Monday, September 24, 2007

Yep! I am a flasher!!

Some cheeky person, egged me on and asked me to 'flash my stash'.. so I decided to get some more (not all of it mind you) of my 30's stash out and take a pic.. you know when I was piling them up, I felt just a tad bit guilty, cause I didn't remember buying some of these fabrics ONCE, let alone twice and in some cases three times! uh oh! Pretty impressive eh? and thats probably half of it... double uh oh..

what have I been up to? well working bloody double than I usually do.. I think work is overrated, truly is.. been busy at the ol' timber yard where I work, and the girly who is usually full time is on holidays.. now I never thought I'd say this but I MISS HER.. HURRY BACK! the boys have not been behaving themselves and have done every conceivable mistake you can possibly do with the tills, so to say its been interesting is an understatement!

What else have I been doing.... well I decided to make my new fangled phone a wee little baggie to sit in my handbag.. it has one of those ginormous screens so you can actually read the thing.. its got a navigation system in it which I love.. so muggins here thought I'll make it a little purse with some templastic in the front so the screen doesn't get dinged in the bag.... well something went wrong.. and the bag ended up as... a needlebook!!!!still have the felt to add, but I love using every scrap of fabric up.. I mean who knows, I might actually run out of the stuff (aka fabric) one day!!! LMAO

I also managed to finish 'the' waltz costume and corsage.. was going to make a headband for it, but went to my favourite supermarket (ebay) and found one on there for $5.. bargain, and princess missy moo has always wanted to wear a bit of bling so she is a happy camper! Please ignore the mess, was in a mending / ironing frenzy at the time and hadn't packed up the pants on the floor.. they are clean I promise!

Also dragged out one of the BOM's I am working on last night, figured if I hadn't been so lazy I might of actually finished it by now.. doh! I enjoy doing redwork immensely but the eyesight at night is failing fast.. need new goggles methinks.. I did manage to finish the following amount of hexagons and flowers while we have been away dancing (OK I am an expert at watching, Missy Moo is the dancer) I didn't think I had done many till I laid them out and was happy I had been busy! I hate just sitting, gotta do something with my hands..

well thats more than enough from me! thanks for stopping by!!!



Jodie said...

Hi Lissa,
My what a big stash you have !!!!
I love the whole craft worl too (minus the Ahem recent knitting needle debacle).
I LOVE beyond words your use of selvedge. If I was clever I would make a fancy button and then all us selvedge salvagers could use it on our blogs ! (never never gonna happen)

Khris said...

Cripies girl you wore me out reading all that. Have you had any sleep? LOL
Hugs, Khris

Lissa Jane said...

unfortunately that is only about 50% of the 30's stash.. there is of course, the red fabric stash, and the 'what was I thinking Debbie Mumm' stash, and the other assortments..
I think you should not be so slack and make us selvedge salvagers a button.. cripes, you got spare time now, you are on holidays!


Lissa Jane said...

Nope, I am an insomniac who thinks sleep and housework are both over rated, so I try not to do either!!!


Khris said...

WEll I wish I had some of your insomnia....I am the opposite and need lots of sleep. So love the needlecase and those hex's are great...hugs, Khris

Nicole and Phil said...

great stash, I can see this will keep you going with hexagons for a very long time! ;)
I have just gotten into paper piecing, and I am hooked..I always swore I would not do this type of quilting....but I am addicted.

Lissa Jane said...

I think the stash and the hexagons will keep me sorta out of mischief for a wee while.. all that fabric was purchased to make the hexagon quilt.. FQs bought for 6 1" hexagons.. am I mad? um yep this confirms it!

Leah said...

Oh, those fabrics are so pretty together - you must get heaps of enjoyment from rearranging and organising them :)

Lissa Jane said...

sure do.. of course the time spent sorting the stash would be better spent actually SEWING it...


Laren said...

Hey Lissa,

Love the stash. I read your post on SCQ, I'm in Newie to and know what you mean about lack of 30's fabric. I started buying from OS when I found this really good online shop with lots of 30's stuff cheap. If you want to see some of my stash, check out:


Happy Zombie said...

Now THAT'S what I call a stash! Too yummy for words.

Studio Christine said...

I have a LOT of 30's, but nowhere near as much as you.....

I onece bought 125 FQ's on ebay for US 0.75 each, they still came to less than $2 each.

you COULD always halve them, and sell the eighths......

I have ?? 30's repor quilts on the go???