Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Progress Report

Well I have been like a busy bee working on my retreat swap squares. WooHoo!

50 down, only another 82 to go! I dont think I'll make my self imposed deadline of THIS weekend, but I am going to keep on it! I have enough UFO's already, perhaps this quilt will be finished by the end of August!

I called into the quilt shop today, my "Lasagne Quilt" will be quilted by Friday, so I might get the binding on it this weekend. Of course while I was at the quilt store, I found some fabric I had been looking for and of course I had to bring it home with me. A friend has thrown out a challenge to make a vibrator quilt. Now, when I read that message I nearly had a coronary.... but please read on.. its a quilt for the vibrating pagers at the pub we go to once a month to have our stitch 'n' bitch.. not sure if I'll get it done or not, but I am always up for a challenge!

I had to do the EOM at work for the first time today, I was supervised doing this.. I have to learn how to do this cause the girlie at work is going on holidays and managed to go when the EOM is happening, so I get to do the next few supervised then I'll be on my own! ARGH!!!!! Hope FUF (F*&^ Up Fairy) doesn't visit when I am in the driving seat! My boss is pretty cool, he knows I'll ask a billion questions between now and then so I ensure I dont stuff up! I HATE STUFFING UP.. I mean, its only rolling the month over for our regions largest retail supplier of timber? no biggie eh??? LOL

I have been flat out getting ready to go out 'west'.. I have never been further than about 60kms inland from the coast here in Newcastle, I know, its disgraceful.. I'll actually be going about 400kms inland.. so it will be a bit of an adventure, Missy Moo is doing a dance competition, so wish me luck! Now dont to thinking I have never left the hamlet of Newcastle, I have travelled overseas, just never thought about going inland.. lazy??? Perhaps!! Downside of the adventure is that the temps out there have been 1C... with a top temperature of 12C.. hmm 1C??? I dont think my fridge gets that cold???? I dont own any warm clothes, so wish me luck!!!! I am just lucky I have my winter 'padding' to keep me warm!

catch you all next time!


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