Thursday, September 06, 2007


g'day possums...

well am I a happy camper or what??? I got an email from a site I JUST joined about a month ago, and I won a quilt kit.. and the kit is in my favourite fabrics of "Blackbird Designs".. now readers of this blog will know I am a 1930's fabricologist, BUT if I am not buying 1930's fabrics, I am using Blackbird designs fabrics (and civil wars, and anything murky by moda).. but I am one happy CAMPER! You had to design a quilt, pick a pattern, and then pick your colours.. like a online fabric jigsaw puzzle.. thats there blog, if you want to join up! There is a website as well, I am so happy to be a winner! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!
The annual retreat I go to, I have been to FIVE now, there is always a FQ raffle.. you put a FQ and get a ticket.. now I think in 5 years I have put in 100 FQs.. have I won?? NOPE! Will I keep entering??? OF COURSE! Cause I might actually win something one year!!!

Picked up Missy Moo's costume yesterday from the seamstress.. to say she did a good job is an understatement. Now I can see you guys thinking "Can't Lissa sew???".. well yes I can.. but Lycra, chiffon and anything that isn't cotton does not have a good relationship with the Lissa.. and also, the lady that does my seamstress sewing charges me $30 to make a costume.. a pattern for me to do it would be at least $15.. and the amount of $$'s I'd have to add to the swear jar whilst making it would end up equalling the $30.. and also, it is finished in time for my to sew on sequins, which I have already started.. I have a million things I should be sewing, but I have to get these sequins finished for October, when Missy Moo has to wear the costume.. on October 1st actually! lol
Holy Crap!!! Just realised its nearly 10am and I am in my flannelette lingirie, and I have a billion things to do. We are off to Sydney on the weekend for a dance competition and I was going to treat the car and wash and vacuum it today (its Dags' car, mine is spotless of course *W*) So on that note, I'll bid you adieu....



Jodie said...

Hi Lissa, I have the same allergy to lycra-ish stuff.
Super good sewing rates for the costume !

Khris said...

You lucky ducky!!!!
Well I finally made something today. Check out my blog. Hugs,