Friday, November 28, 2008

Ooops I did it again!!!

Blurry photo's that is..

found out 'WHY' I suck at taking pics.. my DARLING Monster (aka DS Morgan aka Morgy the Monster) has been JUGGLING my camera.. yes ##%#%#@&*()&#@ juggling my camera.. I was talking to him the other night and FOUR times he dropped it while talking to him.. I bought a new camera using some 'flyby's' I get from using my credit card a LOT.. LOL it should be here by the end of the year, but until then.. just pretend you forgot your glasses..

OK whats a week without fabric?? I mean I dont have time to SEW it lately, so why not keep the US economy going by buying fabric from there?? I got the fabric pictured from ebay, autumn rose quilting or something like that, for $46 US posted for SIX YARDS yes, SIX.. six of any fabric in australia would cost me at least $120 + postage, so I am a happy camper with this lot.. backgrounds are impossible to find in Newcastle too..

a post or two ago, I asked if someone wanted to swap magazines with me, and someone came to the RESCUE!!! My new bloggy friend Caroline sent me this lot, some yummy lindt chocolate (who doesn't love lindt chocolate, my second fave after Cadburys Rocky Road - a new to me favourite), a cute needle book and a gutterman tin of thread! and of course the Quilters Newsletter Magazine I HAD to have.. I want to make the Civil War Crossings quilt, lovely pinks and double pinks and a bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure! Thank you so much Caroline..

Um you might notice something else.. I finished another two pin cushions, not convinced I like working with felt much, but I sat up and finished both of these on Saturday night last weekend.. 2am I put the last stitch in, and looking at them you'd guess that too! the slip stitching is dead dodgy, but hey, only rude people wouldn't comment, and fortunately for me, the felt police are yet to visit..

I have had a crap week at work..

We had mums 'anniversary' this week, I still am numb about her passing away last year.. I thought I'd be OK for work, but stupid here *pointing at oneself* forgot the work she had.. I am a debt collector, and I also help create revenue for the Public Hospitals in our state.. I had to create invoices for 'cremation certificates' all morning... But I managed to get through the day with minimal tears..

Ok thought I'd leave you with these two cute pics... they are taken a wee while ago (why they aren't blurry)

I love this one of the bastard, I mean, evil one.. I just love how the fabric and the cat sorta kinda blend together.. he has been behaving himself *touch wood*, and I am most anxious about the safety of our christmas tree which will go up on Monday!

and this pic of Bailey the Wonderdog, who really isn't an inside dog (we did try for two VERY LONG YEARS to housetrain her) but she is allowed in for visits after baths and a dash of 'psycho spray' (doggie cologne that makes her go pscho).. she isn't, um, allowed on the LOUNGE.. the one she is sitting on is one I found in a junk shop for $50.. I think its one of the copperart ones, but its great to keep pet hair off the lounge, the one scrunched up behind her, is my version of 'Ruths Quilt' by Leanne Beasley.. I called mine "Lissa's Quilt", cause well, I dont know anyone called Ruth, and my name is Lissa! LOL


Studio Christine said...

Hi Lissa

ATM my greyhound (seems to have the same affliction as Bailey) is on the sofa next to me

Do you have a picture of "Lissa's Quilt"?

Catherine said...

I love that picture of Bailey! What a look on her face!!