Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Cool is this???

L I_McElman_070718_2970 S S A

I love crap like this.. I mean, what else do I search the net for?? and doing stuffs like this keeps me away from ebay.. I been a bad girl at ebay lately.. lucky I sold so much stuff there recently.. have a new heap of stuff to add to it, so if you like patterns and the like, I'll be adding some this next week.. If you'd like to add this to your block, go to http://metaatem.net/words/

I am so pooped at the moment, have no energy.. think I been burning the candles at both ends.. Dags, in his wisdom, decided to move the spare TV.. now I wasn't overly worried when he did it, but he has moved it away from the sewing room (he calls it a sun room, I call it the sewing room).. now this usually wouldn't cause grief, but I just realised I can't sew and listen to the TV tonight.. and "The Bill" is on too.. bugger bugger and double bugger... oh well, will drag out some hand sewing and get busy!




Jodie said...

Lissa, You need a system ! Do all the machine stuff and save up the hand sewing for TV time.
Ebay is a trap I say !!!

Lissa Jane said...

I have a system... its called the 'what the heck am I gonna work on tonight' system.. works a treat.. I have to use the sewing machine when the B@$tard cat is asleep, he likes my foot control pedal and has been known to sit or lay on it while I am clipping/ironing etc.. kinda scary.. first time I thought the machine was POSSESSED by the Devil.. but it was just being operated by the devil aka B@$tard cat!
PS ebay is an addiction.. I wonder if there is an EA, ebay anonymous???

PamelaJ said...

Lissa Go buy a little T V and put your name on it.!! I have a T V and a dvd player and a set top box and a air conditioner in my sewing room. HE says Why don't I just stay down that end of the house seeing as I am always down there. Ha It still wants feeding though lol.

Lissa Jane said...

I thought of buying a TV for myself.. and bugger cooking! we have an equal opportunity household.. if you like to eat, you learn to cook!


de vliegende koe said...

I love the letters! Nice to visit your blog and see you have a great sense of humour! I have a hard time to resist Etsy-shops, aren’t we all poor victims of all the goodies they peddle with?

Lucy Locket said...

Hi Lissa, thanks for your comment on my blog - made me laugh out loud to think of the bobcat in the bedroom! I've just been looking through some of your earlier posts and giggling as I read! I've added you to my google-reader collection and am looking forward to your next post! By the way, I see you live in Newcastle, Australia. Well I live 10 miles from Newcastle, UK and lived there for 7 years!
Lucy x

Lucy Locket said...

Hi Lissa, that's amazing that your family come from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear! So you have a Geordie dad and I have a Geordie husband and children! I'm really from the south of England but have been up here since I was 17. Lucy

Michelle Watters said...

See - now I am going to have to do this as well!