Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a Month!

g'day possums

well I thought I'd better let you all know I haven't fallen off the perch.. I have been battling shingles (woohoo its nearly all gone) and of course, did the christmas thing.. it was a bit sombre this year without my mum, but we managed to enjoy ourselves.. It was a month to the day on Christmas day since mum had passed away, and we did have a few tears, but also a few laughs about the adventures of mum and the adventures of my dad when I was a kid..
I thought I'd better put some pics up of what I've been working on..

This is the six blocks I have made for the quilt a long from Crazy Mom quilts blog.. she is having a well deserved rest, so I'll have to wait for week 7 'til next week.. I am loving how they are going together, just wish I didn't use so much purple DOH!!!

There are the blocks for Step 2 of the Mystery quilt from quiltville, nine patches with a green corner as the accent.. I have been busy cutting into the holy stash of 30's fabrics and I have been loving it!

These are the step 3 suckers, 80 nine patches with the lights in a different spot.. boy I hope I haven't stuffed these up, cause I dont fancy making them again in a hurry! LOL

These are heart blocks that two of the online groups I am in have been sending me since my mum died.. they mean a huge amount to me, and as each one turns up I am always amazed at the generousity of quilters, not only with their stash, but their time.. I have been a bit lax in the past making hearts, but I have done about 4 this past week, and I hope they are appreciated half as much as they are when they arrive here.. I have asked for 30's ones or homespun, but all are appreciated when they turn up. I plan on making myself and my dad a quilt from them.. Dad is always asking about them, and checks them out when he visits, so I'll make his first.. As you can see, Cosmo likes them too.. he thinks anything you put on the floor is fair game, so if you are laying a quilt out, you have to put him in another room.. ba$tard cat..

Well I think thats about it, didn't mean to write such an epic, but thought I'd share what I have been up to.. and I promise not to be so quiet again...



de vliegende koe said...

Your blocks look wonderful! All your work does, I love the fabrics. So wonderful to see all the blocks with hearts made for you to comfort you!

driftwood said...

the quilt blocks look lovely, I hope you can take some comfort from them, and I hope next Christmas will be easier for you.
feel better soon, take care xx

dottycookie said...

I'm sorry your Christmas was so poignant, but glad you managed to have a good one anyway.

Your blocks are looking really lovely! The hearts are a wonderful idea - such generosity.