Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Windy Wednesday

On my patch of the planet it is always WINDY.. can visit my mum in the next suburb and yep, no wind! Today is Windy and cool, as apposed to yesterdays 33C temp.. I hate summer, but more and more here in Australia I am beginning to hate spring too.. bring back autumn I say..

Well today I usually work, but I am so up to date, my boss let me have the day off.. hmm that'll learn me for being efficient!

So I thought I have put the humungous what was I thinking project on the bed for awhile so I'll see how I am going.. what do you think?? I was thinking "Yipeeeeeee!! nearly done.. second pic shows how much I have to go... (please ignore artistically arranged pillows on the floor)

I am pretty happy with how its turning out, and I don't have that much to go (probably 50 flowers TOPS).. of course I have to work out what I am doing for the top border... half flowers maybe, not sure, but hey, I am not thinking that far in advance...

I never plan my quilts.. and believe me, it shows! LOL I am a 'just see what happens' type of person, so this quilt has been a problem from the start.. I didn't want to repeat fabrics in the top, they are all 1930's and maybe a couple of ring ins that worked but my aim was to only use 30's fabrics.. and I guesstimated I'd need about 400.. well it turns out I didn't need that many.. *sigh* but hey, I have never met a 1930's fabric I didn't like! :O)

Of course, if you have met one you didn't like, I am always happy to adopt! LOL

till next time



Lindi said...

Yay, Lissa! Can't wait to see it finished. It's looking great. Do you want to make one for me? LOL

Lissa Jane said...

LOL dream on Lindi..

this is my first AND last queen size hand pieced project.. if I have this bright idea, hit me with a four-be-two.. (4x2 just doesn't sound right).. I am calling it my 2010 project, cause I reckon thats when it'll be finished by!

Anonymous said...

WOW - that quilt is amazing!!! so much work and it will be sooooo beautiful when it is complete - keep the momentum, it will be so worth it! I am too much of an express sewer to take on that kind of challenge but envy those that do!

Lissa Jane said...

g'day mellyandrosie
it will be beautiful when finished (I think its beautiful now of course).. and I too am an express sewer, I think I have made about 20 quilts since I started this project! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey Lissa its looking good. Can you email me and tell me how you did you hex's. English paper pieced? Hugs,Khris

Happy Zombie said...

Soooooooooooo pretty!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love that quilt. It's gorgeous. I dont think I'd ever tackle one of those. But yours is great!!!

Lynn said...

Oh Wow Lissa! Your Grandmother's Flower Garden is beautiful! I only have about enough done for a standard pillow sham! Ha ha! I am working on it though, in between working full time, knitting, other UFO's that I am working on, 3 dogs and my Mom!

Yikes! Thanks for visiting my blog!


Simon - aka Bloke said...

Hi - did you or have you finished? I am getting to the end of mine... has been a fun project even if it has been over 1 year in the making... I am on row 13 and going to add to the width as I am not happy with the proportions - should get the measuring stick out - will after this row...