Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fabulous Friday, Freo, Friends!!!

well ok, thought I'd left you lot in suspense too long..

Friday was registration for the retreat!!!

This is what it looked like, had we actually been there!!! We were very busy shopping in Freo (well I wasn't, fat blonde tart clothes were thin on the ground, excuse my very bad pun).. then we headed back to Perth so we could do more shopping.. MA got a couple of very fetching jackets, which she didn't have to mortgage the house for.. Bubbles got a couple of skirts that were a BARGAIN (gotta love a bargain) and Bundy found a very gorgeous necklace that was a Bargain too..

The committee actually rang me (phone carked it, flat blattery) to see where I was! We eventually got there, about 20mins late..

Of course, we got back to the motel late, so we didn't have time to have a shower, so we all had 'spray on showers' (aka deodorant and perfume for any other pongs) and then we went downstairs, registered for the retreat, had a gossip with everyone, then had a lovely dinner, then gossipped a bit more back in the main room for the weekend! While doing this we got to ogle the prize wall.. fantabulous prizes I might add!!

Anyways, we were pooped, buggered, knackered and all that.. So we contined back to our room with a couple of the usual suspects, had a few drinks and my friend JAP says to me, "Lissa what happened to your arm" I had a lookiepoo, and bugger! my arm looked like it had a massive bruise.. LOOKED is a keyword here petals...

Blue Fadooberders (those batwing, tuckshop lady arm bits)!!!! WHAT THE F????? My brand new, no time to wash it shirt had STAINED MY CARCASS..... I had blue arms, a blue belly and white boobies but a VERY VERY BLUE bra, who that morning was whiter than snow...

Now, I must tell you, MY B-YOTCH roomies didn't say anything, the 100+ peoples I seen didn't mention it (too polite maybe)???? I looked like a stripey SMURF!!!! I had a wash and I had rivers of blue running down my fat bod.. I still had blue bits on MONDAY!!!! Aren't friends lovely???? Did cause a few giggles and of course 'only you Lissapoo'.. hmmmmmm No pictures of this (thank the lord for small mercies)

OK, heres what you come for.. what did Lissa buy while she was away??? Um I'd like to say Bundy made me do it, but I must admit I am easily led astray.. Saturday morning we didn't even get into the sewing / gossip room and we spied some civil war fabrics.. so of course we had to buy some.. a lot of them were sample swatches, perfect for the DJ quilt Bundy is doing and the Civil War Love Letters I am doing.. so we bought a lot, (actually a HUGE amount).. then on our shop hop on the Monday, we got some more! we bought them, then cut them in halves so most of these fabrics are FE's, but I think there are over 140 of them (dont want to count them, too darn scary).. the other thing I got at retreat (at the quilt show) was a side winder.. I had wanted one for awhile... oh and I got a sterling silver thimble as well, from Luixin the Thimblelady.. a little birdie told me she isn't doing silver anymore, but stainless steel instead, so I grabbed this sucker, its for piecing (just realised its not in the pic)

Anyways, thats enough from me.. next post will be about Saturday which was MY BIRTHDAY.. a birthday at a retreat?? how freaking cool is that!!!!

'til next time...

yours in stitches



Candace said...

You are hilarious. Good thing you didn't put it in a quilt. My brother gave me a gold thimble for Christmas one year, and the next a silver thimble case. I will have to take a picture and put it on my blog. I'd love to see a picture of your silver thimble.

Yummers! said...

You gave me a good laugh and that's a nice way to head off to bed. Glad you and your blue bod are having a good time at your retreat. Look forward to hearing about your birthday. Happy belated birthday by the way.

Jodie said...

I know someone else who once turned blue from his sheets - he was so worried he took himself off to hospital.
I am surprised there is any fabric left in the state after you and B's visit

Vickie said...

woohoo yipee yeah you found da keyboard......gawd whats with all that fabric eh?look now you know quilty friends are caring so if'n ya need to off load some yah knows where I am right...hehehe
Glad you had a fab time at the retreat you deserved it...Oh yeah your PIF gift is in the mail,
cheers Vickie

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love the idea of a blue-lissa-poo!

amandajean said...

that is a whole lot of fabric to add to your collection. wow! your civil war fabrics are going to rival your 30's prints soon, no? or have they already overtaken them???