Friday, December 28, 2007

Y oh Y Y???

Talk about hard! argh!

I am sure Y was about the toughest one so far, until I had an 'aha' moment (helped along by the dagster (aka super dh)..

so here are this weeks YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY's...

Something green, something animal, something school.. so here goes!

I took a pic of our yard for GREEN.. I have to tell you, we laid this turf in January this year, and have not watered it once.. we aren't on water restrictions here in Newcastle as it rains nearly every week! So our yard is GREEN all the time..

Y for BaileY the Wonderdog??? well Dags calls her our YARD ornament, or our YARD EGG maker (yard eggs - dog poops).. I know, its a stretch, but last time I checked we do not have any Yaks wandering around my town, did wait

yesterday to see if one of those Yellow honeyeaters come for a visit, then remembered they dont come anymore as Dags removed the tree..

speaking of Yellow.. Y is YELLOW school things.. can you guess which are the new supplies and which are the old ones?? what is the black crap that gets on pencils etc?? I had to brave Miss Lara's bedroom to find these, so you are lucky I am here and not at casualty with a broken ankle, her room is a disaster area.. last time I got her to tidy up was when I threatened to put a pic of it on my blog!

so stay tuned...

Oh thought I'd share a pic of the 6 quilt-a-long blocks I made last night.. I haven't really been interested in TV since mum died, missed a lot of episodes of my shows so I haven't really been watching much (except the bill, I'd have to be in a coma to miss that show) so I did some sewing.. it took me about 2.5hours to make these six blocks.. I specifically didn't go for purple, as the first set have plenty of purple in them.. but now I think I have over done the green.. oh well, such is life!

take care possums,

who isn't even going to look at next weeks scatterdays letter, probably be X or Z just to make life interesting!


Christina said...

love the green and yard ormnament. Reminds me of when we were in Maitland had a gorgeous garden and plenty of water.

Michelle Watters said...

Love all your Y photos Lissa. And the blocks you made - very nice. And no, X or Z didn't show up but V did LOL

Julie said...

Not too much green at all! Love them!

Pennie & David said...

What a nice lawn in your Yard and I had no idea you didn't have water restrictions in Newcastle, they are serious only a few miles south of you around Gosford... what a strange country we live in eh!

Jodie said...

Dear Lissa, How can I thank you - you know what for. Amongst everything going on for you and you manage to make my day.
Big blog thanks on the way. The ornaments from the kids are divine, everything is wonderful....I know you aren't reading this right now as The Bill is on...I'm just heading off to watch it myself.

Liz Needle said...

The yard ornament is very clever. Love the blocks too.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Love your Y's especially the reference to yard-eggs (which I had never heard before!!!) The quilt blocks are looking fabulous too. Have to confess I have never watched The Bill! Lucy xxx

swooze said...

Cute pup! Nice blocks. Welcome to the stashbuster webring.

Marcia said...

Your blocks are great! It's so fun to see all the color choices people make.

Jodie said...

You inspired me, I am working on a second set of Quilt A-long blocks (and a third!). I wouldn't worry about too much purple or too much green, you can just mix them up between the two sets and find a happy balance.