Friday, July 27, 2007

Wacha doin'?

Well I dragged out the Charm Squares from Bendigo retreat earlier this year.. What to do?? What to do?? I had a few ideas, then seen what others had done with theirs and thought my idea was a tad naff.. so thinking cap on, and I have done a nine patch variation. The theme was 'oriental' and the charms were 6.5" unfinished. I cut them into a 3.5" square, a 6.5x1.5" strip and an extra 1.5" square for the cobble stone block that I am alternating them with.. the block is 5" finished. They are all cut out and stacked VERY carefully and put somewhere safe from the pussy cat... I have put together about 31 pairs now so only another 100+ to go.. LOL I want to get the front of the quilt together by next weekend. Then there is a matter of the actual signatures for the back, that shouldn't pose too much of a problem! I wasn't sure about the background colour, but it is an unbleached/unseeded muslin.. perfect colour for hiding cat fur! LOL originally I wanted to use an idigo blue but thought although the cat isn't invited onto a quilts his fur seems to get EVERYWHERE! I dont have a design wall, so I had to improvise and use the carpet so the dark lines around the blocks are the mat on the carpet and the carpet! LOL
This week I was in a Christmas in July Secret Sister/Santa swap. My secret sender was Sarah from QLD and she picked out some lovely items for me... Thought I'd share a pic of what she sent me... I loved everything! I sent to Suzy in SA, I forgot to take a pic of the bag I sent her and the goodies but she did love what was sent! The chocolates disappeared within seconds.. I love lindt chocolates! The bag had a teeny weeny pair of scissors inside.. CUTE!
I am trying to get a few things done for August, I wont have much time at the sewing machine but a lot of time for hand piecing / embroidering so I am getting a few things together so there will be no excuss for not doing any sewing! I should get my quilt back from the quilters next week, so another hand sewing project there with the binding..
Missy Moo is starting a new dance for tap, a waltz, and of course... new dance = new costume and 1000+++ sequins.. so I gotta get organised, this costume is going to be mint gree ballroom dance style thing, so I am sure I'll be sewing on sequins until Christmas..
Lucky I dont mind sewing on sequins, except I haven't had a marathon session yet since we have had the cat! wish me luck, cause I am sure I am going to need it!
'til next time....

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Alison said...

Lissa...are you well?? you called Cosmo a pussy cat three times in your post. I had to check I was in the right blog.
I'm sure he loves you also.