Sunday, October 07, 2007

I just can't say NO..

Went to Sydney on Saturday for my SCQuilters lunch thing I try to go to when
1. Dags is off work or between shifts
2. MissyMoo isn't at an eisteddfod
3. Boys are happy
4. Planets are in alignment.

Well this past Saturday all of the above worked out, so I drove 110kms to go for lunch! Manged to pick up something I'd won on ebay (Dags doesn't think you have 'won' something when you have paid for it) so I should say I BOUGHT something on ebay.. a tutu for Missy Moo.. and it was a bargain.. too much material on the flat part of the tutu so a friend is going to adjust that, as Lissa does NOT sew LYCRA *shuddering*.. anyways, as usual, I digress!

one of the Scquilters there, lets call her, um Sargeant Major.. wondered why I didn't join her 'Scatterday Saturday'.. the idea is, each week a letter is drawn from a list AND then three things.. by the following saturday you MUST take a picture of the three things and post it to your blog.. now another SCQuilter had asked me to join in the fun when it first started, but readers to this blog will know I am super economical with my time (aka Lazy).. well anyways the short version is, I joined in the fun..

This week the challenge is the letter F - Cold things, Sign, The elements..

Now I am pretty sure one can be VERY liberal with these meanings, as you give a description to go with your pic.. The only downside is you gotta do this on SATURDAY, not Friday, or SUNDAY, you have to put the pics up on the blog on SATURDAY.. I dont think the 'Scatterday Police' will come and arrest me if I do this at 11.59 on a Friday night! LOL

have had a stitching frenzy this weekend.. dragged out the hexagons and managed to get about 60 more sewn into the quilt.. I have actually a STRAIGHT side now.. cool.. I feel like I am accomplishing with it now.. have about 30 flowers to add, so that'll keep me off the streets for a wee while longer... as well as taking pics for the Scatterday Saturday..

I have been also busy making blocks for the baby quilt.. the baby isn't getting it, I have since found out bubs already has a quilt, and I wont finish it in time either so I'll just keep adding scraps to it when I can.. the top is about 60% done now, will post a pic later!

take care



Michelle Watters said...

Sargent Major! Hrumph! Right Private Poo.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Good luck with your Scatterday challenge - sounds, um, interesting! Can't wait to see the quilt top.
Lucy x