM NOT JEALOUS. Who knows one day o might be nearly right. LOL

love and hugs xxx

Rachelmp said...

I hope you have the BEST time Lissa! I would love to be there too. It's my husbands birthday on Saturday and hinted maybe he would like to go to Perth for the footy... didn't take the hint though. Can't wait to read all about it x

Carol Van Rooy said...

Hope you have a ball. If the weather ever cooperates I'd LOVE to get in my flowerbeds for a full day of un-interrupted cleanup.

Yesterday evening was beautiful and would of made for a great start in cleaning them, however I had a soriety function to attend. Hence is always the luck. It's pouring now, and so this evening will be another write off.... URGHHHH.

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

Hi Lissa,
Hope you have a brilliant time & 'Happy Birthday'.
Can't wait to hear all about it - take care,

Barbara x

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

Hi Lissa, Hope you have a brilliant time & Happy Birthday!
Looking forward to hearing all about it, Take care,

Barbara x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Have a fantastic time Lissa - especially that birthday celebration! 21 eh? Need to celebtrate that one big style!

Lucy x

sMC said...

have a great time. You wouldn't want to know what I will be doing, apart from sulking. remember me to all the oldies espcially any ICQ ladies. Have you got the plastic packed just in case of any shopping.

Calidore said...

Have a wonderful time and take plenty of photos. We all want a detailed report with pictures when you return...vbg. You are so lucky. Happy Birthday while you are away. Hope it's a good one.

Stina said...

Have a wonderful time...take a deep breath or two...and stop watching TV...*LOL*...take care and enjoy your trip!!

laura said...

Have a great time,looking at your blog you deserve it!!!!
Nice blog.
regards Laura

Jelly Wares said...

Your retreat to Perth sounds like so much fun... Can't wait to here how it all went..

Jodie :)

Carin said...

Hope you have a blast!!!

MouseChirpy said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog and entering my giveaway. I have enjoyed browsing your blog. I love your beautiful quilts and embroideries. The picture of your cat in your bed is priceless!


Vickie said...

welll are yah back yet eh?????
Did Ya'll have a fabtabulous time???
Show us da pics...
cheers Vickie

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Soooooooo where's the report on the retreat??? I know you didn't take any pictures but you can type can't you?? LOL