Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lazy Ol' Sunday

What else to do on a Sunday other than chain oneself to thy sewing machine and make busy!

I dragged out some scrap blocks I have been working on.. Just auditioning some fabric to put as the alternating blocks.. not sure, toile is a personal favourite of mine, but I might need something more pink?? I dunno.. Jury is still out on that one.. I didn't cut a fabric to make this, even the sashing around the scrap blocks come out of the scrap tub..

I also added some more blocks to the signature quilt, affectionately known as the Bendigo Behemouth.. Now readers to this blog, may remember that ol' Lissa can't add up.. I had cut all the signature charms and if I had continued on the quilt in this vain, it would of ended up 158" square and thats without borders or sashing! Unfortunately for me, our local quilt shop can't even quilt a quilt that huge and there is no way I'd attempt that on the ol' Janome.. I think it would die of fright!
but here is an updated pic, I have a few more to add to make the centre finished, and start stitching the blocks together.. It'll end up about 78" square, which is a decent size (even though I'll have a LOT of fabric leftover, I dont think the Signature Quilt Police will arrest me for this one...

I thought I'd also share of my fabric win! I never win anything EVER.. so to win a quilt KIT was almost like winning the lottery! and the best part was I got to PICK the quilt I wanted to win.. I designed it, and won it from my design! all up there are 9.5 yards of my favourite Blackbird Designs fabric.. dont you just love Moda Fabric?? I am beginning to think I am a moda fabric addict..

OK just between you and me, My name is Lissa, and I am a fabric addict!

til' next time...

Yours in stitches



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow to that fabric prize Lissa! They are gorgeous! If you go back to near the beginning of my blog you will see that I am making (otherwise known as - leaving in a box for the last few months) a quilt using similar fabrics mostly from that range. I also bought a couple of charm packs from the range to make a strippy quilt for my mum - sometime! Lucy x

Jodie said...

Well my dear, if you hold the first fabric addicts anonymous meeting - I think you'll need to rent a BIG hall for all us.
My name is jodie and I am a fabric addict too.

Lissa Jane said...

I was thinking of hiring the Sydney Cricket Ground for our first meeting, but not sure if we'll all fit! :O)