Friday, July 06, 2007

I did behave myself!

g'day possums

I went to the Darling Harbour Quilt show last Friday.. I had a great time checking out the quilts (the winning one, MIND blowing 17000+ hours work in it).. but I came home with a lot of $$$'s. Dags (DH) gave me $$'s for my birthday and mothers day this year and I had that cash, and I ended up not buying a lot. Why? well I just didn't find anything that grabbed my attention! And, I have realised lately, there is only so much fabric you can fit into a house, and I have exceeded that amount about 3 years ago! LOL.. I put myself on a fabric diet earlier this year, only buying stuff I need to finish UFO's and I have been 'loosely' sticking to it. I did buy some Fat 10ths and Fat 1/4s at Darling Harbour, its very hard to get 30's fabrics here in Newcastle... I think I have some of every fabric that is available up here! LOL.. I must have over 500 different 30's fabrics now.. enough to make a quilt for the WHOLE town!

I did also buy a gorgeous book from Hatched & Patched. Now, I am not a christmas-a-holic, I do have two tree's (Dags had a cow when he seen the second one up last year, but he got over it pretty fast) but I dont go mental at christmas. But I just had to have this book, its got some cute projects inside and I might, just MIGHT make something out of it! Had a fun trip on the train on the way down to Sydney, the lady next to me was elderly and kept falling asleep and was snoring REALLY loud.. and she kept falling asleep on my SHOULDER! I bought TWO new tape measures cause I lose them constantly and I have managed to cut some with my rotary cutter, dont you hate that??? I would think there is about ten tape measures in this house! And I grabbed myself my favourite hand cream, I wanted a tube to leave at work.. and that was about it!

I have also been working on a Miniature RR this week, I put it in the post yesterday its on its way to America. I decided that my loathing of triangles was very apt after spending 4hours redoing 1" triangles.. thats one inch on the bottom.. and the quilt was just that widdle bit out, so I did the best I could (recipe said triangles for this round).. but all in all it looked good......from afar!!! I added the red triangles and red float..

Well thats it from me, have a great weekend, and I'll be sure to put some ramblings up real soon :O)



Jodie said...

Hi Lissa,
its a shame o hear you were uninspired by the show - it always happens when we have money to burn. But when we have none there ae soooo many things we want !.
Our show is on in Melbourne at the end of the month.
I wonder if i can be a s good as you???

lisette said...

i loathe triangles too - and they hate me, they ALWAYS stretch