Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mail has arrived!

g'day Petals...

well I blew the fabric diet last week.. whats a girl to do when she really really really wants something? go to the internet, thats what! I had been trying to track down some of the tape measure fabric and the twill cotton tape marked like a tape measure!

Managed to find the twill cotton tape from a site in America, so I bought 20 yards of the two tape measure prints, and only 5 yards of the alphabet one.. of course, I do not need 45 yards of twill tape, so I'll probably put some on ebay to sell.. I found the tape measure print from an aussie site, and of course, while I was looking I just had to have some of these 30's prints that I thought I didn't have (but turns out I did have a couple of them) no worries, I love fabric! So if you think you NEED some cotton twill tape printed as a tape measure email me and I'll be happy to sell you some! LOL
I also put a call out onto the yahoogroup I am in, and a lovely lady in West Aussie had some of the same tape measure fabric with a white background she was happy to swap with me! so I am a happy camper!
Tomorrow I am going to sew.. yes its fathers day, but Dags is on nights at the moment, so he'll spend the day in bed.. My dad is working so we'll call in and see him tomorrow night.. and organise dinner or something... I have so much I want to finish before I pick up Missy Moo's dance costume, that will need to be sequinned before the end of September! (she is wearing it October 2nd) so I will be flat out doing that! Speaking of Missy moo, how can one 10 year old child's room be so messy??? I threatened her with putting a pic of her pigsty on the internet today, so she was in there like a rocket cleaning it! 2 bags of rubbish and 2 bags of clothes that dont fit her anymore, and lordy knows what else she has stashed in that room, probably the electrician that never come back to finish off a job last year!
Well thats it from me.. take care...


Robyn said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog - it wouldn't be hard to find one of those stools for your daughters room - I've probably seen 5 in the last six months, of course if you're looking for one they will be hiding.

Just got to ask- that tape measure twill, how high does it count before starting back at 1?

Happy Zombie said...

I squealed with delight when I saw this photo... my BFF Karen designed that 30's fabric! So fun to see it go from images on paper to the stash of an Ozzy quilter!