Monday, July 16, 2007

Gotta Fess Up!

OK, last night, I was fiddling with my quilt after my post... and I realised.... the two new tape measure I bought not 3 week ago, well they have disappeared into the black hole of my house.. I swear, I must own a dozen tape measures.. mum bought me a cute cow one (I used to collect cows in a former life) and I thought I'll grab that.. of course it was in metric and I needed imperial.. so when I get time tonight, I am going to search out every blasted one of them and put them TOGETHER! Like in my SEWING DRAWERS.. argh @ me!!!

I actually managed to fit 6 hours of sewing in last night.. not too shabby when you consider I had put 6 hours of paid work in, some mother time and then the 6 hours sewing.. sometimes its pays to be an insomniac!

Well I am off to do something constructive... like my paid work!

Take care and I'll let you know how the expedition to find tape measures go.... I wont cheat either and go and buy a new one!


1 comment:

aykayem said...

famous last words?
... I guess this "promise" is the reason that you "forgot" to buy one in either of the 2 shops you went to so you could buy one? LOL
- Andrea
(the Disorganised one)