Thursday, October 18, 2007

Perilous Plot of Professor Poopy Pants?

Shame I couldn't use that in todays Scatterdays challenge! The Perilous Plot of Professor Poopy Pants is a title of a book in the Captain Underpants series my 11 year old (aka Morgy monster) loves..
But here is todays challenge..

Well contrary to me thinking I could get the mosaic thingy to work, i can't, I am having a blonde Monday (yes I know its NOT monday, but thats what a blonde monday is).. I dont have the patience to fiddle with it today, but I am sure I'll work it out one day when I am not soo busy..

This weeks challenge was P; something RED, sweet things and metal.. hmmm
and yes, I know its not Saturday YET here in Australia, but I am pretending I am NZ where it is Saturday already! :O) Saturday mornings are like hell on earth, this weekend have a bazillion things to do (as per) so I thought I'd get this sorted before I crashed for the night!!!

so here goes!!!

something RED : hmmm this one stumped me... was sitting sewing and trying to think of something RED that started with P... hmmmmm imagine me sitting here with a pincushion on the arm chair of the lounge, thinking about this.. then, an epiphany hit me! I'll find a red POSTAGE stamp.. pincushion FELL off chair, and I had one of those slapped forehead moments.. PINCUSHION.. its RED and its HUMUNGOUS, and its even got REDWORK ON IT!!! doh double doh! It is a Christine Book Pattern and it is well loved, bit dusty tho.. *W*

something sweet... *sigh*.. this one was a real tragedy... I had to go and BUY some P things.. I mean, I could of visited the fruit shop and got a pic of a pineapple, but hey, I'd rather be BAD (again, ok, STILL).. so I just had to go and get me some naughtiness from the supermarket....POLKADOTS, PYTHONS, PICNIC & POLLYWAFFLE.. funny, I remember polkadots being called Freckles when I was a kid??
I also thought this is an opportune time to put a pic of the pets! they are sweet... and I just know how much some of you love seeing pics of peoples pets on patchwork! so here they are bastard sweet Precious Pampered Puss Puss aka Cosmo, and our Pampered Pain in the pattootie POOCH, Bailey the wonderdog.. now Bailey isn't allowed in my house, so I was a little p(*&)#_ off with the darlings when I come home to see her procrastinating on patchwork.. she is partial to posing and posturing on patchwork..

something METAL: well this was a no brainer, PINS.. I did have some pop rivets hanging about, but Super Dags forgot where he put them so made do with pins..

OK, not sure what the ladies will come up with for next week, but one things for sure, I know it wont be P or F! and hopefully it'll involve chocolate, again..



Di's SnippitS said...

Powerful P objects here. I so love that you had to go and buy some P things for sweets and I only wish that I had thought of that :)

Michelle Watters said...

You are very clever. I hade one of those d'oh moments over the pins. Looking for piers all week and the pins right in front of me. And I am so sorry you had to go and buy all those P chocolates. Such a waste as I know no one in your house will eat them LOL

Lissa Jane said...

Yep I put myself RIGHT OUT going to buy P things.. really put myself out, I am lactose intolerant, but I made sure there were no crumbs aka evidence left after I finished off the choccy bars.. only evidence was tummy ache.. the kids sniffed out the bags when they come home from school..

Lissa Jane said...

I had to put myself out you know for these chocolates.. couldn't decide which one, so I got the LOT.. there were more varieties starting with P, but I didn't want to be a PIG you know LOL..
there goes the diet (again)and the lactose intolerance playing up too! LOL

laceezed to the eyeballs
(lacteeze counter medication for when lactose intolerant people eat lactose aka chocolate)

Pennie & David said...

I never knew there were so many Sweet chocolates starting with a P, you did your research very well Lissa Jane!! And succeeded in not being a Pig but there again they are sweet things... when they're babies only maybe. BTW I did put me as a Sweet Thing in my other Scatterday... you have to scroll down!

Dy said...

That's the best excuse I've heard for buying yummy things yet! Your pets are gorgeous and I LOVE the stuffed Cow having a nap with the dog :-)

Lissa Jane said...

for a minute there I thought you were talking about me (stuffed cow).. its actually gone to heaven now, the dog killed it with kindness (ripped its head off to be exact)...
and whats a girl to do when it comes to scatterdays???

I have already looked up the phone book for restaurants starting with 'J'.. nothing nearby, so I think I might have to 'ad lib'.. so not like me *W*


Di said...

Why didn't I think of pins?? The Blooming obvious!! Well done, Lissa. Hope you feel better by now. Sometimes we have to suffer for our art LOL.

Jodie said...

It is years since I have heard of pollywaffles. Quite reassuring to hear they are still going. Pins never occured to me! I am waiting for someone to photo graph their Pfaff, although they are probably mostly plastic these days and not metal! Jodie

Christina said...

Well done for your first post and so many P things none of which I thought of but now seem obvious


Anonymous said...

Great objects.

Just one thing from your comment on another blog though. Porridge should always be eaten with brown sugar, it just isn't the same with the ordinary kind.

Jodie said...

ohhhh Pollywaffles, I haven't seen one for years - and now of course I want one - i can almost taste it. hmm I wonder if Mr Ric Rac fancies a trip to the supermarket

Lissa Jane said...

hope mr ric rac enjoyed his journey to the supermarket.. I am glad my "putting myself out" has spurred everyone on to go and indulge in polywaffles.. I think I should ring the polywaffle maker and insist on a 'cut' for the spike in sales of polywaffles!

Nola said...

Buying chocolate so you can phtograph it - of that's sad. (Why didn't I think of that one? )

Very clever - loved the naugty pets.

Jodie said...

Hey Lissa,
Just a quick hello to see how you are-thinking of you dearie and your snot infested life at the moment !

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Where are you????? Thanks for your comments lately - I've tried to email you back but they have been bounced - So here are my answers to some of your questions!
1. Yes Blyth is near us - about 25 miles I guess.
2. Quilts as curtains are particularly good when they are second-hand-passed-on-shop-bought ones from your friend! Very warm and I'm about to cut it in half to make, well, two curtains!!
3. Charlie is a monkey knitted by the incredible talented and worryingly funny Monkee Maker. Her blog is listed on the side of mine and you will see her commenting on my posts. Definitely go to see her if you are in need of some insane humour!

Hope you are ok. Lucy x

Michelle Watters said...

Where are you?

Lindi said...

Hey, Lissa, isn't it time you changed Professor Poopy Pants?
Just a not so gentle hint to do a new post!LOL