Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quilty Update!

well possums I have been a busy beaver and finished the centre for the 'nonbabynowlissa' quilt.. I am just going to add a very simple float around the centre, probably using White on White fabric, and a simple final border of rectangles.. simple is my middle name I am sure of it! LOL I had all this fabric in my stash, fancy that?? I used all novelties from my 1930's stash and a couple of ring in florals for the corner stones.. the quilt police if they visited would arrest me for 'crimes against quilting' but I dont give a rats.. I'll spend some time working on it today and hopefully get the top completely finished!

Also you may of remembered me mentioning in a previous post a 'score' I got on ebay.. Dags (aka DH) can't understand 'winning' stuff on ebay when you gotta BUY it, but he is odd (he married me without a gun to his head, so this confirms my thought that he is mad)...

Here is a pic of the scruffy ballerina in her new tutu.. I thought it was a bit droopy at the front so I had a visit with the seamstress up the road who has made tutu's and we both agreed the lycra was too heavy for the tutu skirt (it is afterall only being held up by tulle).. so off it came, it sits heaps better, will fiddle with the lycra and lace I unpicked, make it smaller and restitch it on.. oh BTW scruffy ballerina does have TWO legs, in this pic she looks like she has one! weird, reminds me of a doll I seen on Lucy Lockets blog! LOL

Well off to start the day, super dags is home through the day, and he is doing the washing.. he'll have a whine about that later, so I'd better get busy doing something other than 'faffing about on the net' (his words)..

Oh almost forgot, the quilt kit I WON arrived yesterday, haven't had a chance to take a pic but when I do I'll post a pic, I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER.. I won 9.5 yards of fabric.. how freakin' cool is that???

Dags thinks its kind of ironic.. I am making quilts to cull the stash, and then I win some to top up the stash! LOL Kinda like two steps foreward and one step back.. but its free fabric and I am happy to adopt it! LOL

take care possums..


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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being one-legged - especially when your as beautiful as scruffy ballerina! Lucy x