Monday, November 10, 2008

When good girls go bad (or something like that)

Oh I have been so very very naughty...

I dont think I need to say too much other than this is what come home with me in OCTOBER this year.. I been so bad.. :O( but its fun!!! and not too bad for the waist either! I sorta kinda quickly counted them and there are about 80 different bits there.. from FQs to 7 m's (it was on sale, I couldn't leave it there now could I?)

If Dags ever read this blog, I'd be in strife.. BIG TIME..

I been home sick from work for two days.. got a shocking cough, can hardly see *eyes are runny* who bloomin gets colds when its nearly summer?? bloomin' me!

the B@$tard cat says hello, he is clawing my feet at the moment.. poor baby was put on a diet this week, he was getting a TAD too demanding for his din dins, so now he has to suffer in his jocks (if he wore them) and wait.. he aint too happy about it either..

I did finish another top, its the hearts quilt that my scquilter and Quilting Down Under yahoogroup friends (and a few ring in's) sent me when mum died last year (I can't beleive its a year this month since she died). The 9 patches were from a swap and also, a leader ender project I had on the go... I try to have a leader/ender always next to my machine (still doing 4 patch units to make worlds fair blocks)

its my favourite 30s and some solid homespun as well, I think it turned out lovely (and freaking humungous) I still have some more hearts am putting together a quilt for my dad.. just trying to work out how to tie them together as the fabrics are a little more 'eclectic' but loved regardless..

the other thing I dragged out of UFO'dom is my redwork.. now I am trying to remember when I started this, and I am thinking it was in 2003??? 2004???? dunno, a lifetime ago it feels like.. I look at my first block and cringe.. its an Australiana Set of redwork that was in the Australian Patchwork & Quilting um Vol 9?? around then.. its the state flora, fauna and bird emblem, a couple of ring ins and the coat of arms to make 25 blocks.. I have 5 blocks to go.. did have a grandiose plan to set them into a flag type of setting but the maths involved did my head in, so I think something simple to not detract from the blocks (thats my story and I am sticking to it)

Well thats enough from me.. anyone know in Australia where you can get Quilters Newsletter??? I am after the November 2008 issue, it has a quilt pattern in there I want to make (Civil War Crossings), or is there someone in the US who cruises this blog who wants to swap with me for an aussie quilty mag?? email me privately (there is a link at the top of this blog to mois!)

Anyways, I am going back for a lay down before the ferals, I mean, darling children are in from school.. I promised them take away for dinner, cause the thought of standing over a stove is making me feel nauseous!

*cough* *sniffle* *wheeze*

PS yep this is a post without a pussy cat.. he is too quick at the moment!


Lindi said...

Your hearts quilt is lovely, Lissa. Thinking of you and your family. Hugs and Hugs

Rachelmp said...

Nice fabric stash Lissa, better hide them and I love your 1930's heart quilt too. But I would really really love to know the issue for the redwork animals so I can try and track it down. Maybe someone knows?

Stina said...

Lissa... you need to stay in bed!!!
Really hope you are better today!!!
I just love how your Heartquilt is fantastic...and hmmm..I need to get a go on those leaders and enders...
Take care...

trashalou said...

Ummmm... that is just a little bit of fabric. I'm sure people will hardly even notice it coming into your house.

Carol VR said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!!

Jo Jo said...

Hope you feel a lot better really soon! Nice purchases for october...fingers crossed Dags doesn't read your blog ;) Jo xo

Vicki W said...

I love the hearts quilt. My friend is appliqueing a bunch of heart blocks. I sent her the link to this post. This is how she needs to set them!

About the fabric, they all look like very critical pieces to some future project.

Joy said...

You're a brave woman blogging those fabrics LOL, I'd be too scared I'd get caught, he he.
I love your hearts and 9patch quilt!!!
Hope you're feeling better soon....
Joy :o)

Katherine said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Lissa!
OMGoodness! Looks like October was a very good month for the Fabricologist! LOL Makes me feel less naughty for the stash enhancing I did recently. heehee
Gorgeous heart quilt. What size is it?
Rest up! Hugs...

Sandy said...

Lissa your heart quilt is fantastic!
The heart quilt for my son is stalled so I need to get back to it esp if I am to take it to the retreat.

Get better soon

Sandy A.

Anonymous said...

Love your fabrics and the quilt, look after yourself.